St. Nicholas Parish Church, Dundalk

The Green Church



BAPTISMS 1803 – 1841

MARRIAGES 1803 – 1828

BURIALS 1803 – 1844

This document has been transcribed by permission of the Director of the National Archives of Ireland

Register Book No. 3 John H Allpress Clk. Novr. 1st. 1840



Taylor John Thomas Taylor Negro Boy 67th Regt: 10.9.1803

Murphy Margaret Murphy, a Foundling 18.9.1803

Cunning Jane, daughter of Hugh & Margaret Cunning 18.9.1803

Sylvester Rosanne, daughter of Jessy & Catherine Sylvester 2.10.1803

Watkins Walter, son of John & Mary Watkins 9.10.1803

Tallan James, son of James & Anne Tallan 11.10.1803

Maxwell James, son of James & Jane Maxwell 17.10.1803

Emerson James, son of John & Elizabeth Emerson 23.10.1803

Ford Matthew, son of James & Sarah Anne Ford 26.10.1803

Balmer Margaret, daughter of Henry & Margaret Balmer 9.11.1803

Maclenan Margaret, daughter of Robert & Margaret Maclenan 15.11.1803

Bradford James, son of George & Jane Bradford 21.11.1803

Godbey Charlotte, daughter of Peter & [blank] Godbey 21.12.1803


Hall John Hall, a Foundling 5.1.1804

McDaniel Bridget, a daughter of Michael & Mary McDaniel 6.1.1804

Hill William, son of John & Margaret Hill 15.1.1804

McNeal George, son of Thomas & Anne McNeal 11.2.1804

Forest Diana, daughter of William & Elizabeth Forest [Sergt. 2nd Dr.] 8.3.1804

Scott John, son of John & Townley Scott 3.4.1804

Jameson Tamer, daughter of Samuel & Ellen Jameson 8.4.1804

Gray Richard, son of Samuel & Catherine Gray 15.4.1804

Harris Mary, daughter of William & [blank] Harris 15.4.1804

Hall John Hall, a Foundling 23.4.1804

Crate Catherine Crate, a Foundling 1.5.1804

Borrows Thomas, son of Henry & Elenor Borrows [Corpl. 13th Reg.] 13.5.1804

Parker Thomas Meriton & Hugh, sons of Thomas & Jane Parker 23.5.1804

Byrne James & Mary Byrne, children of a Travelling Woman 5.6.1804

Kenney Robert, son of Arthur & Sally Kenney 14.7.1804

Guiton Harriot, daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Guiton 14.7.1804

Canlan Mary Canlan, a Foundling 21.7.1804

Cline William, son of Owen Cline [Soldr. 13th Res] 25.7.1804

Hardman Hellen, daughter of William Hardman [Sergt. 13th Reserve] 28.7.1804

Hardman Elizabeth, Wife of William Hardman [Sergt. 13th Reserve] 28.7.1804

Daly Ann Daly, a Foundling 1.8.1804

Brooke James, son of John & Elizabeth Brooke 2.8.1804

Hagan Mary, daughter of John & Anne Hagan 10.8.1804

Farlow Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Farlow 12.8.1804

Mouritz Jane, daughter of John & Mary Mouritz 26.8.1804

Crawford Mary, daughter of William & Jane Crawford 26.8.1804

Hearly Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Hearly 14.9.1804

Balmer Henry, son of Thomas & [blank] Balmer 16.9.1804

Fair Andrew, son of George & Mary Fair [13th Reserve] 16.9.1804

Ayre Elizabeth, daughter of George & Mary Ayre 13.10.1804

Maxwell Elizabeth, daughter of Henry & Sarah Maxwell 29.10.1804

Lenon Thomas Banbury, son of James & Sophia Lenon 2.11.1804

Slator Margaret, daughter of Montgomery & Euphemia Slator 4.11.1804

Tallan Laurence, son of James & Anna Tallan 17.11.1804

Kelly Timothy, son of Timothy & [blank] Kelly [13th Reserve] 25.11.1804

Grigs Samuel, son of Samuel & Mary Grigs 25.11.1804

Bettles Richard, son of Richard & Sarah Bettles [8th Reserve] 16.12.1804

Nichols Mary, daughter of John & Sarah Nichols [9th Reserve] 16.12.1804

Rutherford John Matthew, son of John & Mary Rutherford 16.12.1804

Mouney Isaac, son of John & [blank] Mouney [8th Reserve] 21.12.1804

Heady Mary Anne, daughter of William & Anne Heady 23.12.1804


Simpson John, son of Joseph & Anne Simpson 1.1.1805

Sterling Anthony Cunningm:, son of Captain & Hester Sterling 29.1.1805

Ford Elizabeth, daughter of James & Sarah Anne Ford 19.2.1805

Browne James, son of William & Mary Browne 13.2.1805

Reed Richard, son of William & Frances Reed 23.2.1805

Fitzpatrick Mary, daughter of Denis & Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 24.3.1805

Wilson Harriot Susanah, daughter of John & Sarah Wilson 21.3,1805

Forde James, son of William & Hannah Forde [3rd Dns] 7.4.1805

Knowles Charlotte, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Knowles 7.4.1805

Godbey Mary, daughter of Peter & Jane Godbey 1.5.1805

McWilliam Samuel, son of William & Mary McWilliam 10.5.1805

Baldwin Elizabeth, daughter of James & [blank] Baldwin [3rd Dns] 13.5.1805

Mulligan Sarah, daughter of William & Margaret Mulligan 4.6.1805

Graham Thomas, son of James & Elizabeth Graham 10.7.1805

Maxwell Matilda Maria, daughter of John & Letitia Maxwell 11.7.1805

Graham Fleaning McNeil, daughter of Hamilton & Anne Graham 1.8.1805

Kenny George Otway, son of John & Mary Kenny [Sergt. 5th D Grds] 18.8.1805

Parker William John, son of Thomas & Jane Parker 2.9.1805

Coyle Robert, son of John & Mary Coyle 3.9.1805

Bigger Martha Mary, daughter of Lennox & Charlotte Bigger 22.9.1805

Kelly/Rogers Eliza, daughter of Robert Kelly & Elizabeth Rogers 22.9.1805

Jameson Mary, daughter of Samuel & Elenor Jameson 7.11.1805

Balmer Richard, son of Henry & Margaret Balmer 8.12.1805

Tallan Torquin, son of James & Anne Tallan 10.12.1805

McClintock/Wilson Jane, daughter of Henry McClintock & Margaret Wilson 29.12.1805


Parson Maria, daughter of John & Elizabeth Parson 19.1.1806

Fortescue Mary Jane Wilson, daughter of Matthew Fortescue & [blank] 7.2.1806

Hands Thomas, son of Thomas & Margaret Hands [7th Dns] 13.2.1806

Kenny Mary Anne, daughter of Thomas & Mary Kenny 14.4.1806

Forde Arthur, son of James & Sarah Anne Forde 16.7.1806

Maxwell Mary Anne, daughter of Henry & Sarah Maxwell 9.8.1806

Giffney Noble Willoughby, son of Francis & Fanny Giffney 20.6.1806

Armstrong/Harrison Anne Jane, daughter of [blank] Armstrong & Sarah Harrison 16.9.1806

Stratton George William, son of John & Lady Emily Stratton, born 11.8.1806, baptised 15.8.1806, and received into the Church 30.9.1806

Reid Elizabeth, daughter of William & Frances Reid [Garden House] 30.11.1806

McBlane Jane, daughter of Hugh & Mary McBlane 30.11.1806

McCormick James, son of Andrew & Elizabeth McCormick 8.12.1806

Barnham Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John & Louisa Barnham 14.12.1806


Balmer John, son of Thomas & [blank] Balmer 18.1.1807

Parker John, son of Thomas & Jane Parker 6.2.1807

Marks Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Marks 8.2.1807

Fitzpatrick Margaret, daughter of Denis & E Fitzpatrick 15.2.1807

Foster Robert, son of Thomas & Mary Foster [Gd. Of M Coach] 15.2.1807

Newton Eliza Anne, daughter of Hamilton & Eliza Newton [Capt. 71st Regt] 15.2.1807

McDonnell Michael, son of Michael & Mary McDonnell 9.4.1807

Anders Jane, daughter of James & Elizabeth Anders [L. Militia] 9.4.1807

Wilson James & Elizabeth, twins, son & daughter of [blanks] Wilson [8 Dns] 3.5.1807

Murray Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Murray 5.6.1807

Gillichan Lydia, daughter of William & Elizabeth Gillichan 5.6.1807

Carter Thomas, son of Jacob & Sarah Carter [2nd or Royal Ds] 2.7.1807

Reilly John Page, son of George & Elizabeth Reilly 2.7.1807

Thomas Mary, daughter of Eavan & Anne Thomas [2nd Bn 81st R] 19.7.1807

White Ellen, daughter of John & Anne White [2nd Bn 81st Rgt] 26.7.1807

Filbourne Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Filbourne [2nd Bn 81st Rgt] 26.7.1807

Sweetman Harriot, daughter of John & [blank] Sweetman 30.7.1807

Thompson George, son of Arnold & Margaret Thompson [Pay M. 2nd Bn 81st R] 10.8.1807

Gilmer Mary Ann, daughter of [blanks] Gilmer [Cabinet maker] 23.8.1807

Davis Thomas, son of John & Margaret Davis [2nd Bn 81st R] 23.8.1807

Balmer Henry, son of Henry & Margaret Balmer 23.8.1807

Ryans Nathaniel Stephenson, son of William & Mary Ryans [8th R Dgns] 2.9.1807

Tallan William, son of James & Anne Tallan 8.9.1807

Barnham John William, son of John & Louisa Barnham 22.12.1807

Kelly/Rogers Ellen, daughter of Robert Kelly & [blank] Rogers 22.12.1807

Hagan Edward Hagan, a Foundling 28.12.1807


Ford Francis, son of James & Sarah Anne Ford 31.1.1808

Fox Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Fox [Royals] 31.1.1808

Eyres James, son of James & Mary Eyres [8th Royals] 6.3.1808

Gray David, son of John & Sarah Gray 20.3.1808

Thomas Matilda, daughter of Thomas & Rachel Thomas 27.3.1808

Cullen Jane, daughter of Timothy & Frances Cullen 27.3.1808

Kenny Patrick, son of Thomas & Mary Kenny 27.3.1808

Clarke Harriot, daughter of William & Jane Clarke [Royals] 29.4.1808

Parvis William Wheatley, son of Captain [blank] & Margaret Elizabeth Parvis [1st Dragoons] baptised privately 26.3.1808 publicly this Twenty first day of May 1808

Sithings James, son of Henry & Mary Sithings 29.5.1808

Flanagan Bridget, daughter of Christopher & Honor Flanagan [N. Mayo] 12.6.1808

Taylor Abraham, son of Abraham & Anne Taylor [Royals] 12.6.1808

Cunning Hugh, son of Charles & Catherine Cunning 1.7.1808

Hill Thomas, son of John & Anne Hill 14.7.1808

Harris Elizabeth, daughter of William & Mary Harris 14.7.1808

Ranolds Harriet, daughter of George & Mary Ranolds [S. Greys] 28.8.1808

Steel Robert Steel, a Foundling 7.9.1808

Giffney Susana, daughter of Francis & Fanny Giffney 18.9.1808

Mansfield Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick & Hannah Mansfield [2nd Dns] 2.10.1808

Scott Esther, daughter of John & [blank] Scott b 4.10.1808 bp 5.10.1808

Stratton Robert Jocelyn, son of John & Lady Emily Stratton 8.10.1808

Tallan Margaret & Letitia, daughters to James & Anne Tallan 26.10.1808

Purcell Tobias John, son of Joseph & Letitia Purcell 24.11.1808


Sullivan George Dawson, son of John & Mary Sullivan 26.2.1809

Hunter Thomas, son of Robert & Anne Hunter [RNB Dgns] 19.3.1809

Miller William, son of Frederick & Susannah Miller [RNB Dns] 19.3.1809 [also Scots Greys]

Thistlethwaite Charles Cerjat, son of Alexander & Helen Thistlethwaite 29.4.1809

Stewart William & Jane, children of Thomas & Anne Stewart [RNB Dns] 25.3.1809

Clarke John, son of John & Mary Clarke 25.5.1809

Bigger Narcissus Percy, son of Lennox & Charlotte Bigger 2.6.1809

Boult Anne, daughter of William & Mary Boult 4.6.1809 [Wicklow M]

Dobson Rosanna, daughter of Peter & Anne Dobson 4.6.1809

Hooper/Boys Caroline Agusta, daughter of William Hooper & Sarah Boys [o.wise Meredith] 7.6.1809

Sweetman George Thomas, son of John & Charlotte Sweetman 7.6.1809

Savage Francis, son of Philip & Margaret Savage 8.5.1809

Smith Richard, son of Jonathan & Mary Smith [Enniskn Dns] 14.7.1809

Johnston Elizabeth Charlotte, daughter of John & Margaret Johnston 5.9.1809

Godbey Margaret, daughter of Peter & [blank] Godbey 5.9.1809

Parker James Peckford, son of Thomas & Jane Parker 5.9.1809

Reid Margaret, daughter of [blanks] Reid [Enniskn Dns] 27.9.1809

Best John, son of Henry & Elizabeth Best 18.10.1809

Ransom John Henry, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Ransom 25.11.1809

Maxwell Henry, son of Henry & Sarah Maxwell 26.11.1809

Perceval Mary Waring, daughter of William & Margaret Perceval b 11.11.1809 bp 3.12.1809


McCormick Joseph, son of Henry & Mary McCormick [P of Faughart] 18.1.1810

Tallan Elizabeth, daughter of James & Anne Tallan 7.4.1810

Tate Robert, son of Robert & Anne Tate [Sergt Ennisk Dns] 5.5.1810

Jant/Scott Peter, son of John Jant & Townly Scott 5.5.1810

Gunnel Charles, son of Francis & Lucy Gunnel 7.5.1810

Hagg Robert Hagg, son of Richard & Elizabeth Hagg 13.5.1810

Cowan Jane, daughter of John & Rachel Cowan [Louth M] 13.5.1810

Magee Anne Jane, daughter of John & Rose Magee 15.5.1810

Pardow Anne, daughter of Joseph & [blank] Pardow [Enniskn Dns] 18.5.1810

Dickson Mary Anne, daughter of George & Anne Dickson [… D G] 27.5.1810

Davison Catherine, daughter of John & Anne Davison 7.6.1810

Hooper/Boys John Mergen, son of William Hooper & Sarah Boys o.wise Meredith 9.7.1810

Girven John, son of Henry & Anne Girven [Sgt RNDM] 5.8.1810

Johnston Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Johnston [… Dublin] 3.8.1810

Carr Thomas, son of Thomas & Jane Carr 24.8.1810

Gregg Robert, son of Edward & Honor Gregg [RNDM] 19.9.1810

Kelly Owen James, son of the late Owen & Catherine Kelly 18.9.1810

Oldham Frances Maria, daughter of John & Mary Oldham [N Painter] 1.9.1810

Fitzpatrick Gervais, son of Denis & [blank] Fitzpatrick [Gaoler] 2.11.1810

McClintock George Lewis, son of Henry & Elizabeth Mellisina McClintock b 18.12.1810 bp 24.12.1810


Hamilton James, son of Thomas & Sarah Hamilton [RDM] 20.1.1811

Watts Robert, son of William & Sarah Watts [1st DG] 10.2.1811

Purcell Edward, son of Joseph & Letitia Purcell 17.3.1811

Lees Frederick, son of William & Elizabeth Lees [1st King’s DG] 6.4.1811

Skipper John, son of William & Mary Skipper [1st DG] 6.4.1811

Jocelyn The Hon’ble Agustus Frederick George, 6th son of Robert & Julia Anne Jocelyn, or/wise Ord, Earl and Countess of Roden, b 26.12.1810, bp 28.4.1811

Percival Stanley, son of Henry & Margaret Percival b 21.5.1811, bp 9.6.1811

Scott William Alexander, son of James & Lucy Scott [1st King’s DG] 9.7.1811

Hogg Elizabeth, daughter of J & Isabella Hogg [Capt/ H Master] 30.7.1811

O’Dwyer/Greene Frances, daughter of Philip O’Dwyer & Bridget Greene [S Mayo M] 11.8.1811

Divine Robert, son of Robert & Mary Divine [Armagh M] 23.8.1811

Drummie Lydia Jane, daughter of Lieutenant & Elenor Drummie [S Greys] 30.8.1811

Watts James, son of James & [blank] Watts [1st King’s DG] 7.9.1811

Brunker James, son of James & Elizabeth Brunker 17.9.1811

Evans Walter, son of Richard & Christina Evans 24.9.1811

Henderson Jane, daughter of John & Rachel Henderson [Armagh M] 5.10.1811

Craig Alexander, son of Johnston John & Jane Craig [Armagh M] 20.10.1811

McNeal James, son of Captain & Sarah McNeal [45th Foot] 7.11.1811

Cooper Lydia, daughter of Charles & Ann Cooper [1st Dn Gds] 7.12.1811


Sparks James, son of James & Elizabeth Sparks [7th Hussars] 8.2.1812

Ford Anne, daughter of John & Anne Ford 7th Hussars] 8.2.1812

Godbey Peter, son of Peter & [blank] Godbey 12.2.1812

Mackrill James Henry, son of James & Sarah Mackrill [Captain, 61st Foot] 12.9.1812 [Sept]

Mouritz John Bond, son of John & Sarah Mouritz 16.2.1812

Rising Thomas, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Rising [Sgt 7th Hussars] 14.3.1812

Thompson Harriot Rohan, daughter of James & Catherine Thompson [7th Hussars] 11.7.1812 [July]

Denshire Charles James Frederick, son of Major & [blank] Denshire [7th Hussars] 2.4.1812

Dick Robert Taylor, son of Robert & Elizabeth Dick 5.4.1812

Tobit Elizabeth, daughter of William & Theodora Tobit 5.4.1812

Ball William Godfrey, son of William & [blank] Ball [Lieut & Adjt 61st Foot] 12.5.1812

Laverick Elizabeth, daughter of James & Elizabeth Laverick 20.4.1812

White Charles Carracticus, son of Robert & Harriot White 10.5.1812

Giffney John, son of Francis & Fanny Giffney 17.6.1812

Balmer Thomas, son of Henry & Margaret Balmer [Charter School] 10.6.1812

Purcell Laetitia, daughter of Joseph & Laetitia Purcell 8.6.1812

Newberry John, son of George & Sarah Newberry [Sgt 2nd Bn 61st F] 13.6.1812

Percival Hannah, daughter of William & Margaret Percival 18.6.1812

McClelland George, son of Richard Senr & Elizabeth McClelland 3.9.1812

McClelland Robert, son of John & Esther McClelland 3.9.1812

Dobson John, son of Peter & Anne Dobson 8.9.1812

Clarke William, son of John & Elenor Clarke [7th Hussars] 10.9.1812

Murphy/Sherlock Thomas, son of Robert Murphy & Mary Sherlock [of Castletown] 17.9.1812

Patterson Jane, daughter to Thomas & Margaret Patterson 22.9.1812

Mill William, son of Isaac & Elizabeth Mill [Sgt 7th Hussars] 20.11.1812

McNeil Sarah Anne, daughter of Captain & Sarah Anne McNeil [74th Foot] 9.12.1812

Chesham [blank], daughter of Major & [blank] Chesham [61st Foot] 6.12.1812


Higginbotham Richard, son of Joseph & Sarah Higginbotham [23rd Dns] 21.3.1813

Johnston William, son of John & Jane Johnston [Sgt …] 2.5.1813

Hornsby Maria, daughter of John & Mary Hornsby [2nd Bn 61st Rgt] 2.5.1813

Brockfield Mary, daughter of John & Frances Brockfield 2.5.1813

Johnston Thomas William, son of Graham & Anne Johnston 28.6.1813

Irwin James, son of William & Elizabeth Irwin 29.8.1813

Clarke James, son of John & Mary Clarke 28.10.1813

Breathwhite Mercy, son of Robert & Mary Breathwhite 3.8.1813

Whiston James, son of Thomas & Mary Whiston [61st Regt] 6.9.1813

Lahey Richard, son of William & Anne Lahey 8.11.1813

McNaile Thomas, son of James & Catherine McNaile [61st Regt] 18.11.1813


Ballantine Jane, daughter of James & [blank] Ballantine [7th Dr Gds] 20.5.1814

Smith Thomas Nicholson, son of Ralph & Sarah Smith [Lieut 7th D Gds] 19.6.1814

Godbey Eliza Susannah, daughter of Luke & Susannah Godbey [late …] 19.6.1814

Percival Lydia Waring, daughter of William & Mary Percival 7.2.1814 [Feb]

Ferguson Clements, son of Matthew & Jane Ferguson 6.6.1814

Rogers John, son of John & [blank] Rogers 19.6.1814

Gorman James, son of John & Mary Gorman 11.9.1814

Giffney Francis Thomas, son of Francis & Fanny Giffney 2.10.1814

Bay Benjamin, son of William & Elizabeth Bay [7th Dn Gds] 28.9.1814

Kingsley Thomas, son of James & Sarah Kingsley [7th Dg Gds] 7.9.1814

Banks William, son of Ralph & Mary Banks [7th Dr Gds] 16.10.1814

Evans William, son of Richard & Christiana Evans 16.10.1814

Swiney John, son of John & Mary Swiney [Sgt Mr 7th D Gds] 10.12.1814

Watson William, son of John & Mary Watson [N York M] 11.12.1814

Purcell Thomas, son of Joseph & Laetitia Purcell 21.12.1814

Irving Mary, daughter of Captain & Mary Irving 19.8.1814


Williams John, son of David & Catherine Williams 24.1.1815

McBlane Thomas, son of David & Mary McBlane 30.1.1815

Johnston Anna Margaret, daughter of Graham & Anne Johnston 31.1.1815

Brownrigg Margaret, daughter of Robert & Anne Brownrigg [7th Dn Gds] 5.2.1815

Owen Abraham, son of N & Margaret Owen [7th Dn Gds] 5.2.1815

Wade Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Wade [N York M] 5.2.1815

McCormick Henry, son of Henry & Mary McCormick [P of Faughart] 1.3.1815

Herd Josiah, son of Henry & Anne Herd [P of Faughart] 1.3.1815

Rodgers Joseph, son of J & Eliza Rodgers 25.9.1815

Johnson Jane, daughter of George & Eliza Johnson 30.9.1815

William Peter, son of Clement & Helen Waters 1.10.1815

Tallan Mary, daughter of John & Mary Tallan 8.10.1815

Johnson Annalise, daughter of Richard & [blank] Johnson 10.10.1815

Gray John, son of John & [blank] Gray 22.10.1815

An unnamed child, no parents’ names [Soldr M…] 19.10.1815

Gunning Isabella, daughter of Francis & Lucy Gunning [Soldr W Meath M] 19.11.1815

Darley Anna Maria, daughter of [blanks] Darley 25.11.1815

Delap James, son of Thomas & Fanny Delap 10.12.1815

Stubbs Anne, daughter of Revd J H & Margaret Stubbs 20.5.1815 [May]


Reilly Eliza, daughter of [blanks] Reilly [Custom House] 7.1.1816

Nugent John Bagnall, son of [blank] & Letitia Nugent 12.3.1816

Grey [blank], daughter of [blanks] Grey 20.3.1816

Lynis John, son of John & [blank] Lynis [no date] 1816

Mantle John, son of [blanks] Mantle [14th L Dns] 31.3.1816

Brown Anne, daughter of [blanks] Brown [Band Mr 14th L D] 7.4.1816

Hatten Thomas, son of John & [blank] Hatten 14.4.1816

Richie Louisa Anne, daughter of [blanks] Richie [Mr Stratton’s] 30.4.1816

Whitehead Edward Charles, son of John & [blank] Whitehead [14th L Dns] 19.5.1816

Ferguson Jean, daughter of Matthew & Jane Ferguson 23.5.1816

Fry Elizabeth, daughter of William & [blank] Fry [14th L Dns] 2.6.1816

Stubbs Mary, daughter of the Revd J H & Margaret Stubbs confirmed 6.6.1816

Ransom Edward, son of [blanks] Ransom [Scotch Greys] 7.6.1816

McClintock Isabella Mary Anne & Anna Louisa, daughters of Henry & Elizabeth McClintock, privately baptised before, publickly baptised 23.6.1816

Gorham Mary, daughter of [blanks] Gorham [at the Bank] 29.6.1816

Percival Spencer, son of [blanks] Percival 30.6.1816

Eden William, son of William & Mary Eden 2.7.1816

Coulter Jane, daughter of Thomas & [blank] Coulter 3.7.1816

Reed James Reed, a foundling 5.7.1816

Kelly Margaret, daughter of a poor Woman Kelly 9.7.1816

McDowel Elizabeth, daughter of William & [blank] McDowel 23.7.1816

Marks William, son of Thomas & Mary Marks 4.8.1816

Harrison Margaret, daughter of John & Margaret Harrison [Blackrock] 15.8.1816

Perrin Thomas, son of John & Ellen Perrin [2nd …] 25.8.1816

Mullen Elias, son of Arthur & Mary Mullen [E Smith’s school] 25.8.1816

Smith Richard, son of Dean & Mary Smith 25.8.1816

Dundalk Margaret Dundalk, a foundling 1.9.1816

Ring Eliza, daughter of Thomas & Mary Ring [14th L Dns] 1.9.1816

Stevenson Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Stevenson 2.9.1816

Waller Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Waller [62nd Regt] 12.9.1816

Penn William John, son of John & Sarah Penn [14th L Dns] 8.9.1816

Lee George, son of George & Mary Lee [14th L Dns] 8.9.1816

Lee William, son of William & Elizabeth Lee [14th L Dns] 15.9.1816

Hatch Henry, son of James & Margaret Hatch 6.10.1816

McKearney John Henry, son of John & [blank] McKearney [14th L Dns] 13.10.1816

McDonald John, son of Isaac & Anne McDonald 20.10.1816

[no surname] Mary Anne, daughter of Negro Boy [14th Light Dragoons] 20.10.1816

Atkinson James, son of Peter & Mary Atkinson [14th L Dns] 3.11.1816

{no surname] Mary Jane, daughter of William & Jane [blank] 18.12.1816

O’Grady [blank], son of Thomas & Helen O’Grady 10.12.1816

Atkinson Anne Jane, daughter of [blanks] Atkinson [Shoemaker] 20.12.1816

Cooper Anne, daughter of John & Anne Cooper [62nd Regt] 22.12.1816

Blake Elenor, daughter of Nathaniel & [blank] Blake 22.12.1816


McKenny Francis John, son of Thomas & Mary Anne McKenny 12.1.1817

Nugent Christopher John, son of [blanks] Nugent [Chr. School] 12.1.1817

Tucker Sarah, daughter of George & Maria Tucker 2.2.1817

Klein Sarah, daughter of John & Alice Klein 2.2.1817

Trotter Matthew, son of [blanks] Trotter [14th L Dns] 9.2.1817

Harris Joshua, son of William & Mary Harris 10.2.1817

Ayr John, son of Thomas & Margaret Ayr [2nd Bn …] 16.2.1817

Casey Anne, daughter of Richard & Mary Casey [14th L Dns] 16.2.1817

Morris Sarah, daughter of Samuel & Sarah Morris [2nd B.. 2..] 9.3.1817

Carter Anne, daughter of Andrew & Mary Carter [2nd Bn 62..] 16.3.1817

Shekelton Jane, daughter of Alexander & Anne Shekelton 23.3.1817

McCulm Andrew, son of James & Esther McCulm 26.3.1817

Cluxton William, son of George & Anne Cluxton [Police] 28.3.1817

Woods Dorcas, daughter of John & Dorcas Woods 4.4.1817

Woods Martha, daughter of Thomas & Jane Woods 4.4.1817

Falloon John Frederick, son of John & Mary Falloon 7.4.1817

Forbes Charlotte, daughter of Henry & Mary Anne Forbes [Police] 18.6.1817

Harris Maria, daughter of John & Elizabeth Harris 25.5.1817

Hanna Joseph, son of Joseph & Sarah Hanna [Police] 27.6.1817

Rogers James, son of John & Sarah Rogers [45th Regt] 29.6.1817

Sinclair William, son of David & Susannah Sinclair 29.6.1817

Bradshaw Henry, son of Thomas & Elenor Bradshaw 6.7.1817

Boyle Teresa, daughter of Robert & Teresa Boyle [45th Foot] 13.7.1817

Wate John, son of James & Mary Wate [45th Foot] 27.7.1817

Stephenson George, son of Stephen & Elizabeth Stephenson [45th Foot] 3.8.1817

Hayes Elizabeth, daughter of William & Mary Hayes [45th Foot] 17.8.1817

Strong Thomas, son of Stephen & Frances Strong [14th L Dns] 19.10.1817

Kirk Emelia, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Kirk [45th Foot] 2.11.1817

Smith Mary Anne, daughter of William & Anne Smith [45th Foot] 2.11.1817

Reilly George, son of John & [blank] Reilly [Cm House] 9.11.1817

Morne David, son of Timathy & Rose Morne [45th Foot] 16.11.1817

Ross Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Charles & Susannah Ross [the L Dns] 23.11.1817

Ransom Anne Eliza, daughter of John & Anne Ransom [S Greys] 26.11.1817

Davis Anne, daughter of Edward & Anne Davis [45th Foot] 21.12.1817

McClinighan Henry, son of Richard & Elizabeth McClinighan 28.12.1817

Fitzhenry Joseph, son of Negro Boy & Anne Fitzhenry [14th Lt Dns] 28.12.1817


Gunn John, son of John & Eliza Gunn [14th Lt Dns] 4.1.1818

McMaster Catherine, daughter of Robert & Mary McMaster 4.1.1818

Ferguson Margaret, daughter of Matthew & Jane Ferguson 16.1.1818

Lynes Thomas, son of Kennedy & Jane Lynes 18.1.1818

Mason John, son of Alicia & Robert Mason [Ballymascanlan] 10.1.1818

Hinds Mary Anne, daughter of Daniel & Bridget Hinds 18.1.1818

Porter Sally Porter, daughter of a Poor travelling Woman 20.1.1818

Maguire John, son of Thomas & Nancy Maguire [Co Down] 25.1.1818

Moore James, son of David & Mary Moore [Police] 1.2.1818

Perrin William George, son of John & Mary Perrin [14th Lt Dns] 11.2.1818

Knowles John, son of [blanks] Knowles [Sgt Police] 20.2.1818

Burrows John, son of John & Susanna Burrows 22.2.1818

McBlane Jean, daughter of Hugh & Jean McBlane 22.2.1818

Keys Hugh, son of Margaret & Thomas Keys [Police] 8.3.1818

Breaden Mary Anne, daughter of John & Mary Breaden [Militia] 15.3.1818

Mara William, son of Terence & Nancy Mara [Police] 15.3.1818

Ogle William, son of William & Elizabeth Ogle [Co Wicklow] 17.3.1818

Maxwell Richard, son of Joseph & Sarah Maxwell 20.3.1818

Cunningham Henry, son of Henry & Anne Cunningham [Police] 20.3.1818

Gorman Helson, son of Mary & John Gorman 22.3.1818

Osborne Sarah, daughter of John & Martha Osborne [45th Foot] 29.3.1818

Mantle Louisa, daughter of John & Sarah Mantle [14th L Dns] 12.4.1818

Brown Charles Munroe, son of Frederick & Elizabeth Brown [14th L Dns] 19.4.1818

Armstrong Mary Anne, daughter of a Travelling Woman 24.4.1818

Parkinson John, son of Robert & Jane Parkinson [45th Regt] 26.4.1818

Jocelyn Record of the births of Ld Visct Jocelyn’s children

The following is a Record of the Births of the Children of Robert, Viscount Jocelyn and Maria Frances Catherine his Wife, with the Parishes in which they were born.

Elizabeth Frances Charlotte, daughter of Robt Jocelyn Visct Jocelyn & Maria Frances Catherine his wife, born at Belfast 13.12.1813. Baptised by the Revd H Leslie & registd in Belfast

Frances, daughter of Robt Visct Jocelyn & Maria Frances Catherine his wife, born Hanover Sqr London November 1814. Registered in St George’s Parish, London.

Robert, son of Robt Visct Jocelyn & Maria Frances Catherine his wife, born Pall Mall London 20.2.1816. Certified by Honble & Revd Pierce Read

Thomas, son of Robt Visct Jocelyn & Maria Frances Catherine his wife, born 10.4.1818 in Sackville St Dublin. Baptised by the Revd E Thackeray in the Parish of St Thomas

Johnston Mary, daughter of Richard & Joan Johnston 3.5.1818

Atkins Mary Anne, daughter of John & Mary Atkins [14th Lt Dns] 10.5.1818

Boyle James Moore, son of Maxwell James & Lydia Anne Boyle 17.5.1818

Sibley George, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Sibley [45th Foot] 17.5.1818

Parkinson Maria, daughter of Thomas & Susannah Parkinson [Rev Offr] 17.5.1818

Fisher Anne Matthews, daughter of James & Elizabeth Fisher [45th Foot] 24.5.1818

Whitehead Martha Florentina, daughter of John & Florentina Whitehead [14th L Dns] 31.5.1818

Cocker Elizabeth, daughter of James & Lucy Cocker [45th Foot] 7.6.1818

McGrath Anne, daughter of William & Anne McGrath 21.6.1818

Marks Susannah, daughter of Thomas & Mary Marks 27.6.1818

Walker Mary Anne, daughter of Andrew & Abigail Walker 28.6.1818

Sinclair Mary, daughter of Robert & Margaret Sinclair [Police] 28.6.1818

Campbell William Charles, son of William & Bridget Campbell [42nd Regt] 5.7.1818

Patterson Jane, daughter of John & Margaret Patterson [Ballymascanlan] 5.7.1818

Day John, son of William & Mary Day [14th L Dns] 5.7.1818

Percival Eliza Blair, daughter of William & [Margaret, crossed out] Percival 5.7.1818

Stoker Jane, daughter of Thomas & Jane Stoker 8.7.1818

Read Daniel, son of John & Mary Read [42nd Regt] 10.7.1818

Clarke Louisa Roberta, daughter of Isaac Blake & [blank] Clarke [Lt Col, Scotch Greys] 2.8.1818

Read Fanny Maria, daughter of John & Susan Read 5.8.1818

Stokes Elizabeth, daughter of James & Mary Stokes [Castletown] 9.8.1818

Maclean Donald, son of Alexander & Mary Maclean [42nd Regt] 13.8.1818

Robinson Thomas, son of John & Catherine Robinson 14.8.1818

Gray Richard, son of Benjamin & Catherine Gray 16.8.1818

Gray Horatio Nelson, son of Samuel & Catherine Gray 16.8.1818

Stubbs John Hamilton, son of the Revd J H & Margaret Stubbs 18.8.1818

McDonald Michael, son of John & Margaret McDonald [42nd Rgt] 23.8.1818

McKoy Mary, daughter of John & Mary Lydia McKoy [42nd Rgt] 30.8.1818

Twibill Elizabeth Green, daughter of George & Anne Twibill [Atorney at Law] September 1818

Evans Thomas Henry, son of Thomas & Margaret Rose Evans [42nd Rgt] 2.9.1818

Stevenson Robert Shaw, son of John & Mary Stevenson 2.9.1818

Esdale James, son of Andrew & Mary Esdale [S Greys] 13.9.1818

Tallan George Harris, son of James & Anne Tallan 16.9.1818

Shekelton Margaret, daughter of Alexander & Anne Shekelton 13.9.1818

Macken Henry Macken, Parents unknown 18.9.1818

Gooden Anne Jane, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Gooden 23.9.1818

Lyttle Elizabeth, daughter of John & Jane Lyttle [Sergt, 42nd Rgt] 27.9.1818

Foster John, son of Charles & Elizabeth Foster 2.10.1818

Thomas Catherine, daughter of John & Mary Thomas 2.10.1818

Grant Sarah Anne, daughter of Alexander & Janet Grant [42nd Rgt] 7.10.1818

Kerr Jane, daughter of John & Mary Anne Kerr 28.10.1818

Steadman Margaret, daughter of William & Mary Steadman [42nd Rgt] 30.10.1818

Keeble Elizabeth Anne, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Keeble [S Greys] 1.11.1818

Annesly Margaret & Martha, daughters of Charles & Susannah Sophia Annesly [N D S Greys] 5.11.1818

Logan Jane, daughter of Patrick & Catherine Logan 8.11.1818

Radcliffe Margaret, daughter of John & Jane Radcliffe 8.11.1818

Bitbey Francis, son of John & Rose Anne Bitbey [42nd Regt] 13.11.1818

Swanson William, son of Donald & Catherine Swanson [42nd Rgt] 17.11.1818

Johnston [no details, except 42nd Rgt] 17.11.1818

McAlester Jane, daughter of Cull & Jane McAlester 18.11.1818

Atkinson John, son of John & Mary Atkinson 20.11.1818

Faloon John Robert, son of John & Mary Faloon 29.11.1818

Gunn Sarah, daughter of William & Sarah Gunn [Captain S Greys] 13.12.1818

Walker Mary Anne, daughter of Andrew & Abigail Walker [Police] 20.12.1818

Best Susannah, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Best 20.12.1818

McDaniel Anne, daughter of Isaac & Nancy McDaniel [Police] 30.12.1818


Hatch Joyce, daughter of James & Margaret Hatch 1.1.1819

Healy Samuel, son of James & Mary Healy 1.1.1819

Harris Jane, daughter of William & Mary Harris 6.1.1819

Hanlon James, son of James Egliston & Mary Hanlon 8.1.1819 [See Mr Morris’s remark in original]

Hammill Rose Anne, daughter of Owen & Mary Hammill 8.1.1819

Bishop Lilly Anne, daughter of James & Anne Bishop [Capt S Greys] 10.1.1819

King John, son of Finley & Mary King [Qr Mr 42nd Rgt] 16.1.1819

Thomas Robert, son of John & Mary Thomas 17.1.1819

McTavish Angus, son of Duncan & Christian McTavish [Pipe Mr 42nd Rgt] 24.1.1819

Hunter Henrietta Bashford, daughter of Robert & Jane Hunter [Police] 25.1.1819

Huck Christian Henry, son of Jno Christian & Maria Anne Huck [S Greys] 27.1.1819

McCalvey Jane, daughter of George & Anne McCalvey [Police] 27.1.1819

Aitkin Isabella Frances, daughter of Alexander & Maria Aitkin of Thornton, Fifeshire 16.2.1819

Kelly Mary, daughter of John & Barbara Kelly [42nd Foot] 24.2.1819

Sterrat Christina, daughter of Donald & Jean Sterrat [42nd Foot] 26.2.1819

Coulter Henry, son of Charles & Jane Coulter 3.3.1819

McGregor Alexander, son of Alexander & Mary McGregor [42nd Foot] 6.3.1819

Knox Edward, son of Edward & Mary Knox [S Greys] 6.3.1819

Jackson Mary, daughter of Abel & Jane Jackson [Police] 14.3.1819

McDonald Eliza Anne, daughter of John & Eliza Mc Donald [42nd Rgt] 17.3.1819

Grey Elias Brabazon Gray, son of Richard & Anne Gray [Hospital] 28.3.1819

Woods John Lee, son of John & Dorcas Woods 4.4.1819

McDonald Mary Anne, daughter of Hector & Hannah McDonald [Police] 6.4.1819

Paton Edward, son of Edward & Margaret Paton [42nd Rgt] 10.4.1819

Goods Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Goods [R N B Dns] 18.4.1819

Frame Sarah, daughter of James & Anne Frame [R N B Dns] 18.4.1819

Frame William, son of James & Anne Frame [R N B Dns] 18.4.1819

Brierton Robert, son of John & Phillis Brierton [late Police] b 30.4.1819, bp 30.4.1819

Woods Mary, daughter of William & [blank] Woods [Town Sergt] 9.5.1819

Patterson Catherine, daughter of Thomas & Catherine Patterson 23.5.1819

Cole Fanny, daughter of James & Anne Cole [Louth Police] 23.4.1819

Blakely Elizabeth, daughter of Robert & Mary Blakely 26.5.1819

Brown John, son of Alexander & Anne Brown 28.5.1819

Boyle Elizabeth, daughter of Maxwell James & Lydia Boyle 2.6.1819

Clarke John, son of William & Mary Clarke [2nd Dns] 6.6.1819

Taylor Thomas, son of William & Jane Talylor [Offr on h(alf) pay] ] 6.6.1819

Shaw Charles Ansley, son of Archibald & Mary Shaw [2nd Dns] 9.6.1819

Tucker Maria Anne, daughter of John & Anne Tucker [3rd Buffs] 13.6.1819

Crilly Emily, daughter of Thomas & Anne Crilly 2.7.1819

Elson James, son of Thomas & Ellen Elson [King’s D Gds] 18.7.1819

Bradbury Elenor, daughter of Emanuel & Ellen Bradbury [Hospl Sergt King’s D G] 25.7.1819

Hill John, son of James & Mary Hill [Rall…] 2.8.1819

Cline Louisa, daughter of John & Alice Cline 8.8.1819 [see also Klyne]

Richardson Hannah Catherine, daughter of John & Elizabeth Richardson privately March 1819, publicly 15.8.1819

Geddes William, son of Richard & Mary Anne Geddes 20.8.1819

McClinaghan Betty, daughter of John & Esther McClinaghan 23.8.1819

Stubbs Charles, son of the Revd J H & Margaret Stubbs 3.9.1819

Bradbury Thomas, son of George & Esther Bradbury [1st Dn Gds] 26.9.1819

Edwards Rosannah, daughter of John & Anne Edwards [3rd Buffs] 10.10.1819

Theobold Susannah, daughter of John & Mary Anne Theobold [1st or King’s D G] 13.10.1819

Wallace Anne Jane, daughter of Robert Grenville & Anne Wallace 6.10.1819

Wheeler Maria, daughter of Samuel & Martha Wheeler [1st K D G] 17.10.1819

Wright Jonathan, son of Jonathan & Mary Wright [1st K D G] 31.10.1819

Fosset Rachel, daughter of Joseph & Margaret Fosset 31.10.1819

Sykes Sarah, daughter of Joseph & Sarah Sykes [1st K D G] 7.11.1819

Sykes John, son of Joseph & Sarah Sykes [1st K D G] being privately baptised 7.11.1819

McGrath Henry, son of William & Anne McGrath 10.11.1819

Hillock Patrick Hillock, a Foundling [no date given]

Watts George, son of Richard & Mary Watts [Sgt, K D Gds] 12.12.1819

Gorman Eliza, daughter of John & Eliza Gorman 19.12.1819

Linton Anne, daughter of Thomas & Anne Linton [Sgt Mr K D G] 19.12.1819

Reyno Anne, daughter of George & Anne Reyno [1st K D G] 26.12.1819

Sutton Anne, daughter of George & Maria Sutton [K D G] 26.12.1819

Woodhouse Harriot Dean, daughter of Joseph & Jane Woodhouse [1st K D G] 26.12.1819

McKenna Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary McKenna 26.12.1819

Haghardstown Christina Haghardstown, left with the Churchwardens of the Parish 28.12.1819


Pizzy William, son of Richard & Elizabeth Pizzy [K D G] 30.1.1820

Moore Mary, daughter of Samuel & Margaret Moore [Cooley] 6.2.1820

Boswell Charles, son of Thomas & Anne Boswell [1st K D G] 13.6.1820

Moran Mary, daughter of Michael & Mary Moran 20.2.1820

Waight George, son of Thomas & Catherine Waight [3rd Buffs] 20.2.1820

Johnston Samuel, son of John & Rose Johnston 27.2.1820

Brown Sarah, daughter of William & Nancy Brown 12.3.1820

Wallace William, son of Robert & Henrietta Wallace [Capn 1st K G] 30.3.1820

Snellang Harriot, daughter of William & Mary Snellang [K Dn Gds] 2.4.1820

Johnston Robert, son of George & Jane Johnston [Ld Roden’s Gate] 24.3.1820

Roberts Mary Jane, daughter of John & Mary Roberts [Gauger] 14.4.1820

Dinning Ellen, daughter of William & Mary Dinning [3rd Buffs] 16.4.1820

Peet Thomas, son of William & Anne Peet [King’s D G] 16.4.1820 [p 43]

Peett William, son of William & Anne Peett [K D Guards] 16.4.1820 [p 47]

Shekleton James, son of Alexander & Anne Shekleton b 11.4.1820, bp 16.4.1820

Brotherton Mary Sophia, daughter of Thomas William & Louisa Brotherton [Col 14th Dns] 9.4.1820

Page Charlotte, daughter of James & Elizabeth Page [Sgt Mr K D G] 7.5.1820

Hilton Thomas, son of William & Anne Hilton [Sgt Mr K D G] 7.5.1820

Waldrin Anne, daughter of John & Elizabeth Waldrin [K D G] 7.5.1820

West Eliza, daughter of Job & Mary West [King’s D G] 14.5.1820

Bailly John, son of John & Elizabeth Bailly [K D G] 21.5.1820

Boyle Anne, daughter of Maxwell James & Lydia Boyle 26.5.1820

Watts Thomas, son of James Burn & Anne Watts [King’s D G] 28.5.1820

Godbey Catherine, daughter of William & Charlotte Godbey 16.6.1820

Lynes Anne Jane, daughter of Kennedy & Jane Lynes 18.6.1820

Brown Mary Anne, daughter of Rowland & Anne Brown [King’s D G] 18.6.1820

Porter David, son of William & Anne Porter [King’s D G] 25.6.1820

D eath Edward, son of William & Mary D eath [K D G] 25.6.1820

Keith Joseph, son of Denis & Ellen Keith [Tanner] 5.7.1820

Crawley Sarah, daughter of John & Sarah Crawley 7.7.1820

Ferguson Jane, daughter of Matthew & Jane Ferguson 9.7.1820

Clarke James, son of James & Essy Clarke 13.7.1820

Clarke John, son of Michael & Jane Clarke [Apothecary] 13.7.1820

Sullivan Francis Alexander, son of John & Mary Sullivan 13.7.1820

Clarke Rebecca, daughter of John & Mary Clarke 26.7.1820

Healy George Wesly, son of James & Mary Healy 30.7.1820

Latham Anne, daughter of James & Catherine Frances Latham [1st Dn Gds] b 18.7.1820, bp 2.8.1820

Winters Joseph, son of Joseph & Anne Winters [Waggon Train] 13.8.1820

Robinson William, son of Anthony & Jane Robinson 11.8.1820

Stubbs George, son of the Revd J H & Margaret Stubbs 16.8.1820

Twibill Margret Anne, daughter of George & Anne Twibill [Atorney at Law] 30.8.1820

Forbes William, son of Henry & Anne Forbes 1.9.1820

Kerry John James, son of Malcolm & [blank] Kerry 13.9.1820

Duncan John, son of Daniel & Mary Duncan [3rd C Royal] 24.9.1820

Clarke Elenor, daughter of John & Elenor Clarke [7th Hussars] 1.10.1820

Gray Richard Horner, son of Richard & Anne Gray [Louth Hospl] 11.10.1820

Stevenson Mary Shaw, daughter of John & Mary Stevenson [sea capn] 13.10.1820

Grimes Catherine, daughter of John Williamson & Mary Grimes 5.11.1820

Jacobs Sarah & Jane, twin daughters of Henry & Jean Jacobs [7th Hussars] 6.11.1820

Smyth James, son of Joseph & Alice Smyth [R Scots] 12.11.1820

Courtney John, son of William & Sarah Courtney [strangers] 14.11.1820

Brunt Charles, son of Thomas & Christie Brunt [7th Hussars] 19.11.1820

Hill David, son of James & Mary Hill 19.11.1820

Thomas John, son of John & Mary Thomas 26.11.1820

Reid Robert James, son of Jno Lambert & Susannah Reid 3.12.1820

Holden John, son of David & Anne Holden 3.12.1820

Gray Catherine, daughter of Samuel & Catherine Gray 6.12.1820

Donahoo Samuel, son of William & Bridget Donahoo 10.12.1820

Ginty William Galbraith, son of William & Isabella Ginty 15.12.1820

Dunne Elizabeth, daughter of John & Margaret Dunne [of Dromore] 20.12.1820


Clinton Jane, daughter of George & Anne Clinton 7.1.1821

Walden John, son of John & Anne Walden 31.1.1821

[no surname] Margaret, daughter of John & [blank] 1.2.1821

Foster Henry, son of Charles & Elizabeth Foster 6.2.1821

Eyre Mary Ann, daughter of John & Mary Eyre 7.2.1821

Coulter Jane, daughter of Charles & Jane Coulter 14.2.1821

Raddle Robert George, son of Robert & Ann Raddle [7th Hussars] 18.2.1821

Haynells Joseph, son of Joseph & Serragh Haynells 22.2.1821

McGragh Elizabeth, daughter of William & Ann McGragh 4.3.1821

Werrin George, son of George & Mary Werrin 21.3.1821

Aird Margret, daughter of Richard & Sarah Aird [Riding Master 7th Hussars] 21.3.1821

Sturt Thomas Charles, son of James & Bessy Sturt [7th Hussars] 25.3.1821

Parker Mary, daughter of John & Ann Jane Parker 4.4.1821

Shekleton James, son of Alexander & Anne Shekleton b 11.4.1821 bp 16.4.1821

Gough Robert, son of George & Jane Gough 18.4.1821

Blakely [blank], son of Robert & Mary Blakely 27.4.1821

McDaniel William, son of Mathew Fortescue & Sisley McDaniel 9.5.1821

Hust John, son of Thomas & Nancy Hust 13.5.1821

Grant Mary, daughter of John & Mary Grant [7th Hussars] 20.5.1821

Knowles James, son of James & Margaret Knowles [late of England] 20.6.1821

Clark James Henry, son of Michel & [blank] Clark 22.6.1821

Herbison Alexander, son of Samuel & Ann Herbison [1st Royals] 24.6.1821

Bradshaw George, son of Benjamin & Jane Bradshaw [7th Hussars] b 18.5.1821 bp 1.7.1821

Noble Brabazon, son of Brabazon & Mary Noble [Surgt Louth Hospital] 14.7.1821

Goble George, son of John & Jane Goble [7th Hussars] b 29.6.1821 bp 15.7.1821

Kimber Alfred, son of John & Janet Kimber [Hospital Sergt 7th Hussars] 29.7.1821

Armstrong Elizabeth, daughter of William & Anne Armstrong 29.7.1821

Woods Eliza, daughter of William & Mary Woods [Town Serjant] 29.7.1821

Callingham Francis, son of Patrick & Mary Callingham b 5.8.1821 bp 10.8.1821

Patterson Susanna, daughter of Thomas & [blank] Patterson [Point] 17.8.1821

Shekleton Alexander, son of Alexander & Anne Shekleton b 13.8.1821 bp 18.8.1821

McClinighan Eliza, daughter of Richard & [blank] McClinighan [Point] born & baptised 22.8.1821

Armstrong Mary, daughter of William & Ruth Armstrong [Chief Constable] b 26.8.1821 bp 27.8.1821

McDowell John, son of William & Catherine McDowell [Carpenter] 2.9.1821

White Henry Pilkington, son of Robert & Hariott White [Serg 7th Hussars] 9.9.1821

Nolan Harriot, daughter of Michael & Anne Nolan [Coach Agent] 16.9.1821

Atkinson Robert, son of John & Ally Atkinson 30.9.1821

Henry Mary, daughter of John & Mary Henry [Sergt 5th Dn Guards] 12.10.1821

Hamill Susanna, daughter of Owen & Mary Hamill 17.10.1821

Hamilton John, son of [blank] Hamilton & [blank] Gray 19.10.1821

Smyth Martha, daughter of David & Martha Smyth [5th D Guards] 21.10.1821

Moore James, son of Thomas & Mary Moore 21.10.1821

Parker James, son of James & Elizabeth Parker [Sergt 5th D Guards] 18.11.1821

McDaniel Catherine, daughter of James & Maria McDaniel [5th D Guards] 25.12.1821

Mouritz Stafford, son of Robert & Isabella Mouritz b 10.12.1819 bp 26.12.1821

Mouritz Robert Hanham, son of Robert & Isabella Mouritz b 27.11.1821 bp 26.12.1821


Godbey Charlotte, daughter of William & Charlotte Godbey 6.1.1822

McCallister Charles, son of William & Catherine McCallister 9.1.1822

Stubbs Margret, daughter of the Revd J Hamilton & Margaret Stubbs 10.1.1822

Fosset Joseph & Mary, twins of Joseph & Margret Fosset 11.1.1822

Cullins John Cullins, son of Patt Cullins & Seragh Walker 18.1.1822

Harris Thomas, son of John & Elizabeth Harris 3.2.1822

Hill Elizabeth, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hill [Demesne] 24.2.1822

Taylor William Arthur, son of William & Jane Taylor [Half Pay Officer] b 1.2.1822 bp 27.2.1822

Moore John, son of William & Jane Moore [5th Dragoon Guards] 10.3.1822

Moffit Agness, daughter of John & Agness Moffit [5th Dragoon Guards] 10.3.1822

Klyne Fanny, daughter of John & Ally Klyne b 19.11.1821 bp 13.3.1822 [see also Cline]

Shipton Jane, daughter of Alexander & Anne Shipton [Strangers] b 18.3.1822 bp 23.3.1822

Austin James McMullin, son of Joseph & Ann Austin [1st Royals] 27.3.1822

Watters William, son of Thomas & Anne Watters [Shoemaker] 7.4.1822

Arnold Joseph Thomas Anthony, son of Thomas & Mary Anne Arnold b 1.4.1822 bp 10.4.1822

Bourke Richard Southwell, son of Robert Bourke Esqr of Hays Co Meath & Anne Charlotte [Jocelyn of Fairhill] born 21.2.1822 in Dublin bapt 8.3.1822

Ingham William Kirk, son of John & Eliza Ingham [5th D Guards] b 18.3.1822 bp 31.3.1822

Randells Thomas, son of Charles & Anne Randells [5th D Guards] 25.4.1822

Crilly John, son of Thomas & Jane Crilly 3.5.1822

Ferguson Rebecca, daughter of Matthew & Jane Ferguson b 29.5.1822 bp 3.6.1822

Holmes Mary Anne, daughter of Isacc & Grace Holmes [31st Regt] 31.5.1822

Johnston Francis, daughter of George & Jane Johnston 15.6.1822

Thomas John, son of John & Mary Thomas [Shoemaker] 23.6.1822

Stewart James, son of James & Mary Stewart 11.7.1822

McFaddin William, son of William & Jane McFaddin [1st Royals] 20.7.1822

Gray John Ingham, son of Richard & Anne Gray [Louth Hospital] 15.8.1822

McCollum John, son of James & Easther McCollum [Publick Bakery] 24.8.1822

Collet James, son of Henry & Elizabeth Collet [4th D Guards] 1.9.1822

Nolan David, son of Arthur & Mary Nolan [Free School] 10.9.1822

Kiniday George, son of James & Margret Kiniday [Constable] 12.9.1822

Elliot Jane, daughter of Robert & Mary Elliot [4th Dragoon Guards] 28.9.1822

Nugent Elizabeth, daughter of Michel & Charlotte Nugent 12.10.1822

Anderson George, son of William & Mary Anderson 12.10.1822

An unnamed child baptised on 15.10.1822

McKenny Letticia, daughter of Thomas & Mary Anne McKenny 20.10.1822

Knowles John, son of James & Margret Knowles 24.10.1822

Gill Mary Anne, daughter of Thomas & Jane Gill [4th D Guards] 17.11.1822

Lee Mary Anne Eliza, daughter of Joseph & Margret Lee [31st Regt] 24.11.1822

Boncroft Serragh, daughter of Thomas & Eliza Boncroft [4th D Guards] 8.12.1822

Pierson Joseph, son of John & Elizabeth Pierson [4th D Guards] 8.12.1822


Dundalk Catherine Dundalk, a Foundling 2.1.1823

Dawson William, son of William & Mary Dawson [Guard of the Coach] 5.1.1823

Willson Mary Jean, daughter of John & Francis Willson [31st Regt] 12.1.1823

Sharnock William, son of Richard & Anne Sharnock [31st Regt] 12.1.1823

Rodd David, son of Samuel & Mary Rodd 1.2.1823

[no surname] Mary, daughter of a Traveling Woman 2.2.1823

McKee Robert Henry, son of Samuel & Anne McKee 2.2.1823

McClinnighan Richard, son of John & Elizabeth McClinnighan 9.2.1823

Holden Margret, daughter of David & Anne Holden 9.2.1823

Tompkins Thomas, son of Matthew & Anne Tompkins [4th D Guards] 23.2.1823

Coulter James, son of Charles & Jane Coulter 23.2.1823

Nolan Patrick Bernard, son of Michael & Anna Nolan b 17.3.1823 bp 29.3.1823

Painter Joseph, son of Richard & Jane Painter [15th Regt of Foot] 30.3.1823

McGragh Mary, daughter of William & Anne McGragh [Constable] 3.5.1823

Hartley Benjamin, son of Samuel & Mary Hartley [15th Regt of Foot] 4.5.1823

Foster John, son of Charles & Elizabeth Foster [Slater] 15.5.1823

Armstrong William, son of Robert & Catherine Armstrong [Sergt 4th D Guards] 1.6.1823

Basset Anne, daughter of John & Anne Basset [4th D Guards] 1.6.1823

Whittager Mary Anne, daughter of Charles & Christiana Whittager [Constable] 1.6.1823

Ervin Robert, son of George & Mary Ervin 7.6.1823

Wilkinson William, son of Robert & Mary Wilkinson 20.7.1823

Armstrong Susanna, daughter of William & Ruth Armstrong 27.7.1823

Stevenson Catherine, daughter of John & Mary Stevenson [Sea Capt] 29.7.1823

[no surname] John, son of John & Catherine [blank] [15th Foot] 3.8.1823

Hanna Thomas, son of Robert & Anne Hanna 10.8.1823

Killin Thomas, son of John & Jane Killin [7th D Guards] 17.8.1823

Crowe Faithful William, son of John & [blank] Crowe [Jail] 19.8.1823

Ramsey Samuel, son of Samuel & Margret Ramsey [7th D Guards] 23.8.1823

Cooke Susanna, daughter of Robert & Jane Cooke [7th D Guards] 30.8.1823

Crilly Walter, son of Thomas & Anne Crilly 9.10.1823

Godbey Maria Grossman, daughter of William & Charlotte Godbey 14.10.1823

Hill James, son of William & Elizabeth Hill 14.10.1823

Ferguson Matthew, son of Matthew & Jane Ferguson b 29.8.1823 bp 30.8.1823

Basset George, son of Thomas & Mary Basset [7th D Gds] born in Belfast 30.5.1823 bp 2.11.1823

Burke John Jocelyn Burke, son of Robert Burke & Anne Charlotte Jocelyn his wife 3.11.1823

Brotherton Emily Caroline Anne, daughter of Thomas William Brown Brotherton & Luisa Anne Stratton his wife [Colnl 12th Hussars] 3.11.1823

Shekleton Joseph, son of Alexander & Anne Shekleton b 7.10.1823 bp 26.10.1823

Monks Elizabeth, daughter of John & Elizabeth Monks [7th D Guards] 23.11.1823

Percival Juliana Winnifred, daughter of William & Margret Percival b 29.8.1823 bp 7.9.1823

Heath Ann, daughter of Samuel & Mary Heath [1 Regt] 4.12.1823

McNeill Richard Graham, son of Flemming & [blank] McNeill 26.12.1823

Crawford William, son of John & Francis Crawford b 25.12.1823 bp 27.12.1823


Tishogg Frederick Tishogg, a Foundling 4.1.1824

Fletcher Rebecca, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Fletcher [31st Regt] 6.1.1824

Green John Thomas, son of Philip & Bessy Green [Blackrock] 13.1.1824

Grundy Anne, daughter of William & Elinor Grundy [31st Regt] 18.1.1824

Crawley William Askey, son of John & Saragh Crawley 28.1.1824

Harris Samuel, son of Edward & Jane Harris 28.1.1824

Harris Saragh, daughter of John & Mary Anne Harris 28.1.1824

Mouritz Elizabeth, daughter of Robert & Isabella Mouritz 29.1.1824

Moore Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Moore 8.2.1824

Marks Thomas Jackson, son of Robert & Mary Marks [Tidewaiter] 8.2.1824

Ginders John, son of Job & Anne Ginders [7th D Guards] 29.2.1824

Langtry Samuel, son of Matthew & Anne Langtry [7th D Guards] b 27.2.1824 bp 28.3.1824

Twibill George Gillichan, son of George & Anne Twibill [Atorney at Law] 11.4.1824

Watters Eliza, daughter of Thomas & Anne Watters [Shoemaker] 11.4.1824

Burns John Henry, son of John & [blank] Burns [Atorney at Law] 24.4.1824

McKee Serragh Maria, daughter of Samuel & Anne McKee [Grocer] 25.4.1824

McCullim Robert, son of James & Easter McCullim 16.5.1824

Banks James, son of Ralph & Margaret Banks [7th Dragoons] 20.5.1824

Parr Thomas, son of John James & Eliza Parr [Apothecary] 20.5.1824

Whittager Amelia, daughter of George & Mary Whittager [88th Regt] 30.5.1824

McGragh John, son of William & Anne McGragh [Constable] 24.5.1824

Taylor John George, son of William & Jane Taylor b 4.5.1824 bp 5.5.1824

Parker John, son of Joseph & Ellen Parker [Shoemaker] 26.6.1824

Ross Fanny, daughter of Patrick & Fanny Ross [Schoolmaster Gaol] 1.7.1824

Forster Thomas Oriel, son of George & Anna Maria Forster 1.7.1824

Hodges Mary, daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Hodges [Watter Guards] 18.7.1824

Page William Stephen, son of William & Fanny Page 5.8.1824

Jennings Thomas, son of Henry & Mary Jennings 8.8.1824

Johnston Charlotte, daughter of George & Jane Johnston 6.8.1824

McCardell Samuel, son of Samuel & Hanna McCardell [5th D Guards] 29.8.1824

Murphy Jane Eastwood, daughter of Robert & Jane Murphy b 10.5.1823 bp 2.9.1824

Murphy John, son of Robert & Jane Murphy b 6.8.1824 bp 2.9.1824

Hume Arthur, son of Revd Robert & Mary Hume [Curate of Dundalk] b 17.8.1824 bp 4.9.1824

Gowdy Mary, daughter of James & Serragh Gowdy [5th D Guards] 8.9.1824

Nolan John, son of Michel & Anne Nolan [Coach Agent] 5.9.1824

Stephenson John, son of Jerimiah & Susanna Stephenson 12.9.1824

Cruise Richard, son of Richard & Serragh Cruise [5th D Guards] b 4.9.1824 bp 12.9.1824

Maxwell William, son of [blank] & Sally Maxwell [Nailor] 10.10.1824

Kinedy Mary Anne, daughter of James & Margret Kinedy [Constable] October 1824

Male Mary, daughter of Thomas & Betsy Male b 28.10.1824 bp 2.11.1824

Coleman Thomas Coleman, a Foundling, left with the Church Wardens 14.11.1824

Armstrong William, son of John & Margret Armstrong [Pay Sergt 5th D G] 16.11.1824

Huntley Abraham, son of Thomas & [blank] Huntley [Gauger] 22.11.1824

Phillips Maria, daughter of Robert J & Sarah Phillips [Barrister at Law] 16.12.1824

[no surname] Robert William, son of [blanks] 16.12.1824


Armstrong Catherine, daughter of William & Ruth Armstrong [Chief Constable] 9.1.1825

Atkinson George, son of Thomas & Martha Atkinson [2 M 5th D Guards] 15.2.1825

Woods James, son of William & Serragh Woods [Town Sergt] 17.2.1825

Patterson Thomas, son of John & Elizabeth Patterson [5th D Guards] 20.2.1825

Nugent Fanny, daughter of Michel & Charlotte Nugent 22.2.1825

Armstrong William, son of William & Anne Armstrong [Coach Agent] 13.3.1825

Breadin Frances, daughter of George & Anne Breadin [5th D Guards] 15.3.1825

Smyth Hugh, son of William & Mary Smyth 20.3.1825

Foster George, son of Charles & Elizabeth Foster 10.4.1825

Drake Francis, son of Francis & Bridget Drake [63 Regt] b 5 [full date not recorded] bp 10.4.1825

Henderson Matilda, daughter of Robert & Margret Henderson [5th D Guards] 12.4.1825

King William, son of John & Mary King 17.4.1825

Jackson Richard, son of Francis & Margret Jackson [63rd Regt] 24.4.1825

Kidd William, son of John & Fanny Kidd [Charter School] 14.5.1825

Atkinson Anne, daughter of John & Anne Atkinson [Shoemaker] 5.6.1825

Hill Mary Anne, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hill 12.6.1825

Ferguson Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew & Jane Ferguson 12.6.1825

Clerk Thomas, son of James & Eassy Clerk 15.6.1825

Anderson John, son of William & Mary Anderson 15.6.1825

Lambert George, son of Charles & Mary Lambert [Watter Guards] 10.7.1825

Patterson Daniel, son of Doctor Barry & Annabella Hariot Patterson [1st or R Dragoons] 11.7.1825

Johnston Richard Keating, son of Graham & Anne Johnston b 6.3.1825 bp 11.7.1825

Stubbs Elizabeth Susanna, daughter of the Revd J Hamilton & Margret Stubbs 14.7.1825

Allin Mary & Jane, Twins, daughters of Mary Allin & [blank] 20.7.1825

Blakeley Robert, son of Robert & Mary Blakeley 31.7.1825

Stewart William, son of James & Anne Stewart [1st R Dragoons] 14.8.1825

Williams Robert, son of Henry & Anne Williams [1st R Dragoons] 14.8.1825

Cotters Susanna Cotters, daughter of [blanks] [Armourer 1st R Dragoons] privately 17.8.1825

Tuck Charles, son of William & Elizabeth Tuck [1st R Dragoons] 4.9.1825

Perkins Jane, daughter of [blanks] Perkins [1st R Dragoons] privately 5.9.1825

Moore Anne & Jane, Twins, daughters of John & Mary Moore privately 5.9.1825

Smyth Charles, son of Dean & [blank] Smyth [Shoemaker] privately 12.9.1825

McKee Anne, daughter of Samuel & Anne McKee 18.9.1825

Harrisson Joshua, son of Edward & Jane Harrisson 18.9.1825

Murphy Anne, daughter of Richard & Jane Murphy 28.9.1825

Tyrell Richard, son of Francis & Fanny Tyrell 2.10.1825

McGragh Rebecca, daughter of William & Anne McGragh [Constable] 9.10.1825

Williams Mary Anne, daughter of John & Ann Williams [1st R Dragoons] 13.11.1825

Coulter Charles, son of Charles & Jane Coulter 15.11.1825

Mouratz Isabella, daughter of Robert & Isabella Mouratz 15.11.1825

Bird Anne, daughter of William & Jane Bird [1st R Dragoons] b 11.10.1825 bp 15.11.1825

Crawford Thomas Frederick, son of Thomas & Mary Crawford 29.11.1825

Stewart Edward, son of Charles & Mary Stewart [1st R Dragoons] 4.12.1825

Weir Elizabeth Ann, daughter of James & Elizabeth Weir [1st R Dragoons] 4.12.1825

Johnston Mary, daughter of Gragham & Anne Johnston born 21.12.1825 bapt 21.12.1825


Poyner Emma, daughter of John & Sarah Poyner [1st R Dragoons] 1.1.1826

Osburn Joseph, son of Peter & Catherine Osburn [1st R Dragoons] 8.1.1826

Watts William James, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Watts [1st R Dragoons] 22.1.1826

Gray Elizabeth & Mary, Twins, daughters of Richard & Anne Gray [Hospital] 25.1.1825 [1826?]

Murphy Rebecca Isabella, daughter of William & Martha Murphy 5.2.1826

McDaniel George, son of John & Elizabeth McDaniel 12.2.1826

Hill Serragh, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hill [Shoemaker] 12.2.1826

Parker Robert, son of Joseph & Ellin Parker [Shoemaker] 12.2.1826

Murphy Ann, daughter of John & Susanna Murphy 26.2.1826

Gully Eliza, daughter of Philip & Rebecca Gully [1st Royal Dragoons] 26.2.1826

Marks Robert Wamsley, son of Robert & Mary Marks [Tidewaiter] 26.2.1826

McKinney Ellinor, daughter of Thomas & Mary Anne McKinney 26.2.1826

Townley Mary, daughter of John & Elizabeth Townley 12.3.1826

Hume Gustavus, son of the Revd Robert & Mary Hume b 25.2.1826 bp 23.3.1826

Gray Mary, daughter of Daniel & Mary Gray 2.4.1826

Harris John, son of John & [blank] Harris 9.3.1826

Cairey Edmund, son of Thomas & Serragh Cairey [75th Regt] 9.4.1826

McCollum Mary Anne, daughter of James & Easter McCollum 16.4.1826

Howard Elizabeth & Mary, daughters of William & Catherin Howard [3rd L Dragoons] 23.4.1826

Sands John, son of Robert & Elizabeth Sands 23.4.1826

Harris Samuel, son of John & Mary Harris 23.4.1826

Elder Jane, daughter of Joseph & Jane Elder [3rd L Dragoons] 30.4.1826

Brunton Christian, daughter of James & Susan Brunton [1st R Dragoons] 30.4.1826

Hall Serragh, daughter of James & Serragh Hall [3rd L Dragoons] 7.5.1826

Stephenson Margret, daughter of Jerimiah & Susanna Stephenson 7.5.1826

Carr William, son of William & Elizabeth Carr [3rd L Dragoons] 28.5.1826

Roberts John William Thomas, son of John & Mary Roberts [Gauger] 28.5.1826

Barry William, son of William & Mary Barry 2.6.1826

Champion Thomas, son of Robert & Mary Champion [3rd L Dragoons] b 24.6.1826 bp 2.7.1826

Seabyme Charlotte, daughter of Benjamin & Mary Anne Seabyme [3rd L Ds] b 4.1.1826 bp 16.7.1826

Shaw Mary, daughter of William & Jane Shaw [3rd L Dragoons] b 23.7.1826 bp 6.8.1826

Jervin Ellin, daughter of Thomas & Prudence Jervin [3rd L Dragoons] b 30.7.1826 bp 10.8.1826

Kirkland Mary Jane, daughter of James & Ellin Kirkland 27.8.1826

Carrigan Margret, daughter of James & Margret Jannet Carrigan [3rd L Dns] b 4.9.1826 bp 17.9.1826

McNeill Mary Anne, daughter of John & Mary McNeill 29.9.1826

Dillin Jane, daughter of Edward & Eliza Dillin 24.10.1826

Cooper Eliza Elinor, daughter of Edward B & Elizabeth Cooper 3.11.1826

Hill Robert Forster, son of William & Elizabeth Hill [Demesne] 2.11.1826

Armstrong Isabella, daughter of William & Ruth Armstrong [Police] b 15.12.1826 bp 19.12.1826

Murphy William, son of Robert & Jane Murphy b 23.9.1826 bp 22.12.1826

Jenkins Robert William, son of Edward & Mary Jenkins [Capt Police] b 27.10.1826 bp 22.12.1826

Mallon James, son of John & Anne Mallon 22.12.1826

Blakely Bella Maria, daughter of Robert & Mary Blakely [Parish Clerk] 23.12.1826

Maxwell Jane, daughter of James & Elizabeth Maxwell b 21.12.1826 bp 31.12.1826


Matthews Richard, son of Turner McCann & Catherine Mathews b 27.12.1826 bp 23.1.1827

Mouritz Issabella, daughter of Robert & Issabella Mouritz b 6.1.1827 bp 28.1.1827

Howell Richard, son of William & [blank] Howell [Police] 29.1.1827

Hinds Richard, son of Roger & Mary Hinds b 11.1.1827 bp 11.2.1827

Middleton Frederick, son of William & Margaret Middleton [Revenue] b 30.1.1827 bp 22.2.1827

Barrett Beavor Buchannon, son of John & Catherin Barrett [Police] 1.3.1827

Scanlon Alexander, son of Alexander Parker & Margret Scanlan 20.3.1827

Johnson Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mark & Mary Johnson [Paymaster 3rd L Dragoons] b 29.12.1826 bp 22.3.1827

Bowdell Thomas, son of Joseph & Mary Anne Bowdell [3rd L Drns] b 17.3.1827 bp 25.3.1827

Stone George, son of John & Anne Stone [3rd L Dragoons] b 17.3.1827 bp 1.4.1827

Purcell James Gillichan, son of Edward & Francis Purcell [R Navy] b 25.1.1827 bp 10.4.1827

Bushell George Robert, son of Robert & Francis Ann Bushell b 10.2.1827 bp 10.4.1827

Shepherd Margret, daughter of Daniel & Mary Shepherd [3rd L Dragoons] b 5.4.1827 bp 14.4.1827

Gordon Samuel, son of Robert & Mary Gordon b 31.3.1827 bp 6.4.1827

Sidley Mary Anne, daughter of Andrew & [blank] Sidley 9.5.1827

Viney Henry, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Viney [3rd L Dragoons] b 1.5.1827 bp 13.5.1827

Elsop Sarah Ann, daughter of James & Elizabeth Elsop [3rd L Dragoons] b 5.5.1827 bp 13.5.1827

Hill William Henry, son of Charles & Elizabeth Hill [3rd L Dragoons] b 24.4.1827 bp 13.5.1827

McKee Mary Anne Willoughby, daughter of Samuel & Anne McKee b 21.3.1827 bp 20.5.1827

Forster Robert, son of George & Anne Maria Forster b 28.4.1827 bp 28.5.1827

Hill William, son of James & Seragh Hill [3rd L Dragoons] b 23.5.1827 bp 3.6.1827

Wetherall George, son of Noble & Mary Wetherall [3rd L Dragoons] b 16.5.1827 bp 3.6.1827

Loyd Caroline, daughter of John & Julia Loyd [8th Hussars] b 27.4.1827 bp 10.6.1827

Tomilson James, son of John & Margret Tomilson b 28.5.1827 bp 24.6.1827

Baker Elizabeth, daughter of Richard & Margret Baker [8th Hussars] b 16.6.1827 bp 24.6.1827

Wright Margret, daughter of William & Margret Wright [Watter Guards] b 14.6.1827 bp 1.7.1827

Murphy George, son of William & Martha Murphy b 30.6.1827 bp 22.7.1827

Harrington John, son of John & Jane Harrington b 24.6.1827 bp 22.7.1827

Bell Ellin, daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Bell [Distillery] b 4.7.1827 bp 20.7.1827

Godbey Robert, son of Robert & Catherin Godbey b 17.5.1827 bp 7.9.1827

McDowell Fanny, daughter of Robert & Ellin McDowell [Turnkey] b 24.10.1827 [sic] bp 7.9.1827

Townly Charlotte, daughter of John & Charlotte Townly b 16.9.1827 bp 23.9.1827

Haig Felix Thackeray, son of Robert & Magdaline Haig [of London] 6.10.1827

Phillips William, son of Robert Jocelyn & Sarah Phillips [Barrick Master] b 29.9.1827 bp 7.10.1827

Patterson James, son of James & Mary Patterson [86th Regt] b & bp 14.10.1827

Murphy Alicia, daughter of Robert & Jane Murphy b 23.9.1827 bp 20.10.1827

Darcy William, son of James & Anne Darcy b 17.10.1827 bp 11.11.1827

Hunter Henry, son of Henry & Dorothy Hunter [8th Hussars] b 11.11.1827 bp 18.11.1827

Hinds James, son of James & Elizabeth Hinds [Beadle] b 7.12.1827 bp 11.12.1827

Anderson Mary Jane, daughter of William & Mary Anderson b 25.11.1827 bp 19.12.1827

McGragh William, son of William & Anne McGragh b 16.12.1827 bp 23.12.1827

Hill Sarah, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hill 30.12.1827

Petty John, son of Henry & Anne Petty 30.12.1827 [entered as 1828]


Wild James, son of Jonathan & Catherin Wild [8th Hussars] b 2.1.1828 bp 20.1.1828

Bardin Alfred Thackeray, son of Revd Charles & Julia Helen Bardin b 12.1.1828 bp 13.1.1828

Nicholason Anne, daughter of John & Elizabeth Nicholason [8th Hussars] b 5.1.1828 bp 27.1.1828

Eastwood Maria Louisa, daughter of James Robert & Maria Louisa Eastwood b 3.1.1828 bp 3.2.1828

Gray Serragh, daughter of Daniel & Mary Gray 10.2.1828

Green Mary Anne, daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Green [8th Hussars] b 24.1.1828 bp 10.2.1828

Roberts Anna, daughter of John & Mary Roberts [Revenue] 29.2.1828

McEntigart Caleb & Jane, twins son & daughter of Caleb …& Mary McEntigart b 2.2.1828 bp 3.3.1828

McCullagh Lilly Anne, daughter of Hugh & Mary McCullagh b 26.2.1828 bp 9.3.1828

Coulter Martha, daughter of Thomas & Jane Coulter 9.3.1828

Knowles Mary Anne, daughter of James & Margret Knowles b 2.2.1828 bp 5.3.1828

Marks George, son of Robert & Mary Marks [Revenue] 16.3.1828

Hammill Gervais, son of Michel & Anne Hammill [3rd D Guards] b 9.3.1828 bp 28.3.1828

Jenkins Frances, daughter of Edward & Mary Jenkins [Capt Police] b 24.1.1828 bp 28.3.1828

Ferris Mary, daughter of Michael & Mary Ferris [3rd D Guards] b 25.3.1828 bp 6.4.1828

Christian Charles, son of Charles & Anna Christian [Adj 3rd L Dragoons] b 27.3.1828 bp 10.4.1828

Roarke Catherin, daughter of John & Nancy Roarke b 12.4.1828 bp 17.4.1828

Duggin Jane Anne, daughter of Patrick & Sophia Duggin [17th Lancers] b 6.3.1828 bp 4.5.1828

Forster Emily Isabella, daughter of George & Anna Maria Forster b 23.4.1828 bp 26.5.1828

Hunt Robert Charters Willson, son of Wm Agustis & Jane Hunt [Revenue] b 20.11.1827 bp 27.5.1828

Hall George Agustis, son of William & Jane Hall [17th Lancers] b 17.3.1828 bp 28.5.1828

Barret William Henry, son of John & Catherin Barret [Police] b 11.5.1828 bp 10.6.1828

Soil Ann Anna, daughter of Benjamin & Ann Anna Soil [17th Lancers] b 8.6.1828 bp 29.6.1828

Godbey Jane, daughter of Robert & Catherin Godbey b 11.5.1828 bp 17.7.1828

Reiley Elias, son of William & Anne Reiley [Free School] b 3.7.1828 bp 17.7.1828

Kirkland John, son of James & Ellin Kirkland b 2.5.1828 bp 24.7.1828

Ricks Sophia, daughter of Dridorick & Callotte Ricks [17th Lancers] b 12.7.1828 bp 27.7.1828

Clerk Mary Anne, daughter of James & Elizabeth Clerk [Turnkey] 31.8.1828

Kidd Serragh, daughter of John & Fanny Kidd [Charter School] 28.9.1828

Constable Anne Eliza, daughter of John & Rebecca Constable [17th Lncrs] b 24.9.1828 bp 12.10.1828

Cooper Charles Shaw, son of Edward B & Elizabeth Cooper b 22.8.1828 bp 17.10.1828

Murphy Elizabeth, daughter of Robert & Jane Murphy b 19.10.1828 bp 2.11.1828

Tyrell Thomas, son of George & Fanny Tyrell b 1.11.1828 bp 9.11.1828

Gray Anne, daughter of Richard & Anne Gray 3.4.1827

Hays James, son of Henry & Mary Hays [17th Lancers] b 23.10.1828 bp 3.12.1828

[no surname] Mary Anne, b 2.12.1828 bp 9.12.1828

Patterson George, son of George Eyer Junr & Jane Patterson 21.12.1828

Fawsett John, son of Joseph & Margret Fawsett 23.12.1828


Hinds Joseph, son of Roger & Mary Hinds b 2.12.1828 bp 11.1.1829

Reid William, son of Thomas & Catherin Reid 1.2.1829

Hill Eliza, daughter of James & Mary Hill b & bp 1.2.1829

Harris Eliza, daughter of John & Eliza Harris b 5.1.1829 bp 20.1.1829

Blagriff Edward, son of John & Bridget Blagriff [17th Lancers] b 5.1.1829 bp 10.2.1829

Ward James, son of Frank & Margret Ward b 8.2.1829 bp 12.2.1829

Fitzpatrick James Kinidy, son of John & Jane Fitzpatrick b 8.2.1829 bp 12.2.1829

Breaky James, son of William & Anne Breaky b 24.12.1828 bp 15.2.1829

Hartt Mary Anna, daughter of John & Sarah Hartt [17th Lancers] b 3.2.1829 bp 27.2.1829

Brandt George Frederick, son of Charles & Sophia Brandt [17th Lancers] b 12.2.1829 bp 6.3.1829

Dransfield Rebecca, daughter of William & Eliza Dransfield [Regt of Foot] b 24.12.1827 bp 8.3.1829

Smith James Brabason, son of Headon & Hanna Smith b 8.2.1829 bp 20.2.1829

Lewis Mary Anne, daughter of Stephen & Eliza Lewis [17th Lancers] b 4.3.1829 bp 18.3.1829

Mouritz Mary Anne, daughter of Robert & Isabella Mouritz b 5.4.1829 bp 23.4.1829

Coghill Thomas, son of Robert & Anne Coghill b 21.4.1829 bp 26.4.1829

McNeill William, son of Capt F & Margret McNeill 10.5.1829

Marks Charlotte, daughter of Robert & Mary Marks [Revenue] b 9.4.1829 bp 31.5.1829

Kinedy James, son of James & Margret Kinedy b 15.4.1829 bp 2.6.1829

McCoy John, son of John & Eliza McCoy b 4.5.1829 bp 4.6.1829

Armstrong John, son of John & Mary Armstrong [6th Enniskillens] b 21.6.1829 bp 28.6.1829

Reiley Edward John, son of Robert & Frances Anne Reiley b 26.4.1829 bp 2.7.1829

Atkinson Jemima, daughter of John & Mary Atkinson [6th or Enniskillens] b 1.7.1829 bp 20.7.1829

Ferguson John, son of Matthew & Jane Ferguson b 21.7.1829 bp 22.7.1829

Middleton Margret, daughter of William & Margret Middleton [Revenue] 4.8.1829

Crawford Sarah, daughter of John & Frances Crawford born 6.5.1829

Roarke Mary, daughter of John & Anne Roarke b 6.8.1829 bp 16.8.1829

Norris William, son of John & Mary Norris [6th or Enniskillings] 19.9.1829

Gray William, son of Benjamin & Martha Gray b 7.10.1829 bp 14.10.1829

McDermot William H J, son of William & Chial McDermot 18.10.1829

Monsel Robert, son of Robert & Maria Monsel b 24.9.1829 bp 20.10.1829

Wright Elizabeth, daughter of William & Margret Wright b 5.10.1829 bp 2.11.1829

Kidd Frances, daughter of John & Fanny Kidd [Charter School] 14.11.1829

Cartwell James, son of George & Ann Cartwell b 11.11.1829 bp 15.11.1829

Hill Fanny, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hill 22.11.1829

Clerk Jane, daughter of John & Elizabeth Clerk 22.11.1829

Goodin Caroline Goodin, daughter of a poor Traveling Woman 29.11.1829

Cooke Ellin, daughter of Srgt Major & Margret Cooke [6th Enniskillings] b 13.9.1829 bp 7.12.1829

Sheldon John, son of John & Lettice Sheldon [6th Enniskillings] b 3.12.1829 bp 25.12.1829

Williams Hariot Ann, daughter of Capt & Mary Ann Williams b 9.2.1829 bp 30.12.1829

Petty Anne, daughter of Henry & Anne Petty 31.12.1829

Stubbs William Francis, son of the Revd J H & Margret Stubbs [Curate] b 18.9.1828 bp 18.9.1829


Stewart Julia Eliza, daughter of John & Mary Ann Stewart 15.1.1830

Spotswood Ann, daughter of John & Ann Spotswood b 8.1.1830 bp 11.1.1830

Parker Margret, daughter of Joseph & Ellin Parker [Shoemaker] b 27.1.1830 bp 31.1.1830

Birch Joseph, son of Thomas & Bridget Birch 31.1.1830

Purcell Grace, daughter of Edward & Francis Purcell [Capt] b 6.12.1829 bp 20.1.1830

Hillan Catherin, daughter of William & Sally Hillan [Shoemaker] 19.1.1830

Thornbury Anne, daughter of John & Margret Thornbury 11.2.1830

Nicol Robert, son of Robert & Mary Nicol [6th Enniskillings] b 16.2.1830 bp 28.2.1830

Stubbs Isabella, daughter of the Revd J H & Margret Stubbs [Curate] 2.3.1830

Greene Francis Mitchel, daughter of Philip O’Dwyer & Bridget Greene b 28.2.1830 bp 9.3.1830

Jenkins Edward Wadding, son of Edward & Mary Jenkins [Capt Police] 26.3.1830

Johnston Rosanna, daughter of Gerratt & Mary Johnston b 3.4.1830 bp 4.4.1830

Fitzpatrick David, son of John & Jane Fitzpatrick b 22.4.1830 bp 23.4.1830

Howe Sarah, daughter of Francis & Anne Howe [Enniskillings] b 6.3.1830 bp 27.4.1830

White Henry, son of James & Mary White [6th Enniskillings] 3.5.1830

Adair Mary Anne, daughter of Patt & Mary Adair b 2.5.1830 bp 16.5.1830

Gray Jane, daughter of James & Bridget Gray 16.5.1830

Coulter Thomas, son of Samuel & Jane Coulter 19.5.1830

Cooper Thomas, son of Edward B & Elizabeth Cooper b 15.5.1830 bp 16.6.1830

Boate Margret Mary Paton, daughter of George & Charlotte Boate b 25.3.1830 bp 8.6.1830

Furnace Eliza Jane, daughter of William & Harriot Furnace b 19.6.1830 bp 14.7.1830

Foster Joseph, son of Charles & Elizabeth Foster [Slater] b 21.7.1830 bp 23.7.1830

Waterson George Harvey, son of John & Sarah Waterson b 19.6.1830 bp 23.7.1830

Godbey Jane Harriot, daughter of William & Charlotte Godbey b 1.7.1830 bp 26.7.1830

Gray Daniel, son of Daniel & Mary Gray b & bp 15.8.1830

Stevenson Charles, son of Capt & Mary Stevenson b 4.5.1830 bp 22.8.1830

McClurey Robert, son of [blanks] McClurey 28.9.1830

Maule James, son of John & Mary Maule [7th Hussars] b 20.9.1830 bp 3.10.1830

Smith Mary Jane, daughter of Headon & Hanna Smith b 10.10.1830 bp 24.10.1830

Williams Robert Edward, son of Robert & Mary Ann Williams [Officer on Half pay] 4.11.1830

Briggs William, son of James & Catherin Briggs [7th Hussars] b 15.10.1830 bp 6.11.1830

Baily William Frederick, son of John Gustavis & Felicite Baily [7th Hussars] b 20.10.1830 bp 6.11.1830

Hamilton Robert, son of Robert & Elizabeth Hamilton [7th Hussars] b 2.11.1830 bp 14.11.1830

Roberts Harriott, daughter of William & Searia Roberts [7th Hussars] b 25.10.1830 bp 21.11.1830

Gorman Charles Edward, son of Patt & Sarah Gorman [7th Hussars] b 25.11.1830 bp 29.11.1830

Beadle Thomas, son of Thomas & Fanny Beadle [7th Hussars] b 22.11.1830 bp 5.12.1830

Brunt Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas & Christian Brunt [7th Hussars] b 26.11.1830 bp 12.12.1830

Wheeler Richard, son of Richard & Sophia Wheeler [7th Hussars] 19.12.1830


Kinedy Margret, daughter of James & Margret Kinedy [7th Hussars] 12.1.1831

Headsley Anne, daughter of Moses & Mary Headsley b 26.1.1831 bp 30.1.1831

Burton William, son of William & Catherin Burton [7th Hussars] b 1.2.1831 bp 6.1.1831

Davis William, son of John & Mary Davis [7th Hussars] b 21.1.1831 bp 6.2.1831

Bristard Frederick Joseph, son of William & Mary Bristard [7th Hussars] b 1.2.1831 bp 13.2.1831

Sturt James, son of Thomas & Anne Sturt [7th Hussars] b 11.2.1831 bp 2.3.1831

Howell James, son of George & Mary Anne Howell [Excise Officer] 6.3.1831

Boyle Anne, daughter of James & Mary Boyle 18.4.1831

Covey William, son of William & Rose Ann Covey b 11.4.1831 bp 27.4.1831

Maxwell John, son of David & Mary Maxwell 27.4.1831

Reiley [no name given], of William & Ann Reiley [Free School] b 5.4.1831 bp 28.4.1831

[no surname] Caroline, 1.5.1831

Roarke Anne Jean, daughter of John & Nancy Roarke b 23.5.1831 bp 29.5.1831

Barrett Jane, daughter of John & Jane Barrett [Police] b 1.5.1831 bp 3.6.1831

Stubbs Edward James Charles, son of Revd J Hamilton & Margret Stubbs [Curate] b 16.5.1831 bp 28.7.1831

Woods Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Woods b 21.7.1831 bp 31.7.1831

Gray Benjamin, son of Benjamin & Matty Gray b 27.7.1831 bp 12.8.1831

Crawford Maria, daughter of John & Frances Crawford born 23.5.1831

Molony Mary, daughter of the Revd Arthur & Nessy Molony [Curate] b 7.7.1831 bp 22.8.1831

Hill Jane, daughter of William & Will Hill 14.9.1831

Ross William, son of John & Margret Ross 9.10.1831

McCoy [no name given], of John & Eliza McCoy 3.11.1831

McNeale John, son of Jack & Mary McNeale 13.11.1831

A child [no details] baptised 18.11.1831

Wilkinson Mary Ann, daughter of George & Eliza Wilkinson [Excise] b 14.9.1831 bp 18.9.1831

Coghill Sarah, daughter of Robert & Anna Coghill b 27.11.1831 bp 29.11.1831

Hill Edward, son of James & Ann Hill 27.11.1831


Louth Edward, son of Patrick & Anna Louth 1.1.1832

Constant Augusta Mary Anne, daughter of John & Mary Ann Constant [5th DVS] b 1.5.1828 bp 27.1.1832

Constant Henry John, son of John & Mary Ann Constant [5th DVS] b 22.11.1831 bp 27.1.1832

McCann Richie Noble, son of Hugh & Mary Anne McCann b 10.1.1832 bp 10.2.1832

Duggin Robert, son of James & Elizabeth Duggin b 16.2.1832 bp 26.2.1832

Warrell John, son of [blanks] Warrell, b 21.2.1832 bp 2.3.1832

Clerk Margret, daughter of James & Elizabeth Clerk 11.3.1832

Hanson Frederick, son of William & Susan Hanson [5th D] b 24.10 1831 bp 6.4.1832

Germain Martha, daughter of John & Mary Germain b 5.3.1832 bp 6.4.1832

McDowell Ellin, daughter of Robert & Ellin McDowell 12.4.1832

Pratt/Morin Maria Pratt, daughter of Edward Pratt & Maria Morin 19.4.1832

Flavelle John Henry, son of John & Jane Flavelle 30.5.1832

Fitzpatrick Sarah, daughter of John & Jane Fitzpatrick b 26.5.1832 bp 1.6.1832

Evans Abigail, daughter of William & Francis Evans [99th Regt] 4.6.1832

Cooper Charlotte, daughter of Edward B & Elizabeth Cooper b 25.3.1832 bp 8.6.1832

Purcell Edward Tobias Willoughby, son of Capt Edward & Fanny Purcell b 27.5.1832 bp 15.6.1832

Tipping Adelaide, daughter of Edward & Frances Tipping b 10.6.1832 bp 5.7.1832

Ward Robert, son of Nicholas & Mary Ward [4th Dragoons] b 2.7.1832 bp 8.7.1832

Leitham Ellin, daughter of James & Jean Leitham [4th Dragoons] b 6.7.1832 bp 22.7.1832

Barrett William, son of Richard & Ellin Barrett [4th Dragoons] b 24.10.1831 bp 22.7.1832

Gray James, son of James & Mary Gray b 15.8.1832 bp 19.8.1832

Mouritz John William, son of Robert & Isabella Mouritz b 8.5.1832 bp 3.8 1832

Join Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas & Catherin Join [4th Dragoons] b 15.8.1832 bp 2.9.1832

Middleton Amelia, daughter of William & Margret Middleton [Excise] b 27.7.1832 bp 9.9.1832

Hillin Mary, daughter of William & Sarah Hillin b 12.10.1832 bp 18.10.1832

Waiscoat Margret, daughter of James Waiscoat & Eliza [blank] b 14.10.1832 bp 16.10.1832

Coulter Samuel, son of Thomas & Jane Coulter b 27.10.1832 bp 28.10.1832

Janns Edward, son of John & Elizabeth Janns [4th Dragoons] b 19.10.1832 bp 11.11.1832

Foster Jane, daughter of Allin & Ann Foster [4th Dragoons] b 15.10.1832 bp 11.11.1832

Hill Susanna, daughter of John & Essy Hill 16.11.1832

Woods William, son of John & Ann Woods b 26.11.1832 bp 2.12.1832

Crowe John Stewart, son of Christopher & Margret Crowe b 5.12.1832 bp 21.12.1832

Hunt Jacob, son of John & Sarah Hunt [4th Dragoons] b 1.10.1832 bp 30.12.1832

Rogers Anna Maria, daughter of William Rogers [attorney] b 25.11.1832 bp 29.11.1832


Hill John James, son of James & Mary Hill b 5.1.1833 bp 6.1.1833

Blythe Jane, daughter of Charles & Jane Blythe b 3.1.1833 bp 9.1.1833

Serndin James Alexander Matralf, son of [blank] & Margret Serndin b 10.11.1832 bp 18.1.1833

Procter Robert, son of [blank] & Mary Anne Procter [4th Dragoons] 29.1.1833

Boyle Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Mary Boyle 6.2.1833

Gordin Samuel, son of William & Mary Gordin b 27.1.1833 bp 6.2.1833

Howe William, son of Joshua & Mary Howe [4th Dragoons] b 3.3.1833 bp 14.3.1833

Roarke James, son of John & Nancy Roarke 17.3.1833

Sessny Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham & Anne Sessny [4th Dragoons] 19.3.1833

Mooney Edward, son of Richard & Ellin Mooney 24.3.1833

McClurey Margret, daughter of Hugh & Mary McClurey 24.3.1833

Hull Charles, son of William & Lucy Hull [4th Dragoons] b 5.3.1833 bp 6.4.1833

Straton John Warde, son of John & Isabella Straton b 31.7.1832 publickly baptised 30.4.1833

Wright William, son of William & Anne Wright 19.4.1833

Purcell Leticia Frances, daughter of Tobias & Leticia Purcell b 1.4.1833 bp 30.4.1833

Thompson John, son of Thomas & Anne Thompson [Police] b 30.4.1833 bp 5.5.1833

Harley Charles Henry William, son of George & Elizabeth Harley [6th Carabineers] b 23.4.1833 bp 12.5.1833

Tagg Sarah, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Tagg [6th Carabineers] b 25.5.1833 bp 9.6.1833

Wilkinson John, son of George & Eliza Wilkinson [Excise] 22.6.1833

Brunker Sarah Frances, daughter of Edward George & Frances Brunker b 29.6.1833 bp 17.7.1833

McClintock Emaly Anna Foster, daughter of Henry & Bessy McClintock 4.8.1833

Boyle James John Moore, son of Maxwell James & Lydia Anne Boyle Tullyvin County of Cavan b 28.7.1833 bp 9.8.1833

Flavelle Anna Maria, daughter of John & Sarah Flavelle b 5.8.1833 bp 5.9.1833

Cowin Charles James, son of William & Jannet Cowin b 1.9.1833 bp 15.9.1833

Edmonson Mary, daughter of Joseph & Mary Edmonson 22.9.1833

Reid Mary Anne, daughter of Ross & Eliza Reid [Police] b 4.8.1833 bp 13.9.1833

Gray Jane, daughter of Benjamin & Martha Gray b 17.9.1833 bp 4.10.1833

Tipping Elizabeth Melesina, daughter of Francis & Louisa Tipping 20.10.1833

Allin George, son of George & Anne Allin [6th Dragoons] b 6.11.1833 bp 17.11.1833

Scott John, son of George & Jane Scott [Police] b 17.11.1833 bp 26.11.1833

Langland Frances, daughter of John & Frances Langland, born 19.10.1833


Stewart Richard, son of Richard & Lilias Stewart [6th Dragoons] b 14.12.1833 bp 3.1.1834

Stubbs William Henry, son of Revd J H & Margret Stubbs [Curate] b 3.1.1834 bp 18.1.1834

Handfield Phillips, son of Edward & Louisa Sarah Handfield [Capt Watter Guards] b 3.12.1833 bp 26.2.1834

Gloag Frances Anne, daughter of John W & Sarah Anne Gloag [V S 10th Husrs] b 7.3.1834 bp 7.4.1834

Greene Sarah Anne, daughter of James & Elizabeth Greene [10th Hussars] b 1.4.1834 bp 21.4.1834

Howard James, son of William & Marie Howard [10th Hussars] b 2.5.1834 bp 3.5.1834

Ryans Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Anne Ryans [10th Hussars] b 1.5.1834 bp 3.5.1834

Toale James, son of John & May Toale b 7.6.1834 bp 8.6.1834

Choburn Francis, daughter of Francis & Eliza Choburn 8.6.1834

Cayton John, son of John & Mary Cayton b 21.5.1834 bp 22.6.1834

Duggin Margret, daughter of James & Eliza Duggin b 23.6.1834 bp 25.6.1834

Ards Mary Anne, daughter of George & Anne Ards b 1.8.1834 bp 18.8.1834

Brown Mary Anne, daughter of Hugh & Sarah Brown [10th Hussars] b 8.8.1834 bp 22.8.1834

Foster Eliza, daughter of Thomas & Anne Foster [Corporal 10th Hussars] b 3.2.1832 bp 22.8.1834

Foster John, son of Thomas & Anne Foster [Corporal 10th Hussars] b 27.7.1834 bp 22.8.1834

Molony Elizabeth, daughter of Revd Arthur & Nessy Molony b 24.6.1834 bp 20.8.1834

Lee Emanuel Robert, son of Robert & Mary Anna Lee [10th Hussars] b 25.8.1834 bp 15.9.1834

Wood Charles, son of Thomas & Mary Wood b 20.9.1834 bp 21.9.1834

Boyle Robert, son of Thomas & Mary Boyle b 20.8.1834 bp 9.10.1834

Johnston Margret, daughter of William & Margret Johnston [Police] b 21.7.1834 bp 25.8.1834

Fitzpatrick John, son of John & Jane Fitzpatrick 27.10.1834

Clerk James, son of James & Elizabeth Clerk 26.10.1834

Townley Dawson, son of John & Charlotte Townley 24.10.1834

Kirkland Jervis Fitzpatrick, son of James & Ellin Kirkland b 2.8.1834 bp 5.11.1834

Rogers William Robert, son of William Robert Rogers [Attorney] b & bp 20.10.1834

Johnston Mary Jane, daughter of Gerald & Mary Johnston b 5.11.1834 bp 14.11.1834

Blythe Sarah, daughter of Charles & Jane Blythe b 16.11.1834 bp 2.12.1834

Crowe Margaretta Tennent, daughter of Christopher & Margaretta Crowe b 20.9.1834 bp 9.12.1834

Woods George, son of John & Alice Woods b 5.12.1834 bp 15.12.1834

Giles Anne Harriet, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Giles b 6.11.1834 bp 15.12.1834

Gore George, son of John & Catherine Gore [10th Hussars] b 17.11.1834 bp 16.12.1834

McComb Martha, daughter of Alexander & [blank] McComb b 28.9.1834 bp 11.11.1834


Williams Mary, daughter of Edward & Sarah Williams [10th Hussars] b 9.11.1834 bp 1.1.1835

McKenny Mary Anne, daughter of Patrick & Isabella McKenny b4.1.1835 bp 16.1.1835

Ransom Margaret, daughter of Alexander & Margaret Ransom b 28.9.1834 bp 23.1.1835

Carr Thomas, son of John & Margaret Carr b 24.12.1834 bp 30.1.1835

Purcel Malcolm Brown, son of Edward & Frances Purcel b 19.1.1835 bp 3.2.1835

McCulloch John, son of Francis & Mary McCulloch b 26.2.1835 bp 20.3.1835

Harrison William, son of Edward & Jane Harrison b 1.3.1835 bp 27.3.1835

Luckie James, son of James & Elizabeth Luckie [10th Hussars] b 28.8.1833 bp 28.3.1835

Reid Samuel, son of Ross & Eliza Reid b 1.4.1835 bp 3.4.1835

Edmondson Charles, son of Joseph & Anne Edmondson b 6.1.1835 bp 16.4.1835

Dinsmore Anna Maria, daughter of Richardson & Jane Dinsmore b 6.3.1835 bp 24.4.1835

Gilmer Frederick James, son of Archibald & Sarah Gilmer b 10.4.1835 bp 12.5.1835

Hill Edward, son of James & Mary Hill b 25.5.1835 bp 31.5.1835

Murphy Thomas Henry, son of George & Maria Murphy b 29.5.1835 bp 5.6.1835

Clinton Letitia Florence, daughter of Samuel & Jane Clinton b 15.5.1835 bp 7.6.1835

Sexton Eliza, daughter of John & Elizabeth Sexton [14th L Dragoons] b 2.6.1835 bp 19.6.1835

Reilly George, son of William & Anne Reilly b 22.6.1835 bp 5.8.1835

Parks Joseph Tipping, son of James & Anne Parks b 15.2.1835 bp 4.8.1835

Wheeler James, son of Joseph & Mary Wheeler b 30.7.1835 bp 9.9.1835

Barnham Edward Haughton, son of Edward George & Frances Barnham b 16.8.1835 bp 9.9.1835

Dawson Walter Thomas Francis, son of Walter James & Anna Maria Dawson b 26.6.1835 bp 8.10.1835

Hill Emily, daughter of John & Esther Hill b 14.9.1835 bp 6.10.1835

Whittendale Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of James & Sarah Whittendale [14th Lt Dragoons] b 27.9.1835 bp 23.10.1835

Hamilton Sarah Willemina B B, daughter of Ackland & Beatrice Hamilton b 23.10.1835 bp 17.11.1835

Hughes Jane, daughter of Thomas & Maria Hughes b 13.11.1835 bp 27.11.1835

White Augusta, daughter of Edward & Sarah Charlotte White [14th Lt Dgns] b 6.11.1835 bp 7.12.1835

Wright Hariot, daughter of William & Anne Wright b 7.11.1835 bp 9.12.1835

Jackson Margaret, daughter of George & Biddy Jackson b 9.12.1835 bp 13.12.1835

Armstrong Agnes Susan, daughter of Robert & Anne Armstrong 17.11.1835 bp 17.12.1835

Kennedy Susan, daughter of James & Margaret Kennedy b 9.11.1835 bp 18.12.1835


Shergold Anne, daughter of David & Rose Shergold [14th Lt Dragoons] b 17.12.1835 bp 1.1.1836

Godbey Hannah, daughter of Robert & Hannah Godbey b 12.12.1835 bp 2.1.1836

Hillan Jane, daughter of William & Sarah Hillan b 12.12.1835 bp 8.1.1836

Bowman Henry, son of Stephen & Eliza Bowman [14th Lt Dragoons] b 24.1.1836 bp 10.2.1836

Straton James Murray, son of John Ward & Isabella Straton b 11.11.1835 bp 4.3.1836

Philips John Henry, son of John & Jane Philips [14th Lt Dragoons] b 11.2.1836 bp 25.2.1836

Russell Nicholas Dawson, son of William Henry & Frances Russell b 17.1.1836 bp 5.3.1836

Skelton Anne, daughter of George & Anne Skelton [14th Lt Dragoons] b 3.3.1836 bp 17.3.1836

Williams Rachel Susan Josephine, daughter of H & Rachel Wilhelmina Williams b 1.3.1836 bp 6.4.1836

Haig Edwin Fell, son of Robert & Magdeline Haig b 6.12.1835 bp 7.4.1836

Purcel Malcolm Browne, son of Edward & Frances Purcel b 18.3.1836 bp 19.4.1836

Babington Samuel, son of James & Mary Babington b 15.4.1836 bp 20.4.1836

Hill Emma, daughter of Thomas & Anne Hill b 6.4.1836 bp 22.4.1836

Boyle Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Mary Boyle b 16.2.1836 bp 22.4.1836

Scott Alexander Thomas, son of George & Jane Scott b 21.12.1835 bp 3.5.1836

Scott George, son of George & Jane Scott b 21.12.1835 bp 3.5.1836

Fea Joseph, son of Samuel & Jane Fea b 30.4.1836 bp 4.5.1836

Taylor James, son of John & Mary Taylor [Scots Greys] b 14.5.1836 bp 31.5.1836

Dugan Mary Jane, daughter of James & Elizabeth Dugan b 18.6.1836 bp 25.6.1836

Passensbaich? George Thomas, son of Henry & Sarah P…h [R Scots Greys] b 4.6.1836 bp 27.6.1836

Thompson John Daniel, son of James & Mary Thompson [R Scots Greys] b 16.6.1836 bp 4.7.1836

Blythe Eliza, daughter of Charles & Jane Blythe b 5.7.1836 bp 7.7.1836

Meagher Frances, daughter of Edward & Frances Meagher b 3.7.1836 bp 18.7.1836

McBean John, son of Donald & Agnes McBean [Scots Greys] b 6.7.1836 bp 25.5.1836

Parker Jane, daughter of Alexander & Mary Parker b 14.7.1836 bp 2.8.1836

Tynan Marianne, daughter of John & Jane Tynan b 29.7.1836 bp 14.8.1836

Mariontes Anne Elizabeth, daughter of William & Anne Mariontes b 10.7.1836 bp 20.8.1836

Laggatt Elizabeth, daughter of William & Elizabeth Laggatt b 15.6.1836 bp 20.8.1836

Crowe Christopher, son of Christopher & Margaret Crowe b 7.7.1836 bp 23.8.1836

Mitchell Elizabeth, daughter of Robert & Janett Mitchell [Scots Greys] b 7.8.1836 bp 2.9.1836

Roarke John, son of John & Anne Roarke b 21.8.1836 bp 2.9.1836

Davidson Anne Eliza, daughter of Charles & Annabella Davidson b 21.8.1836 bp 2.9.1836

Reid Sarah Buchan, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Reid b 24.8.1836 bp 7.9.1836

Woods John, son of David & Margaret Woods [Scots Greys] b 5.9.1836 bp 30.9.1836

Findlay William, son of John & Anna Findlay [Scots Greys] b 20.9.1836 bp 10.10.1836

Robertson Sarah Anne, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Robertson [Scots Greys] b 15.10.1836 bp 21.11.1836

Reid Margaret, daughter of Ross & Eliza Reid b 16.11.1836 bp 7.12.1836

Tipping Rhoda, daughter of James & Elizabeth Tipping b 20.9.1836 bp 8.12.1836

Jenkins Mary, daughter of Edward & Mary Jenkins b 23.8.1831 bp 6.12.1836

Jenkins Elizabeth Marianne, daughter of Edward & Mary Jenkins b 11.11.1833 bp 6.12.1836

Jenkins Arthur Cormac Newburgh, son of Edward & Mary Jenkins b 4.5 1836 bp 6.12.1836

Molony Anne, daughter of Revd Arthur & Agnes Molony b 9.9.1836 bp 29.12.1836


Rainey Mary Anne, daughter of George & Mary Anne Rainey [Scots Greys] b 7.12.1836 bp 2.1.1837

Woods George, son of Thomas & Mary Woods b 2.1.1837 bp8.1.1837

Livingston Alexander, son of William & Elizabeth Livingston [Scots Greys] b 4.12.1836 bp 9.1.1837

McCoy Robert William, son of John & Elizabeth McCoy b 10.1.1837 bp 23.1.1837

Murray John, son of William & Hannah Murray b 8.1.1837 bp 23.1.1837

Baynes John Buncler, son of William & Susan Baynes [R S Greys] b 17.1.1837 bp 30.1.1837

Gibson Elizabeth, daughter of William & Mary Anne Gibson b 15.12.1836 bp 25.2.1837

Gillis Charles Marchant, son of John & Phoebe Gillis [2nd Dragoons] b 18.2.1837 bp 9.3.1837

Thompson Isabella, daughter of Tobias & Jane Thompson [R Scots Greys] b 4.3.1837 bp 20.3.1837

Coulter Mary Anne, daughter of Samuel & Agnes Coulter b 15.2.1837 bp 27.3.1837

Keith Elizabeth, daughter of John & Esther Keith [R Scots Greys] b 6.2.1837 bp 17.4.1837

Forsyth Anne, daughter of John & Anne Forsyth b 8.4.1837 bp 21.4.1837

Woods John, son of Thomas & Margaret Woods b 28.4.1837 bp 3.5.1837

Crawford Anna Eliza, daughter of John & [blank] Crawford [R S Greys] b 25.4.1837 bp 8.5.1837

Frazer Anne, daughter of Richard & Grace Frazer b 6.5.1837 bp 10.5.1837

Johnston Gerard, son of Gerard & Mary Johnston b 17.5.1837 bp 23.5.1837

Bryans James, son of James & Mary Bryans b 16.5.1837 bp 28.5.1837

Mabbs James, son of Ralph & Rose Mabbs [R Sc Gys] b 9.7.1837 bp 21.7.1837

Gilmer Frances Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald & Sarah Gilmer b 28.7.1837 bp 14.8.1837

Straton Howard, son of John & Isabella Straton b 6.8.1837 bp 13.9.1837

McKein Thomas, son of Philip & Anne McKein b 15.7.1837 bp 15.9.1837

Haslam Richard, son of Peter & Isabella Haslam b 2.9.1837 bp 20.9.1837

Schonsma Lilian Lydia, daughter of Joshua Smith & Sophia Jane Schonsma [1st Dragoon Gds] b 27.8.1837 bp 25.9.1837

Brunker Frances Anne, daughter of Edward George & Frances Brunker b 9.9.1837 bp 11.10.1837

Kerr Fanny, daughter of John & Mary Anne Kerr b 12.9.1837 bp 27.10.1837

Hill Susan, daughter of James & Mary Hill b 3.12.1837 bp 10.12.1837

Parker William, son of Alexander & Mary Parker b 10.11.1837 bp 19.12.1837

Elgee Esther, daughter of John & Elizabeth Elgee b 28.11.1837 bp 21.12.1837


Tipping Sarah, daughter of James & Elizabeth Tipping b 29.5.1831 bp 4.1.1838

Tipping Edmond, son of James & Elizabeth Tipping b 30.10.1834 bp 4.1.1838

Tipping Fanny, daughter of James & Elizabeth Tipping b 21.10.1837 bp 4.1.1838

Arthur James, son of James & Eliza Arthur b 18.12.1837 bp 5.1.1838

Davidson John William, son of Annabella & Charles Davidson b 14.12.1837 bp 12.1.1838

Eastwood Anna Maria, daughter of John & Frances Eastwood b 3.2.1838 bp 10.2.1838

Anderson Esther, daughter of John & Mary Anne Anderson b 6.2.1838 bp 21.2.1838

Cook John, son of Charles & Mary Cook [1st Dr Gds] b 31.1.1838 bp 21.2.1838

Fairfax Joseph, son of Joseph & Sarah Fairfax [1st Dr Gds] b 26.2.1838 bp 9.3.1838

Norton William, son of Isaac & Anne Norton [1st Dr Gds] b 3.2.1838 bp 9.3.1838

Tynan Jane, daughter of John & Jane Tynan b 22.2.1838 bp 13.4.1838

Wildmay John Robert, son of Thomas & Mary Wildmay b 2.4.1838 bp 16.4.1838

Woods James, son of Martin & Bridget Woods b 16.4.1838 bp 23.4.1838

Blythe Jane, daughter of Charles & Jane Blythe b 15.4.1838 bp 4.5.1838

Hanson Elizabeth, daughter of Edward & Jane Hanson b 15.5.1838 bp 22.6.1838

Purcel George Joseph Gilligan, son of Capt Edward & Frances Purcel b 24.6.1838 bp 13.7.1838

Macartin John, son of Peter & Mary Macartin b 28.8.1838 bp 6.9.1838

Woods Eliza Jane, daughter of William & Eliza Woods b 20.8.1838 bp 7.9.1838

Pearson Susanna Elizabeth, daughter of James & Susanna Pearson b 19.8.1838 bp 27.9.1838

Stoops Jane, daughter of James & Mary Stoops b 19.9.1838 bp 28.9.1838

Crawford John Adelaide, son of William & Jane Crawford [67th Regt] b 22.9.1838 bp 5.10.1838

Godbey Martha, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Godbey b 18.9.1838 bp 19.10.1838

Klassman Doretta Anna, daughter of Haniest & Georgiana Klassman [8th Hussars] b 22.9.1838 bp 22.10.1838

O’Callaghan Florence, daughter of James & Mary Anne O’Callaghan b 28.10.1838 bp 7.11.1838

Hardy Thomas, son of Thomas & Anna Hardy [8th Hussars] b 11.10.1838 bp 12.11.1838

Rogers Frederick James, son of William Robert Rogers, b 5.10.1838 bp 10.10.1838

Murray Robert, son of Richard & Sarah Murray b 23.10.1838 bp 20.11.1838

Turner Gertrude, daughter of Samuel & Eleanor Turner b 8.10.1838 bp 22.12.1838

Thom George Edward, son of William & Maria Thom [8th Hussars] b 25.11.1838 bp 24.12.1838


Boyle Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Boyle b 21.12.1838 bp 1.1.1839

Aitken Sarah Lewes, daughter of James & Eliza Aitken b 1.12.1838 bp 6.2.1839

Armstrong Eleanor, daughter of John & Mary Armstrong b 15.2.1839 bp 23.2.1839

Lauder Rebecca Ann, daughter of John & Jane Lauder [8th Hussars] b 13.2.1839 bp 25.3.1839

Reid Edward, son of Ross & Eliza Reid b 28.2.1839 bp 28.3.1839

McCormick Margaret, daughter of William & Mary Anne McCormick b 19.4.1839 bp 29.4.1839

King Sarah Jane, daughter of William & Rebecca King b 1.5.1839 bp 31.5.1839

Davidson Anna Bella, daughter of Charles & Annabella Davidson b 25.5.1839 bp 21.6.1839

Reid Rebecca, daughter of George & Mary Reid b 3.6.1839 bp 27.6.1839

Harte Charles Frederick Washington, son of John & Mary Harte b 5.6.1839 bp 3.7.1839

Edmondson Anne, daughter of Joseph & Anne Edmondson b 6.7.1839 bp 17.7.1839

Bagnall Isabella, daughter of James & Abby Bagnall b 17.7.1839 bp 21.7.1839

Patter Elizabeth, daughter of John & Sarah Patter b 13.6.1839 bp 25.7.1839

Reilly John Edward, son of William & Anne Reilly b 23.4.1839 bp 26.7.1839

Lloyd Catherin, daughter of Edward & Frances Lloyd b 23.5.1839 bp 26.7.1839

Johnston Roseanne, daughter of Gerard & Mary Johnston b 13.8.1839 bp 18.8.1839

Crawford Maria Hannah, daughter of John & Frances Crawford b 23.5.1839 bp 21.8.1839

Harrison Anne, daughter of Edward & Jane Harrison b 23.7.1839 bp 28.8.1839

Gilmer Archibold, son of Archibold & Sarah Gilmer b 22.8.1839 bp 5.10.1839

Smith John, son of John & Elizabeth Smith b 3.6.1839 bp 15.10.1839

Woods William, son of George & Sarah Woods b 6.11.1839 bp 14.11.1839

Blythe Mary, daughter of Charles & Jane Blythe b 15.11.1839 bp 11.12.1839

McCoy William, son of John & Eliza McCoy b 16.12.1839 bp 28.12.1839


Woods John, son of John & Anne woods b 19.12.1839 bp 3.1.1840

Morton John James, son of James & Catherine Morton b 22.1.1840 bp 3.2.1840

Fenton Jane, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Fenton b 12.2.1840 bp 15.2.1840

Turner Amelia, daughter of Samuel & Eleanor Turner b 2.12.1839 bp 5.3.1840

Fitzpatrick Jane, daughter of John & Jane Fitzpatrick b 30.1.1840 bp 25.3.1840

Maxwell Sarah, daughter of Richard & Anna Maxwell b 23.3.1840 bp 3.4.1840

Parker Alexander, son of Alexander & Mary Parker b 27.3.1840 bp 12.4.1840

McAllister John, son of Charles & Anne McAllister b 27.8.1839 bp 14.4.1840

Hill Henry, son of John & Hester Hill b 10.3.1840 bp 15.4.1840

Leggett William, son of William & Elizabeth Leggett b 4.3.1840 bp 18.4.1840

Spence David, son of William & Eleanor Spence b 7.4.1840 bp 5.5.1840

Woods Anne, daughter of William & Eliza woods b 16.5.1840 bp 18.5.1840

Tynan Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of John & Jane Tynan b 23.4.1840 bp 20.5.1840

Kennady Elizabeth, daughter of James & Margaret Kennady b 13.5.1840 bp 5.6.1840

Pattison Margaret, daughter of William & Mary Pattison b 10.6.1840 bp 17.6.1840

Halliday Catherine, daughter of William & Anne Halliday b 19.6.1840 bp 1.7.1840

Baylis Anna, daughter of William & Mary Baylis 4.7.1840

Crilly Mary Anne, daughter of John & Jane Crilly b 17.7.1840 bp 22.7.1840

Straton Magdaline, daughter of John & Isabella Straton b 13.5.1840 bp 1.8.1840

Maxwell Joseph, son of Peter & Mary Maxwell b 1.8.1840 bp 19.8.1840

Haig Arthur Balfour, son of Robert & Magdeline Haig b 10.7.1840 bp 21.8.1840

Davidson Charles, son of Charles & Annabella Davidson b 5.8.1840 bp 26.8.1840

Stephens Agnes, daughter of Samuel & Susan Stephens b 27.11.1838 bp 31.8.1840

Stephens Thomas, son of Samuel & Susan Stephens b 28.8.1840 bp 31.8.1840

Geoghegan Anne Margaret, daughter of Edward & Hannah Elizabeth Geoghegan b 2.8.1840 bp 16.9.1840

Stoup Anne, daughter of James & Mary Stoup b 18.9.1840 bp 28.9.1840

Hale Susannah Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Hale b 17.9.1840 bp 2.10.1840

Robson John Lambert, son of William & Catherin Robson b 18.8.1840 bp 14.10.1840

Nesbitt Allan James, son of Allan & Frances Catherine Nesbitt b 24.6.1840 bp 17.10.1840

Edmondson Joseph Henry, son of Joseph & Anne Edmondson b 6.10.1840 bp 18.11.1840

Macneill Flora Jane, daughter of James Neal & Isabella Louisa Macneill b 18.10.1840 bp 24.11.1840

Woods Sarah, daughter of George & Sarah Woods b 5.12.1840 bp 9.12.1840

Dinsmore John Henry Richardson, son of Richardson & Jean Dinsmore b 27.9.1840 bp 11.12.1840


Louden Joseph, son of John & Mary Louden b 28.12.1840 bp 1.1.1841

Twybill William, son of George & Anne Twybill b 29.10.1828 received 22.1.1841

King Mary Ann, daughter of William & Rebecca King b 24.10.1840 bp 22.1.1841

McParlin John, son of Patrick & Fanny McParlin b 18 1.1841 bp 24.1.1841

Gray Louisa, daughter of James & Mary Anne Gray b 29.12.1840 bp 8.2.1841

McCormick John, son of William & Marianne McCormick b 14.3.1841 bp 17.3.1841

Browne George, son of George & Mary Browne b 8.3.1841 bp 17.3.1841

Hanway Sarah Jane, daughter of David & Jane Hanway b & bp 5.4.1841

Purcell Elizabeth Frances, daughter of Edward & Frances Purcell b 25.3.1841 bp 16.4.1841

Hobbs John, son of David & Margaret Hobbs [of 1st Royals] b 16.4.1841 bp 21.4.1841

Godbey Henry Edward, son of Robert & Elizabeth Godbey b 25.4.1841, privately bp 25.4.1841 received 10.6.1841

Magee Andrew, son of Robert & Mary Magee b 6.6.1841 bp 27.6.1841

Reilly Anne, daughter of William & Anne Reilly b 24.4.1841 bp 30.6.1841

Hardgraves John, son of Alexander & Mary Hardgraves b 20.6.1841 bp 21.7.1841

Coulter Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel & Anne Coulter b 18.7.1841 bp 31.7.1841

Woods John William, son of Thomas & Mary Anne Woods b 23.6.1841 bp 30.7.1841

I have transferred the Registry of Baptisms from this Book to the one which contains the proper form and which is labelled “Registry of Parish of Dundalk 1828” J H Allpress Octr 11th 1841

(After army service, John Hewson Allpress was curate of Louth from 1826/7 until 1840 when he became curate of Dundalk. He retired in 1854 and died on December 31st, 1856, aged 54. He was buried in St Nicholas’s Churchyard, as was his brother, Charles, who died in December 1874.)




Mouritz, John, to Bond, Mary licence 4.9.1803

McKittrick, John to Bell, Potter banns 25.9.1803

Dillon, Hugh, Corpl 67th Regt to Nugent, Margaret banns 30.9.1803

McAntee, Edward, 67th Regt to Ramsey, Anne banns 7.10.1803

Ross, David to Crinks, Catherine banns 28.10.1803

Welters, Henry, 2nd Dn Guards to Carrear, Mary banns 6.11.1803

Mason, William, 67th Regiment to McGuigan, Bridget banns 20.11.1803

Stewart, William to McCowen, Elizabeth banns 23.12.1803


Yates, James to Jacob, Mary Anne banns 10.1.1804

Williams, Richard, 67th Regt Sergeant to Deery [or Stalor], Sarah banns 15.1.1804

Huston, Thomas to Fullerton, Mary banns 10.5.1804

Darcy, John to Tyrrell, Catherine licence 19.5.1804

Davis, Thomas, 13th Reserve to Leonard, Hannah, 13th Reserve banns 23.5.1804

Stout, James, 13th Reserve to Gorman, Mary [widow] banns 24.5.1804

Evans, Thomas to Pearce, Christian banns 1.7.1804

Morgan, Hugh, 3rd Dragoons to Maxwell, Elinor banns 26.8.1804

Parker, John to Hammill, Margaret banns 21.9.1804

Baillie, Robert, Esqr to Twibill, Margaret licence 30.9.1804

Woodward, John, 3rd Guards [Sergt] to Keebel, Jane [widow] licence 31.10.1804

Whitehouse, Joseph, 3rd Dns Vety Surgn, to Foster, Sophia Anne, daughter of Lieut Foster [King’s Own] licence 4.11.1804

Lynes, William to Slater, Anne licence 28.11.1804

Hay, George, 17th Foot [Sergt] to Dudley, Mary licence 28.11.1804

Patterson, John, 8th Battn Reserve to O Neill, Elinor 16.12.1804


Rainy, William, Armagh to Balmer, Isabella, Dundalk licence 4.1.1805

Graham, Patrick to Hughes, Anne banns 26.2.1805

Loftus, Michael, 20th Dns Corpl to McDonnell, Bridget 24.3.1805

Kenny, Thomas [Cap..t] to Martin, Mary licence 12.5.1805

McNeill, Fleming [Capn] to Cunning, Margaret, widow, of Dundalk licence 21.5.1804 [1805?]

McEvoy, James [Sadler] to Lyons, Mary licence 21.5.1804 [1805?]

Elliot, James, the Queens Bays to Bigger, Mary 17.7.1805

Donaghy, Patrick, 5th Dn Gds to Savage, Elizabeth banns 18.8.1805

Skelton, Rowland to Burgess, Hannah licence 15.9.1805

Wynne, Robert, Esqr Dromgoolestown to Ivers, A 12.9.1805

Cunning, Charles to Blake, Catherine 8.11.1805

Fell, James, R D Militia to Johnston, Margaret 10.11.1805

Odlum, Abraham, 5th Dragoons [Corpl] to McDaniel, Elizabeth 24.11.1805


Perton, William, Armagh to Balmer, Isabella 31.1.1806

Kindel, Thomas, Ballymascanlan to James, Anne [Dundalk, late of Dublin] licence 7.9.1806

Gray, George, 7th Dn Gds to Brison, Martha, 7th Dn Gds 12.10.1806

Crilly, Thomas to Ward, Jane licence 20.11.1806

Leeson, Daniel 7th Dn Gds [Qur Mr] to Torrington [or Craig], Elizabeth, [widow] licence 21.11.1806

Getty, Robert [Clothier], to Close, Mary Anne, Dromore [widow] licence 16.12.1806

Mowne, James, 2nd Battn 71st Regt to Sheils, Mary 20.8.1806


Taylor, Godfrey, Limerick Militia [musician] to Concannon, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr Geo Concannon 9.2.1807

Renoldson, William, 2nd Battn 81st Regt to Morris, Mary, Co Galway banns 12.7.1807

Dias, William, 8th or Royal Dragoons to Elsdon, Mary, 8th or Royal Dragoons banns 2.9.1807

Waddle, Alexander, 1st Royals to Little, Catherine banns 18.9.1807

Doran, James, 2nd Battn 81st Regt to Morgan, Mary, 1st Regt licence 2.11.1807


Purcell, Joseph, Esqr to Vickers, Laetitia, niece of John Page Esqr licence 4.2.1808

McCluskey, William, 27th Foot to Devlin, Jane, Tyrone Militia banns 18.2.1808

O’Neill, Charles, 27th Foot to Hagan, Margaret, Tyrone Militia banns 18.2.1808

Sullivan, John to Aston, Mary licence 27.3.1808

Foster, Charles to Jennings, Elizabeth licence 2.5.1808

Klean, John to Gorman, Elizabeth banns 4.5.1808

Dawson, John, Armagh [Sergt Excise] to Bradshaw, Elizabeth, Dundalk licence 4.6.1808

Wintworth, Robert [Sailor] to Small, Anne, Seatown banns 19.6.1808

Chadwick, James RNB Dns [Sergeant] to Gardener, Anne [late Enniskillen] banns 14.8.1808

Patterson, James, Scotland [Sailor] to Graham, Jane, Seatown, Dundalk banns 22.11.1808

Johnston, John, eldest son of Thos Johnston Esqr to Maxwell, Margaret, niece of Counsr Robt Maxwell of Dublin licence 21.12.1808


Petty, Joseph, Castlebellingham to King, Mary, Dunleer licence 14.2.1809

Rotherford, John to Laverty, Mary licence 25.7.1809

Barrett, Hugh, Kills Mill to Barrett, Elizabeth, dr of Gabl Barrett, Roshea, Faughart licence 9.8.1809

Waddington, George to Storey, Margaret, of Lisnawiily licence 19.9.1909

Derby, James, 90th Regt Musician to Goodfellow, Anne, 90th Regt banns 24.9.1809

Truman, John, Enniskillen Dns Musician to Devlin, Margaret, Seatown banns 11.10.1809

Slator, Aldborough to Ball, Elizabeth licence 20.11.1809

Kelly, Owen, of the Brewery to Ivers, Catharine [Widow] licence 26.11.1809


McMacken, Robert to Malcolm, Mary licence 19.1.1810

Brownrig, Thomas, 90th Regt to Faloon, Mary, late of Armagh banns 2.2.1810

Hughes, Peter, R N D Militia to Williams, Mary, R N D Militia banns 20.5.1810

Trimble, John, Enniskillen Dns [Sergt] to McGillon, Mary [Widow] banns 21.5.1810

Harrison, [blank], Enniskillen Dns [Corpl] to Dynes, Elizabeth [Widow] banns 27.6.1810

Johnston, Graham, of Dundalk Esqr to Macann, Anne, eldest daughter of the late Robert McCann of Cariff Esqr licence 9.7.1810

Nallan, William, of the Rocks to Thompson, Sarah, of the Rocks banns 5.8.1810

McNeill, Thomas, Regt of Foot [Captn] to Johnston, Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Thos Johnston, Dundalk licence 17.8.1810

Ebert, John to McManus, Mary, of Dundalk licence 22.8.1810

McCann, John, R N D Militia to McGowan, Margaret banns 2.10.1810

Gilmer, James, of Dundalk to Sibthorpe, Anne, of Dundalk licence 3.12.1810


Darley, Richard Esqr to Johnston, Mary Anne, 2nd dr of the late Thos Johnston licence 15.5.1811

Regan, John, Westmeath Militia to Fry, Sarah banns 27.5.1811

Codd, Edward, Westmeath Militia to Hanlon, Mary Anne banns 8.7.1811

Patterson, David to Crilly, Margaret licence 2.8.1811

Concannon, Thomas, Dundalk M D to Parks, Anne, dr of Josh Parks of Dundalk licence 11.11.1811

Neal, Charles, Kings Dn Gds to Machim, Mary, late of England 4.8.1811


Browne, Malcolm, of the Distillery to Gillighan, Grace, dr of Mr Jas Gillighan, Dundalk licence 13.3.1812

Smith, Dean, late 61st Regt Foot to Feigan, Mary, of Seatown, Dundalk licence 4.4.1812

Hall, Thomas, 61st Foot to Donnelly, Bridget banns 5.4.1812

Gray, Robert, 7th Hussars to Salmon, Catherine 7th Hussars banns 21.4.1812

Levin, William, 7th Hussars to Page, Sarah, dr of Rev Mr Page, 7th Hussars licence 17.5.1812

Flintoff, William 61st Regt [Sergt] to McNamee, Anne banns 7.6.1812

Murphy, John, of Newry to McIntosh, Sarah, of Dundalk licence 10.6.1812

Godfrey, Luke, Major, 61st Foot, son of Sir Wm Godfrey Co Kerry to Meredith, Susannah, 2nd daughter of Sir B Coles Meredith, Dublin licence 1.7.1812

Clarke, Thomas, 61st Foot [Sergt] to McAnally, Sarah banns 13.9.1812

Burford, John, 2nd Battn 61st Foot to Dunn, Mary banns 18.10.1812

Dunnett, James, 7th Hussars to McAnally, Alice, of Seatown banns 13.11.1812

Oakes, Stephen, 7th Hussars to Hoey, Mary, of Castlebellingham banns 2.9.1812

Oliver, Isaiah, of Ballybay to Barrett, Isabella, of Dundalk licence 30.11.1812

Borwell, Thomas, 23rd Dragoons to Jackson, Mary, 23rd Dragoons banns 21.12.1812


Godfrey, George Ogle, of Newry to Thompson, Susannah, of Ravensdale licence 20.1.1813

Smith, Henry, 2nd Bn 61st Regt to McMahon, Anne banns 20.6.1813

Kerry, John, 2nd Bn 61st Regt to Roper, Margaret banns 27.6.1813

Robinson, John, 61st Foot [Hospl Sergt] to Mitchell, McCoy, Carbineers licence 23.8.1813

Sibthorpe, Robert, of Dundalk to Martin, Mary, dr of the late Pat Martin, Dundalk licence 26.8.1813


Crawford, Colin to Craven, Anne licence 2.4.1814

Taaffe, Patrick, of the Parish of Louth to Embly, Jane, of Ballurgan licence 11.5.1814

Daly, John, Hairdresser to Nugent, Sarah, of Newry licence 25.5.1814

Tyrrell, [blank], of Dundalk, brazier to Balmer, [blank], daughter of Thos Balmer, Dundalk licence 27.5.1814

French, John, 2nd Bn 61st Foot [Drummer] to Delap, Elizabeth, of Dundalk banns 19.6.1814

McNeill, Daniel, of Ballymascanlan to Skelton, Anne, Flurrybridge nr Jonesbh licence 8.8.1814

Ruddock, William, 1st Bn 61st Regt to Morgan, Mary, of Dundalk licence 11.9.1814

Taylor, Robert,of Ballymascanlan to Turney, Mary Anne, of Dundalk licence 6.11.1814

Barlow, Matthew, 7th Dn Gds to Rexter, Anne, 7th Dn Gds banns 6.11.1814

Samuel, Ralph, N York Militia to Stevenson, Catherine 28.12.1814


Hamilton, John, 61st Foot [Captn] to Bigger, Anna Jane, 2nd dr of L Bigger Esqr, Dundalk licence 11.1.1815

Harrison, John, of Co Monaghan to Ferguson, Margaret, of Black Rock licence 13.1.1815

Irwin, Richd Meredith, 61st Foot [Lieut] to Taylor, Eliza, eldst dr of N B Taylor Esqr Seatown House licence 26.1.1815

Tinley, Rev Gervais, Rector of Faughart & Curate of Dundalk to Page, Letitia, sister of Jno Page, Esqr of Dundalk licence 23.5.1815

Milliken, Michael to Skelton, Grace 3.10.1815

Cullen, Timothy to Maxwell, Jane [Widow] 8.10.1815

Morrison, John to Hudson, Eleanor Anne licence 22.11.1815

O’Neill, James to Jackson, Jane 28.12.1815


Dunn, Thomas to Smith, Grace licence 15.2.1816

Air, Thomas to Burke, Margaret banns 5.5.1816

Fitzhenry, John, 14th Lt Dragoons [spouse’s name erased; no date entered]

Perrin, John, 62nd Regt to Spring, Ellen banns 19.5.1816

Kelly, Hugh to Cowing, Mary banns 4.6.1816

Thomas, John to Best, Mary banns 6.6.1816

Surgeoson, John, 14th Lt Dragoons to Fuller, Mary banns 23.6.1816

Chain, Cuthbert to Hart, Bridget banns 8.8.1816

Laurence, Samuel, 2nd Bn 62nd Regt to Sullivan, Eleanor 25.8.1816

Lepper, George, of Belfast to Godbey, Jane 1.9.1816

Richards, John, 14th Lt Dragoons to Ostler, Mary 27.9.1816

Datte, John to Cowen, Mary 11.10.1816

McCollam, James to Burdy, Esther licence 30.10.1816

Wate, John, 2nd Battn 62nd Regt to Morgan, Mary banns 1.11.1816

Gale, John, 2nd Battn 62nd Regt to Ryan, Mary banns 1.11.1816

Stevens, James, 2nd Battn 62nd Regt [Corpl] to Burns, Mary banns 1.11.1816

Whitwham, Richard, 2nd Battn 62nd Regt to Landers, Anne banns 3.11.1816


Baxter, William to Malone, Elizabeth licence 9.4.1817

McArdle, James to Hammill, Margaret licence 11.4.1817

McClinihan, Robert to Mathews, Rose licence 10.4.1817

Bennet, Thomas Taylor to Duffey, Elizabeth licence 5.5.1817

Campbell, Francis to Campbell, Mary banns 7.5.1817

Molloy, Thomas to Turney, Dorothy banns 17.5.1817

Hannah, Robert, of Dundalk to Cluxton, Catherine, of Dundalk banns 1.11.1817

Hammill, Owen to Hill, Mary licence [no date given]

Digby [no other details given]

Divine, George to McKittrick, Catherine 7.11.1817

Partridge, Thomas, 14th Lt Dragoons to Shepherd, Sarah banns 3.12.1817

Blakely, Robert to Watson, Mary licence 19.12.1817

Taylor, John, Esqr to Meredith, [blank] licence [no date given]


Hanley, William, 14th Lt Dragoons to Walker, Alice banns 3.2.1818

McCallister, Cull to Hill, Jane licence 21.2.1818

Grey, Richard to Ingham, Anne licence 26.2.1818

Butler, Thomas, 45th Regt [Bugler] to Conlon, Bridget banns 31.5.1818

Judson, John, 45th Foot to McCabe, Mary banns 31.5.1818

Burrows, John, 45th Regt to Johnston, Susannah banns 7.6.1818

Fosset, Joseph to Holden, Margaret banns 12.8.1818

McGarrety, Bernard to Kyle, Elizabeth banns 4.7.1818

Nugent, Joseph to McKenny, Mary banns 19.8.1818

McTavish, Duncan, 42nd Regt [Pipe Mr] to Henderson, Christina, 42nd Regt licence 10.9.1818

Thursby, John, 14th Lt Dragoons [Captn] to Fortescue, Miss Emily licence 11.11.1818

Irvine, Thomas, Private, Scotch Greys to Bain, Elizabeth banns 25.11.1818

McKenzie, Joseph, Scotch Greys [Trumpeter] to Hall, Mary banns 9.12.1818

Parker, Joseph, of Dundalk to Kennedy, Mary Anne, of Dundalk licence 27.12.1818


Jennings, Peter to Stannus, Jane licence 3.1.1819

Neilson, James, R S Greys [Sergt] to McCabe, Elizabeth banns 20.1.1819

Godbey, William, of Dundalk to Ivers, Charlotte, of Dundalk licence 27.6.1819

Clarke, John to Cooke, Mary banns 5.9.1819

Murphy, Daniel, 3rd or Buffs to Dunfield, Mary banns 12.9.1819

Woodhouse, Joseph, 1st K D Gds to Bell, Jane banns 10.10.1819

Austin, Joseph, 1st K D Gds to Watts, Mary banns 15.11.1819

Herdsman, Richard, 1st K D Gds to Messet, Catherine licence 17.11.1819

Crofts, Thomas, 3rd or Buffs [Sergt] to Burns, Mary banns 30.11.1819

Hand, George, 3rd or Buffs to Winten, Petelia banns 27.12.1819


Houston, William, Guard of the Coach to Ruddy, Anne, of Dundalk licence 15.1.1820

Gregg, William, [Gas…] to Dugan, Alice licence 31.1.1820

Mills, Joseph, 3rd or Buffs to Grant, Mary banns 8.2.1820

Robins, John, K D Gds to Dugan, Mary licence 12.3.1820

Atkinson, William, K D Gds [Captn] to Archer, Mary banns 19.4.1820

Smyth, William, 3rd or Buffs to Nicholson, Anne banns 23.5.1820

Barton, William, Kings D Gds to McGinnes, Sarah banns 4.6.1820

McGregor, Donald, 3ed or Buffs [Sergt] to Riggs, Mary licence 5.6.1820

Hutchison, William, Kings D Gds to Long, Margaret (or.wise Hanratty] banns 26.6.1820

Jacobs, Henry, 7th Hussars to Robinson, Jane banns 29.10.1820

Giles, Robert Ross, of Cooley to Eyre, Elizabeth, of Dundalk licence 1.11.1820

Erwin, George to Woods, Mary, of Dundalk licence 6.12.1820


Brown, Richard, Apothecary, of Dundalk to Clarke, Bridget, of Dundalk licence 2.1.1821

Parbin, James, Private, 7th Hussars to Pitman, Serragh banns 17.1.1821

McGowen, James, of Scotland to Burns, Mary licence 29.1.1821


Morgan, John, 31st Regt to Quiston, Elizabeth banns 16.9.1822

Eastwood, James, of Dundalk to Le Parle, Mary Luisa of Dublin licence 19.9.1822

Holmes, Isaac, 31st Regt to Kirk, Grace banns 23.9.1822

Holt, Joseph, of Dublin to Murphy, Mary, of Dundalk licence 25.9.1822

Join, Thomas, 4th D Guards to Mallon, Catherine banns 29.12.1822


Goldin, Samuel, 4th D Guards to Doddsworth, Mary banns 26.1.1823

Bailey, Robert, Esqr, of Belfast to Hall, Mrs Hannagh, late of Dromore licence 6.1.1823

Wheeler, John, 4th Dragoon Guards to Boyd, Mary Anne banns 13.4.1823

Robison, Thomas, of Dundalk to Pegly, Mary, of Dundalk banns 1.6.1823

Salmon, John, of Carlingford to Farlow, Ellin, of Dundalk licence 19.7.1823

White, George to Woods, Martha, of Dundalk licence 6.8.1823

Gray, Daniel, of Dundalk to Lewis, Mary, of Dundalk banns 3.9.1823

Lewis, Thomas, Sea Captain, to English, Elizabeth, of Dundalk licence 19.9.1823

Purcell, William, Esqr, of Dundalk to Maxwell, Miss Henrietta, of Dundalk licence 2.10.1823

Waddington, Charles, late of England to Stewart, Badni, late of County Tyrone banns 10.10.1823

Jennings, Henry, of Dundalk to Mulholland, Mary, of Dundalk banns 17.10.1823

Collin, Mr Thomas, of Ardee to Brunkard, Miss Isabella, of Dundalk licence 22.10.1823

Haig, Robert, Esqr, of London to Murray, Miss Magdaline, of Dundalk licence 1.11.1823

Stevenson, Jeremiah, of Dundalk to Perkins, Susanna, of Dundalk licence 18.11.1823

Macnamara, James, 7th Dragoon Guards to Rixter, Mary, of same Regt banns 27.12.1823


Bexinton, William, late of England to Larkin, Margret, of Dundalk banns 22.3.1824

Hanratty, Patrick, of Coolicell to Hill, Mary Anne, of Dundalk licence 10.6.1824

Law, William, of Downpatrick to Moore, Martha, of Douglass licence 5.7.1824

Jackson, Robert Henry, of Newry to Proudfoot, Leticia, of Dundalk banns 12.7.1824

Wahling, John, 63rd Regt to Flannigan, Margret, of same Regt banns 30.8.1824

Godbey, Robert, of Dundalk to Getty, Catherine, of Dundalk licence 16.12.1824


Gurly, James, 7th D Guards to Reiley, Dorothea, of Dundalk licence 4.1.1825

Warren, Richard, 5th D Guards to Porter, Elizabeth, of same Regt licence 20.1.1825

Reid, Francis, Watter Guards to Griffin, Margret, do licence 13.2.1825

Stratton, John, Esqr, of Lisnawooly to Reid, Miss Magdaline, of Seatown licence 14.2.1825

Rooney, Constantine, of Haggardstown to Johnston, Jane, of Dundalk banns 28.2.1825

Stannis, William, Watter Guards to Farlow, Elizabeth, of Dundalk licence 6.3.1825

Townley, John, of Dundalk to Godbey, Charlotte, of Dundalk licence 16.3.1825

Kirkland, James, of Dundalk to Fitzpatrick, Ellin, of Dundalk licence 6.4.1825

Bushell, Robert, late of 5th D Guards to Reiley, Frances Anne, of Dundalk licence 10.5.1825

Rourke, John, of Dundalk to Gray, Anne, of Dundalk licence 11.5.1825

Kerr, Thomas. Of Dundalk to Farley, Margret, of Dundalk banns 11.7.1825

Bairkey, William, 63rd Regt to Turner, Mary Anne, of Dundalk licence 21.8.1825

Elliott, George, Esqr, of Seafield, Drogheda to Bourne, Miss Frances, of Priorland licence 25.8.1825

Callaghan, Thomas, of Barricks to Morton, Ellin, of Dundalk licence 3.10.1825

Pooler, Thomas, 17th Foot Lieut on half pay to McEnteer, Biddy, of Dundalk licence 12.10.1825


Boyd, James, Private 75th Regt to Mahon, Mary banns 1.1.1826

Egleston, James, of Dundalk to Price, Catherine, of same licence 9.3.1826

Barret, John, of Dundalk to Buchannon, Jane, of same licence 21.4.1826

Purcell, Edward, Esqr, R Navy to Gillichan, Miss Frances, of Dundalk licence 28.4.1826

Bond, Hugh, Seaman to Daw, Mary, of Seatown licence 27.5.1826

McCoy, John, Coach Driver to McCabe, Eliza, of the Charter School licence 12.6.1826

Phillips, John, of Dundalk to Selaphin, Margaret, of Dundalk Banns 10.7.1826

Harvey, James, Police Man to Roarke, Jane, of Dundalk licence 12.7.1826

Trainer, Phillip, of Dundalk to Cullins, Elizabeth of do Banns 30.10.1826

Jennings, Richard, Gauger to Darcy, Maria, of Dundalk licence 31.10.1826


Denby, John, 3rd L Dragoons to Jemison, Tamer, of Dundalk licence 29.1.1827

Rogers, John, of Soldiers Point to Humphrys, Anne, of same banns 26.3.1827

Reiley, William, of the Free School to Montgomery, Anne, of the Charter School licence 12.6.1827

Quinn, Peter, 8th Hussars to Bone, Elizabeth Ellin, of same Regt banns 31.7.1827

Ferrar, Edward, of Dundalk to Carroll, Margaret, same place consistorial licence 1.8.1827

Pooley, John, of Dundalk to Foolan, Isabella, same place banns 13.8.1827

Winter, James, of Dundalk to Cumming, Jane, same place licence 21.8.1827

Boate, George, of Dundalk to Bourne, Charlotte, of Priorland licence 9.10.1827

McPhee, Henry, 8th Hussars to Welsh, Elizabeth, 85th Regt banns 15.10.1827

Clerk, James, of Dundalk to McCaw, Elizabeth, same place licence 31.10.1827

Jennings, Richard, 8th Hussars to Macanuney, Catherine, of Dundalk licence 17.11.1827

Dailey, Thomas, Pensioner, of Dundalk to Noon, Mary, same place banns 22.12.1827


Johnston, Gerrard, of Dundalk to Keough, Mary, same place licence 1.4.1828

Fitzpatrick, John, of Dundalk to Maxwell, Jane, same place licence 10.4.1828

McMaghan, John, of Dundalk to Jordon, Jane, same place banns 30.6.1828



Gafford Wiliam Gafford 67th Regt [a child] 15.9.1803

Markey Elizabeth Markey 2nd Dn Gds [a child] 15.9.1803

Morris John Morris Newtn.Hamilton [a child] 15.9.1803

Chamberlain Thomas Chamberlain 67th Regt 18.9.1803

Morris John Morris 2nd Dn Gds 20.9.1803

Jones Frances Matilda Jones [a child] 20.9.1803

Chamberlain John Chamberlain 30.10.1803

Guitton Mrs Anne Guitton [Widow] 18.11.1803

Grey Mary Grey [a child] 2.12.1803

Patterson Mr John Patterson 18.12.1803

Morton Miss Mary Morton 23.12.1803


Green William Green [Yeoman] 11.1.1804

Rutherford Wm Rutherford [an infant] 29.1.1804

Cosgrove Francis Cosgrove [Yeoman] 2.2.1804

McGloughlin Wm McGloughlin 18.2.1804

Kelly John Kelly [13th Reserve] 6.4.1804

Tombs Mrs Mary Tombs [Widow] 22.4.1804

Castlebar [blank] Castlebar 13th Reserve [a boy] 31.5.1804

Roche [blank] Roche, infant daughter of Lieutt Roche 13th Reserve 1.6.1804

Kennedy Frances Kennedy 12.6.1804

Gateker Miss A Mary Gateker 16.6.1804

Reid George Henry Reid Louth [carpenter] 7.7.1804

Semple James Semple Ayr [Sea Captn] 27.7.1804

Tinsley William Tinsley 3rd Dns 28.7.1804

Alexander Mastr Walter Alexander son of Col Alexander 13th Reserve 10.8.1804

Waland Thomas Waland 13th Reserve 5.10.1804

Murphy David Murphy 13th Reserve [Sergeant] 24.10.1804

Edwards James Edwards 9th Reserve 3.12.1804

Richardson Edward Richardson 24.12.1804


Skelton Mrs June Skelton Seatown 2.1.1805

Morris Mr Jeremh Morris the Fews Barrack 24.4.1805

Hay George Hay 13th Reserves [Sgt Major] 12.5.1805

Muntz William Joseph Muntz 15.5.1805

Slator Montgomery Slator 10.8.1805

Sermon George Sermon 18.8.1805

Parker Mrs Parker 29.8.1805

Rochford John Rochford 5th Dn Gds 8.10.1805

Parker Joseph Parker [an infant] 9.11.1805

Drinkwater John Drinkwater [Watchmaker] 19.11.1805

Morton David Morton [a boy] 23.11.1805

Baker Mrs Baker 23.12.1805


Fineson Mary Fineson & John & Henry her sons 21.1.1806

Daly Mary Daly 10.2.1806

Norton Samuel Norton Seatown 13.2.1806

Balmer Thomas Balmer 18.4.1806

Cramer Mrs E Cramer Heath Hall 6.6.1806


Savage Mrs Rose Savage 18.1.1807

Wright George Wright 8th Dragoons 1.4.1807

Atkinson David Atkinson South Militia [Captn] 4.8.1807

Mason John Mason [Blind man] 9.8.1807

Parks [blank] Parks [Slater] 9.9.1807


Parks Anne Parks [a young girl] 12.2.1808

Barlow The Revd John Barlow, 36 years Curate of Louth & Resident in Dundalk. Died in Dundalk on 25th February 1808. Buried in St Werburgh’s Dublin, his remains conveyed to Dublin 28th February.

Kidd John Kidd [a poor man] 15.3.1808

Page Mr Stephen Page 3.5.1808

Parvis Mastr Charles Parvis, son of Captn Parvis 1st Dragoons 21.5.1808

Forbes [blank] Sergt Scotch Greys [shot near Ardee] 29.6.1808

Rifford Mrs Rifford 22.8.1808

Wynne Margaret Wynne 19.9.1808

Heath Mrs Heath, wife of Col Heath, now a Comidian 29.12.1808


Cairns Mrs Cairns [of Heath Hall] January 1809

Darley Mrs Darley [Fairhill Brewery] 10.1.1809

Ersom [blank] Ersom [Widow] 19.3.1809

McKee William McKee, late of Newry 11.4.1809

Percival Mr Percival, late of Wexford 18.4.1809

Hawkins Mr Hawkins, late of Liverpool 30.9.1809

Murphy Mr George Murphy 25.11.1809

Gray Richard Gray 26.11.1809


Wrightson Miss Harriot Wrightson 20.2.1810

Montgomery [blank] Montgomery of 6th Dragoons 22.2.1810

Kilroy Mrs Bridget Kilroy 27.2.1810

Moore Mrs Mary Moore of Cooley 18.3.1810

Farlow [blank] Farlow, wife of James Farlow [Sexton] 18.3.1810

Stewart Mary Stewart of the Charter School [a Child] 30.4.1810

Twibill Mr James Twibill of Castletown 6.5.1810

Bryan & Dale Captn Bryan & William Dale of the Margaret [Mercht Vessel] wrecked at Annagassan 9.5.1810

[no name entered] Soldier of S D Militia 10.5.1810

Cullen Mrs Cullen [near the Barrack] 14.5.1810

Anderson Widow Anderson 30.5.1810

Stokes Mrs Stokes 23.8.1810

McCrea Anne McCrea 9.9.1810

Shekelton Joseph Shekelton 19.10.1810

Tomb Mrs Tomb, cousin of Mrs H Maxwell 1.12.1810

Crawford David Crawford Fairhill 23.12.1810


Coulter Esther Coulter 12.1.1811

Lee Jacob Lee [a poor stranger] 16.1.1811

Rutherford John Rutherford of the Markethouse 4.2.1811

Clarke Mary Clarke [a Sergeants’s wife] 7.2.1811

Slator Montgomery Slator 10.2.1811

Flinn Elizabeth Flinn, wife of Sergeant 1st K D G 16.2.1811

Kerr Terjean Kerr Enniskillen Dragoons 21.2.1811

Taylor [blank] Taylor [Caretaker to I A Dransfield 22.2.1811

Hale Henry Hale [Cabinetmaker] 16.3.1811

Halloran Mrs Halloran Housekeeper to Lord Roden 18.3.1811

Balmer Mrs Isabella Balmer of the Boy 10.4.1811

Maxwell John Maxwell of Castletown [Nailor] 28.5.1811

Hill Samuel Hill [Slater] 30.5.1811

Seaver Mrs C Seaver, late of Heath Hall 21.6.1811

Baker Thomas Baker, late of England 17.9.1811

Dawson Captn Dawson, Paymaster of Westmeath Militia 17.9.1811

Hall Miss Priscilla Hall 19.10.1811

Mansfield Frederick Mansfield 21.11.1811

Robinson Luvenius Robinson 1.12.1811


Reid Mr James Reid of the Distillery Company 3.4.1812

Godbey Peter Godbey 16.5.1812

Page Mrs Laetitia Page 29.6.1812

Jocelyn The Hon’ble Jas Jocelyn, son of the Earl of Roden July 1812

Brady [blank] Brady of Newtownhamilton [Widow] 7.11.1812

Ebhart Mrs Ebhart [Widow] 26.11.1812


Patterson Mrs J Patterson 6.1.1813

Francis Captain Francis of Wales 18.4.1813

Purcell Miss Alicia Purcell, dr of Tobias Purcell Esqr Mt Baillie 2.5.1813

Gillighan Mr James Gillighan 18.5.1813

Davison Mr Davison [Watchmaker] 22.8.1813

Kelly Mr Robert Kelly 20.10.1813

Tinley Mrs Tinley, wife of the Revd G Tinley, Curate of Dundalk & Rector of Faughart Buried at Creggan 1.12.1813


Morris Mr Morris of Newtownhamilton 7.4.1814

Kennedy James Kennedy 21.5.1814

Maxwell Mr John Maxwell 22.5.1814

Mouritz Mr Joshua Mouritz 21.5.1814

Sweetman Mr Sweetman of the Revenue 15.10.1814

Waring Mrs Waring of the Shambles 15.10.1814

Royall Mrs Isabella Royall, wife of Col Royall 1st Bn 61st Regt 27.10.1814


Magusty Mr Daniel Magusty 15.4.1815

Keith William Charles Keith [an infant] 27.10.1815

Taaffe [blank] Taaffe, Westmeath Militia [Surgeon] 2.12.1815

Parker Jane Parker, dr of [blank] Parker [Shoemaker] 17.12.1815


Baillie Robert Baillie of Dundalk [Watchmaker] 12.1.1816

Sterling Eliza Sterling [a Child] 13.1.1816

Rodgers Jane Rodgers [a Child] 20.1.1816

Darley Miss Darley [a Child] 4.2.1816

Taylor [blank] Taylor, dr of Halfpay Officer 4.2.1816

[blank] a Child of Westmeath Band 6.2.1816

King John King Fifeshire Militia 7.2.1816

Sweeny James Sweeny [a Child] 9.2.1816

McClintock Horatia McClintock, a Child of H McClintock Esqr 21.2.1816

McKenny Margaret McKenny, dr of Thomas McKenny 2.3.1816

Fuller George Fuller 14th Lt Dragoons 22.3.1816

Atkinson David Atkinson of Channelrock Esqr 26.3.1816

[blank] Wife of a Soldr of 14th Lt Dragoons 3.4.1816

Ellis Thomas Ellis 62nd Regt [Sergeant] 7.4.1816

[blank] Soldr of the Westmeath Militia 11.4.1816

Mason John Mason Fifeshire Militia 27.3.1816

[blank] a Child of a Sergt 62nd Regt 17.4.1816

Porter H Montaleur Porter, Infant son of Captn Porter 61st Regt 19.4.1816

Johnston Rachel Johnston, late of Dublin [Servant] 19.4.1816

Nowles John Nowles, son of Sergt Nowles [Police] 23.4.1816

Carey Mrs Mary Carey, wife of Sergt Carey [Dundalk Yeomy] 27.4.1816

Dean Andrew Dean, son of [blank] Dean [14th Lt Dgns] 30.4.1816

Harris Samuel Harris [62nd Regt] 8.5.1816

Air Sarah Air, a Foundling 5.5.1816

Carey James Carey, infant son of Sergt Carey [Dundalk Yeomy] 9.5.1816

A woman found dead at the point 10.5.1816

Kelly Anne Kelly, wife of Hugh Kelly [Police] 15.5.1816

Maxwell Jane Maxwell, dr of the late Jno Maxwell Esqr 16.5.1816

Caterall James Catterall [14th Lt Dgns] 23.5.1816

Smyth Ellen Smyth, infant child of Sergt Smyth [62nd Foot] 10.6.1816

Ferguson Jane Ferguson, infant dr of Matthew Ferguson 11.6.1816

Breaden Hugh Breaden, son of Sergt Breaden [Markethouse] 17.6.1816

Hunter John Hunter, son of Thomas Hunter [Police] 20.6.1816

Sweetman Mr Sweetman, near the Barrack 24.6.1816

Riche Louisa Anne Riche, dr of [blank] Riche [Mr Stratton’s] 20.6.1816

Gorman Mary Gorman, dr of [blank] Gorman, at the Barrack 30.6.1816

Evans Walter Evans, son of Richard Evans 1.7.1816

Rain John Rain [14th Lt Dragoons] 1.7.1816

Leeds Mattw Leeds, child of a Soldr 61st Regt 15.7.1816

Crilly Walter Crilly, son of Hamlet Crilly 22.7.1816

Russell Thomas Russell of Ballymascanlan parish 2.8.1816

Page Mr John Page of Skyhill 18.8.1816

Anderson Thomas Anderson [2nd Battn 62nd Regt] 19.8.1816

Waters William Peter Waters, son of Clement Waters 20.8.1816

McGinnity Peter McGinnitty of Dundalk 10.9.1816

Haycock Eleanor Haycock, wife of [blank] Haycock [Constable] 10.9.1816

Waller Mary Elizabeth Waller, infant dr of Sergt Waller [62nd Regt] 11.9.1816

Singleton Mrs Anne Singleton, mother in law of Mr Joseph Parks 24.9.1816

Richardson Arthur Richardson Esqr 14th Lt Dragoons [Surgeon] 26.9.1816

Rainy Mary Anne Rainy Fews Barracks 3.10.1816

Best Henry Best, infant son of Henry Best 5.10.1816

Murphy John Murphy, child of John Murphy [Police] 10.10.1816

Evans [blank] Evans, child of Richard Evans 11.10.1816

Keys Esther Keys, child of Samuel Keys [Police] 18.10.1816

Forbes George Forbes, son of John Forbes [Police] 20.10.1816

Fitzhenry Mary Anne, dr of Fitzhenry, 14th Lt Dns 24.10.1816

Morris Thomas Morris [2nd Battn 62nd Regt Sergt] 30.10.1816

Crawley Samuel Crawley of Dundalk 31.10.1816

Crilly Hamlet Crilly of Dundalk 21.11.1816

Best Charles Best, infant son of [blank] Best Meet[in]ghouse Lane 29.11.1816

Penin Thomas Penin, infant child of John Penin [62nd Regt] 5.12.1816

Blake Rose Blake, wife of John Blake Dundalk 8.12.1816

Laurence William Laurence [62nd Regt] 9.12.1816

Hill Sally Hill, child of John Hill 10.12.1816

Godbey Margaret Godbey, wife of Willm Godbey 20.12.1816

Aston Mr Peter Aston of Dundalk, Halfpay offr 28.12.1816

Wigan James Wigan, child of a Policeman 30.12.1816

Patterson Mrs Margaret Patterson, wife of David Patterson [Revenue] 31.12.1816


McClanachan Margt McClanachan, child of Richd McClanachan 19.1.1817

Best Margt Best, a poor woman 21.1.1817

Hanna Harriot Hanna, child of [blank] Hanna [Paymr Police] 26.1.1817

Nugent Christr John Nugent, child of [blank] Nugent [Charter School] 26.1.1817

Cheer James Cheer [2nd Battn 62nd Regt] 2.2.1817

Forbes Eliza Forbes [Police] 4.2.1817

Wallace Sarah Wallace 5.2.1817

Ferguson William Ferguson 6.2.1817

McBlane Jane McBlane 10.2.1817

Bennet William Bennet [2nd Bn 62nd Regt, Corpl] 11.2.1817

Russel Eleanor Russel 17.2.1817

Murdock Catherine Murdock, an infant [Artillery] 21.2.1817

McClineghan Henry McClineghan, an infant 3.3.1817

Barber William Barber [14th Lt Dragoons, Sergt] 7.3.1817

McClineghan Margt McClineghan 14.3.1817

Air John Air, infant [2nd Bn 62nd Regt] 18.3.1817

Tagg Rosanna Mary Tagg [14th Lt Dns] 20.3.1817

Rock Robert Rock, a Foundling [infant] 24.3.1817

Hall Anne Hall, a Foundling 25.3.1817

Ramsey Joseph Ramsey, late of Meath 31.3.1817

Evins Robert Evins, a Foundling 2.4.1817

Doyle Nancy Doyle, a Foundling 3.4.1817

Scott William Godbey Scott, an infant 20.4.1817

Tipping Mastr William Tipping 16.5.1817

Jocelyn The Honble Miss Emilia Margt Jocelyn, an infant 19.5.1817

Hatch Henry Hatch 21.5.1817

Hamilton Samuel Hamilton [14th Lt Dragoons] 29.5.1817

Middlebrook John Middlebrook [45th Regt] 3.6.1817

Devit Michael Devit [45th Regt] 8.6.1817

Clarke Nancy Clarke 9.6.1817

Best Henry Best, an infant 17.6.1817

Noble Mrs Noble 23.6.1817

Sinclair William Sinclair, an infant [Police] 30.6.1817

Rowan Robert Rowan, son of Mr Rowan [Gauger] 8.7.1817

Brannan Michael Brannan, an infant from Lisburn to F[oundling] Hospital 12.7.1817

Willoughby Isabella Willoughby, late of Kingscourt 16.7.1817

Ingham Mr John Ingham 23.7.1817

McEvoy Anne McEvoy 26.6.1817

McGinnitty Terence McGinnitty 3.8.1817

Foster Robert Foster 7.8.1817

Geddis Ferguson Geddis [45th Regiment, Ensign] 20.8.1817

Hannah Joseph Hannah, an infant [Police] 22.8.1817

Browne Jane Browne 22.8.1817

Cocker Sarah Cocker [45th Regimt] 23.8.1817

Wallace Mary Wallace, an infant [45th Regt] 26.8.1817

Forbes Charlotte Forbes, an infant [Police] 27.8.1817

Delahuntie Marcus Delahuntie [45th Regt, Captn] 29.8.1817

Campbell James Campbell [45th Regt] 31.8.1817

McKittrick Isabella McKittrick 6.9.1817

Sullivan Paul Sullivan [45th Regt] 7.9.1817

Kidd Catherine Kidd 7.9.1817

Stubbs Mastr James Stubbs, an infant 9.9.1817

Walker Catherine Walker, an infant [Police] 14.9.1817

Bretton Charles Bretton [45th Regt, Sergt] 17.9.1817

Goss Thomas Goss [45th Regt] 22.9.1817

Leonard Mr George Leonard 29.9.1817

McKoy Catherine McKoy, an infant [45th Regt] 2.10.1817

Crangels Mrs Sarah Crangels 7.10.1817

McCullagh Mr William McCullagh 10.10.1817

Alford Thomas Alford [14th Lt Dragoons] 13.10.1817

Patterson Grace Patterson 4.11.1817

Faloon John Frederick Faloon 5.11.1817

Strong Thomas Strong, an infant [14th Lt Dragoons] 5.11.1817

Anderson Marian Anderson [14th Lt Dragoons] 11.11.1817

McCollam Elizabeth McCollam 14.11.1817

Kline Sarah Kline, an infant 17.11.1817

Penn Mastr Wm Penn [14th Lt Dragoons] 5.12.1817

Elkins [blank] Elkins, late of Newry 7.12.1817

Fields Sarah Fields, an infant Foundling 14.12.1817

Ryle Mary Ryle, a poor Woman 18.12.1817

Gillichan George Gillichan Esq 26.12.1817


Ross Elizabeth Jane Ross, an infant [14th Lt Dragoons] 1.1.1818

Ingham Mrs Eliza Ingham 3.1.1818

Reilly Edward Reilly, an infant [14th Lt Dragoons] 11.1.1818

Kearn Terry Kearn, a poor man 16.1.1818

Donnelly John Donnelly [45th Regt] 17.1.1818

Ramsey John Ramsey, a child of a poor woman 20.1.1818

Hargeton Jane Hargeton, a poor woman 24.1.1818

Kavanagh Mrs Maria J Kavanagh 28.1.1818

Corns John Corns 6.2.1818

Murphy James Murphy 2.2.1818

Leonard George Leonard, an infant 10.2.1818

Hinds Elizabeth Hinds, a poor woman 12.2.1818

Duff Masr Jas Duff, a child of a Halfpay Officer 17.2.1818

Nowles John Nowles, an infant [Police] 26.2.1818

Coles Mary Anne Coles, an infant [Police] 27.2.1818

Kipper John Thomas Kipper [14th Lt Dragoons] 21.3.1818

Brown Jane Brown of Fair Hill 22.3.1818

Cooper Charles Cooper, an infant Foundling 4.4.1818

Thompson John Thompson [14th Lt Dragoons] 5.4.1818

McNeale [blank] McNeale, a poor woman 23.3.1818

Grey Jane Gray 22.4.1818

Shekelton Joseph Shekelton 25.4.1818

McGrath Rebecca McGrath, an infant 6.5.1818

Richie Thomas Richie 13.5.1818

Poole Susannah Poole [14th Lt Dragoons] 18.6.1818

Boyle James Moore Boyle, an infant 8.7.1818

Rogers James Rogers 8.7.1818

McDaniel Daniel McDaniel [42nd Regt] 21.7.1818

Blake John Blake 21.7.1818

Leeth Daniel Leeth [42nd Regt] 3.8.1818

Forbes Mary Anne Forbes [Police] 7.8.1818

Henderson Nancy Henderson [42nd Regt] 25.8.1818

Coles Jane Coles, an infant going to the F[oundling] Hospital 21.9.1818

Thompson Joseph Thompson [42nd Regt] 30.8.1818

Grey John Grey, an infant 27.9.1818

Henderson James Henderson, an infant [42nd Regt] 30.9.1818

Sands Margaret Sands 2.10.1818

McCoy Mary McCoy, an infant [42nd Regt] 13.10.1818

Balmer Mr Richd Balmer 13.10.1818

McKeegan Alexr McKeegan [42nd Regt, Qur Mr Sergt] 20.10.1818

Campbell William Campbell [42nd Regt] 23.10.1818

Stevenson William Stevenson [R S Greys] 24.10.1818

Rowling Thomas Rowling, a Sailor 30.10.1818

Clarke William Clarke [42nd Regt] 4.11.1818

McEdwards Donald McEdwards [42nd Regt] 14.11.1818

McGreigor William McGreigor [42nd Regt] 16.12.1818

McClenighan William McClenighan 20.12.1818

Fallon Mastr Francis Fallon 22.12.1818


Baile Jane Baile, an infant 2.1.1819

McCloude Mary McCloude [42nd Regt] 10.1.1819

McDonald Angus McDonald [42nd Regt] 14.1.1819

Adair Mr James Adair 15.1.1819

Morrison Jane Morrison [42nd Regt] 21.1.1819

Robinson William Robinson 21.1.1819

Pepper John Pepper [Town Sergeant] 24.1.1819

McClean Flora McClean [42nd Regt] 17.2.1819

Tipping Francis Tipping, Esqr, Ballurgan Park 19.2.1819

Miller Jane Miller, an infant [42nd Regt] 1.3.1819

Carmichael Andrew Carmichael 5.3.1819

Patterson Ancelot Patterson of Ballymascanlan 26.3.1819

Berry Elizabeth Berry [Died in Louth Hospl] 28.3.1819

Penga Essense Penga, late of Upper Canada, N America 9.4.1819

Sparks Stephen Mitchel Sparks, late of Dublin or Wexford 14.4.1819

Hunter Henrietta Bashford Hunter, an infant [Police] 21.11.1819

Boyd Jane Boyd, an infant going to the F[oundling] Hospital 28.4.1819

Bitbey Francis Bitbey [42nd Regt] 11.5.1819

McDonald William McDonald [42nd Regt] 14.5.1819

McKoy Anne McKoy [42nd Regt] 18.5.1819

Tait Alexr Tait [42nd Regt] 21.5.1819

Boyd Elizabeth Boyd, an infant 2.6.1819

Spence Mrs Spence 13.6.1819

Armstrong William Armstrong, an infant [Police] 14.6.1819

Carroll Mr Richd Carroll, late a Coach Agent 21.6.1819

Gallagher James Gallagher [3rd Buffs] 12.7.1819

Waldron Sarah Waldron, an infant [1st or K D Gds] 20.7.1819

Atkinson John Atkinson, an infant 2.8.1819

D eath John D eath, an infant [1st Dn Gds] 2.8.1819

Atkinson John Atkinson Esqr 3.8.1819

Giffney Mr Frans Giffney [Confectioner] 3.8.1819

Derry Mary Derry [Charter School] 5.8.1819

McClure William McClure, an infant Foundling 7.8.1819

Sinclair Colin Sinclair near the Barrack [Pensioner] 15.8.1819

Cowin William Cowin, an infant Foundling 11.8.1819

Hall William Hall [late of 14th Lt Dragoons] 28.8.1819

Flanagan Bernard Flanagan 3.9.1819

Stubbs Mastr Charles Stubbs 4.9.1819

Shekelton Margaret Shekelton 9.9.1819

Hill Edward Hill 12.9.1819

Lywood Joshua Lywood [1st or K D G] 28.9.1819

Lees Mastr Edwd S Lees Mr Stubbs’ School] 3.10.1819

A Stranger found dead in the Market Square 19.10.1819

McDaniel Bridget McDaniel 23.10.1819

McKnight Robert McKnight, late of Ballybay, a poor boy 10.11.1819

Moss Mary Moss [1st or K D Gds] 11.11.1819

Gray Benjamin Gray of Dundalk 10.12.1819

Gee Margaret Gee, an infant [1st or K D Gds] 26.12.1819


Edwards Rosanna Edwards [3rd or Buffs] 6.1.1820

Hillock Patrick Hillock, a Foundling [an infant] 11.1.1820

Linton Mary Linton [1st or K D Gds] 14.1.1820

Nichol Andrew Nichol of Philipstown 14.1.1820

Stevenson Mrs Margaret Stevenson 21.1.1820

Bradbury Thomas Bradbury, an infant [1st or K D Gds] 6.2.1820

Button Thomas Button [1st or K D Gds] 20.2.1820

Flennigan Margaret Flennigan of Dundalk 22.2.1820

Percival John James Percival, an infant 23.2.1820

Healing Sarah Healing, an infant [K D Gds] 5.3.1820

Messuage Matthew Messuage [3rd or Buffs] 8.3.1820

Pepper Margaret Pepper of Dundalk 9.3.1820

Roy Mary Roy of Barleyfields 15.3.1820

Parks Mr Joseph Parks of Dundalk 31.3.1820

Boom [blank] Boom, an infant 6.4.1820

Bashford Henry Bashford [3rd or Buffs] 7.4.1820

Stevens George Stevens [K D Gds] 9.4.1820

Kidd Mrs Mary Kidd [Charter School] 15.4.1820

Linsey John Linsey [3rd or Buffs] 18.4.1820

Lyons John Lyons 5.5.1820

Elson James Elson, an infant [Kings Dn Gds] 15.5.1820

Wilson John Wilson, a Foundling [an infant] 17.5.1820

Gifford Thomas Gifford [K D Gds] 23.5.1820

Boyle Anne Boyle 26.5.1820

Atkinson Mrs Anne Jane Atkinson of Corderry 9.6.1820

Browne Robert Browne 13.6.1820

Gordon Mrs Sarah Gordon Scotchgreen 20.6.1820

McCaig Sarah McCaig, late of Ballybay 8.7.1820

Sullivan Essy Anne Sullivan of Dundalk 18.7.1820

Preston James Preston, a Foundling [infant] 21.7.1820

Howeath Charles Howeath [K D Gds] 25.7.1820

Anderson Anne Anderson [1st Royals] 3.8.1820

Craig Mary Craig, an infant, late of Newtownlimaviddy 15.8.1820

Forbes Henry Forbes of Dundalk 31.8.1820

Moore Andrew Moore 21.9.1820

Browne James Browne, late of NtnHamiltn, going to F[oundling] Hospital 15.10.1820

Gilmer Margt Gilmer, late of Macaskey, Colerain, going to D. 18.8.1820

Breadon Mary Anne Breadon of Dundalk 20.10.1820

Morrin Michl Morrin, a Stranger 5.11.1820

Lyons Mary Lyons of Dundalk 6.11.1820

Werrin [blank] Werrin of Dundalk [sea Captain] 7.11.1820

Porter Eliza Anne Porter of Dundalk [an infant] 18.12.1820

Nugent [blank] Nugent [an infant] 27.12.1820


Clementson Capt Thomas Clementson, of …, England 13.1.1821

Sedly Eliza Sedly of Dundalk 11.2.1821

Becket John Becket [7th Hussars] 18.2.1821

McKitrick Mary McKitrick of Dundalk 25.2.1821

McCombs Hugh McCombs, a poor man 28.2.1821

Kelly Catherine Kelly, a poor child 10.4.1821

Hodges Corporal John Hodges [7th Hussars] 10.4.1821

Dermot John Dermot, a sailor 26.4.1821

Stratton John Stratton Esqr of Lisnawooly 11.5.1821

Rainey Mary Rainey of Newtonhamilton 13.5.1821

Johnston John Johnston [Servant to the Earl of Roden] 15.5.1821

Stratton Miss Caroline Emily Stratton of Lisnawooley 22.5.1821

Duffy Elizabeth Duffy of Seatown 17.6.1821

A Child going to the Foundling Hospital 2.7.1821

Baird John Baird, a Sailor [Drowned] 30.7.1821

McGin William McGin of Belfast, a Foundling 19.8.1821

McClinighan [blank] McClinighan [Infant, Soldiers Point] 22.8.1821

Hill William Hill, a Foundling 22.9.1821

White Jane White, a Foundling from Armagh 1.10.1821

Ruford George Ruford of Ballymascanlan 16.10.1821

Pepper John Pepper of Dundalk 19.10.1821

Soolivan Francis Soolivan of Dundalk 21.10.1821

Tacktor Jane Tacktor, a Soldier’s Child 27.10.1821

Penn William Penn, a Foundling 28.10.1821

Allin Ann Allin of South Ma[r]sh 28.10.1821

Fox Bernard Fox, a Schoolmaster 5.11.1821

Morton Mrs Elizabeth Morton of Dundalk 27.11.1821

Nixon Mrs Mary Nixon of Dundalk 1.12.1821

McKinnzey Hector McKinnzey [Infant, 1st Royals] 13.12.1821

Dewar Mr James Dewar [Distillery] 17.12.1821

Filgate Mrs Mary Filgate of Ballriggan 22.12.1821

McCain John McCain [Infant, 5th D Guards] 22.12.1821

Atkinson Mr George Atkinson of Dundalk 24.12.1821


Ferguson Jane Ferguson of Dundalk 5.1.1822

Walker Mary Walker, late of Newry 10.2.1822

Pinnacle Susanna Pinnacle of Foxhall 13.2.1822

Brush James Brush [5th Dragoon Guards] 22.2.1822

Gray Richard Nugent Gray of the Louth Hospital 28.2.1822

Clerke Mary Clerke of Seatown 1.3.1822

Tasker William Tasker of Dundalk 17.3.1822

Brown Milly Brown of Seatown 12.4.1822

Seale Elizabeth Seale [5th Dragoon Guards] 13.5.1822

Warring Catherine Warring [Shambles] 7.5.1822

Jenny James Jenny of Dundalk 19.5.1822

Tallon Master Torquin Tallon, son of Mr James Tallon Seatown 21.5.1822

Forster Charlotte Jean, First Daughter of George Forster Esqr 4.6.1822

McCarthy Charles McCarthy [Lieut 3rd Regt of Foot] 7.6.1822

Dougherty David Dougherty, a poor man 19.6.1822

Bether George Bether [Musician 5th D Guards] 22.6.1822

Anderson Elizabeth Anderson, a poor woman 14.6.1822

Percival Margret Percival of Dundalk 5.8.1822

McGusty Miss Hannagh McGusty of Dundalk 6.8.1822

Seaver Pockrage Seaver Esqr of Heath Hall County Armagh 7.8.1822

Gunning Mrs Lucy Gunning late of Phillipstown 12.8.1822

O’Reiley John O’Reiley [Sergeant Major 4th D Guards] 4.9.1822

Green Miss [blank] Green of Black Rock 3.9.1822

McDowell Catherine McDowell of Dundalk 15.10.1822

Jocelyn Lady Anne Jocelyn, 2nd daughter of Robert 2nd Earl of Roden 17.10.1822

James William James, a Child 25.10.1822

McCollum Mrs Mary McCollum of Dundalk 29.10.1822

Holden William Holden, a Child 1.11.1822

Bassett Samuel Bassett, a Child [4th Dragoon Guards] 1.11.1822

Andrews Mrs Margret Andrews [4th Dragoon Guards] 7.11.1822

Crilly John Crilly, a Child 6.11.1822

McGowan Mary McGowan, a child 24.11.1822

Smyth Ann Smyth, a Child 30.12.1822


Evans Mary Evans, late of Belfast 16.1.1823

Clinton Mary Clinton of Dundalk 22.1.1823

Gibbs Samuel Gibbs, late of England 23.1.1823

Atkinson James Atkinson of Dundalk 10.2.1823

Parker Elizabeth Parker of Dundalk 11.3.1823

Hargiton Catherine Hargiton of Ballymascanlon 14.3.1823

Hardigan James Hardigan [Private 15th Foot] 3.4.1823

Marks [blank] Marks, a Child 19.3.1823

Hopkins Catherine Hopkins [Died in the Louth Hospital] 11.3.1823

McCullagh Mrs Elizabeth McCullagh of Killin 8.4.1823

Gunning Francis Gunning of Phillipstown 20.4.1823

Watson Robert Watson, a poor man 20.4.1823

Currin Mr Edwin Currin of Dundalk 26.5.1823

Ervine Rose Ann Ervine of Dundalk 12.6.1823

McCullagh Elizabeth McCullagh of Killin 15.6.1823

Malone Mrs Malone of Seatown 16.6.1823

Marks Margret Marks of Dundalk 29.6.1823

Scott Charlotte Scott of Dundalk 28.6.1823

Healy William Healy, a child [7th Dragoon Guards] 22.7.1823

Nickle Jane Nickle, a child [79th Highlanders] 26.7.1823

Stevenson Catherine Stevenson, a child 29.7.1823

Atkinson Mrs Anne Atkinson of Dundalk 11.8.1823

Hanna Thomas Hanna, a child 15.8.1823

Gibson Elizabeth Gibson, a child [7th Dragoon Guards] 20.8.1823

McGarrity Biddy McGarrity of Dundalk [a child] 21.8.1823

Hircks George Hircks of Dundalk [Coach Agent] 6.9.1823

Ferguson Matthew Ferguson of Dundalk [a child] 6.9.1823

Taylor William Taylor [Officer on Half pay] Dundalk 8.9.1823

Leslie William Leslie [79th Highlanders] 29.9.1823

Patterson John Patterson, a child Dundalk 1.10.1823

McCullum John McCullum, a child Dundalk 6.10.1823

Crowe John Crowe of Dundalk 17.10.1823

Reynolds David Reynolds [7th Dragoon Guards] 25.10.1823

Crilly [blank] Crilly of Dundalk 31.10.1823

Fairfield William Fairfield [Died in the Louth Hospital] 4.11.1823

Malone Thomas Malone of Seatown 6.12.1823

Patton Ann Patton [Charter School] 13.12.1823

Myres Mrs Catherine Myres of Phillipstown 30.12.1823


Scott Anne Scott of Dundalk 20.1.1824

Coulter Jane Coulter of Skyhill 30.1.1824

Brooks Robert Brooks [7th D Guards] 9.2.1824

Fauchey Frederick Fauchey, a Foundling 7.3.1824

Williams Mr David Williams [Sea Captain] 20.3.1824

Best William Best, a poor boy 29.3.1824

Smyth Mary Anne Smyth, a child 9.4.1824

Reid Mr William Reid of Dundalk [Gardner] 22.4.1824

Getty Mrs Jane Getty of Dundalk 28.4.1824

Thompson John Thompson late of Sligo 7.5.1824

McGragh Mary McGragh of Dundalk 10.5.1824

Shekleton John Shekleton [Surgeon, of Dublin] 31.5.1824

Dowdell Mrs Anne Dowdell of Dundalk 8.6.1824

Keith John Keith, a boy, of Dundalk 11.6.1824

McNeill Richard Graham McNeill, a child, Dundalk 16.6.1824

Dransfield John Dransfield of Dundalk 13.6.1824

Armstrong Susanna Armstrong, a child, Dundalk 20.6.1824

Houstin James Houstin, a Sailor of Orkney, Scotland 29.6.1824

Blakely Anna Maria Blakely of Dundalk 25.7.1824

Whittager C Ann Whittager of Castletown 25.7.1824

Balam Martha Balam of Dundalk 25.7.1824

Wogan Ann Wogan, a child [5th Dragoon Guards] 30.7.1824

Crawley John Crawley of Dundalk 7.8.1824

Purcell Mary Elinor Purcell of Dundalk 19.8.1824

Crowe Faithfull Crowe of Dundalk 21.8.1824

Moffit Agness Moffit, a child [5th D Guards] 22.8.1824

Ryding Miss Ryding, a child [5th D Guards] 23.8.1824

Seaver Nicolina Seaver of Heath Hall Co Armagh 31.8.1824

Parks James Parks of Dundalk 1.9.1824

Goody Serragh Goody [5th D Guards] 8.9.1824

Black Elizabeth Black [the rifle Brigade Died on the March] 9.9.1824

Blunt James Blunt [the rifle Brigade Died on the March] 9.9.1824

Hill Mary Ann Hill of Dundalk 16.9.1824

Tomilson David Tomilson, child of a Stranger 17.9.1824

Robison Caroline Robison, a child Dundalk 29.9.1824

Donally Jane Donally of Dundalk 3.10.1824

Davison Alexander Davison, late of Scotland, died in the Louth Hospital 12.10.1824

Cullins Jane Cullins [Charter School] 5.11.1824

McKinny Francis McKinny of Dundalk 14.11.1824

Owens Thomas Owens, a Sailor [Drowned] 25.11.1824

Wattinson John Wattinson, a Sailor 5.12.1824

Johnston John Johnston of Dundalk 10.12.1824

Reid Robert Reid, Pensioner, late of County Cavan 27.12.1824


Godbey Mary Godbey of Dundalk 2.1.1825

Stevenson Mary Stevenson of Dundalk 7.1.1825

Page William Stephen Page of Dundalk 13.1.1825

Campbell Fanny Campbell of Dundalk 14.1.1825

Hill Mary Hill of Dundalk 23.1.1825

Patterson Thomas Patterson [Brazier] 2.2.1825

Page Mrs Francis Maria Page of Dundalk 24.2.1825

Porter Mary Porter of Dundalk 6.3.1825

Syniss John Syniss of Dowdalshill 6.3.1825

Twible Mrs Mary Twible of Dundalk 26.3.1825

Harrison Rodger Harrison of Dundalk 10.4.1825

Williams Catherine Williams of Dundalk 28.4.1825

Hanlon Catherine Hanlon [Charter School] 20.5.1825

Brown Mrs Mary Brown 28.5.1825

Mullen Isabella Mullen of Dundalk 19.6.1825

Parr Mrs Leticia Parr of Dundalk 28.6.1825

Hunt John Hunt [1st R Dragoons] 8.6.1825

Holdin Catherine Holdin of Dundalk 5.7.1825

Jolly Joseph Jolly of Dundalk 5.7.1825

Allin Mary Allin [Died in the Louth Hospital] 15.7.1825

Allin Mary Allin, a child Dundalk 21.7.1825

Allan Jane Allan, a child Dundalk 26.7.1825

Williams Mary Ann Williams of Dundalk 28.7.1825

Elgin Sophia Elgin, a child 30.7.1825

Gifney Mrs Francis Gifney of Dundalk 15.8.1825

Cotter Susanna Cotter [1st R Dragoons] 24.8.1825

Tours Miss Hariott Tours of Sportmans Hall 26.8.1825

Patterson Mrs Jane Patterson of Dundalk 5.9.1825

Perkins Jane Perkins [1st R Dragoons] 5.9.1825

Mereer Jane Mereer of Dundalk 8.9.1825

Smyth Charles Smyth 10.9.1825

Blakely Robert Blakely of Dundalk, a child 3.11.1825

McLoughlin Margret McLoughlin, a child 5.11.1825

Bowie Oliver Bowie of Wales [a Sailor] 13.11.1825

Mouratz Isabella Mouratz of Dundalk 22.11.1825

Whittager Charles Whittager, a child 28.11.1825

Reid Robert Reid of Dundalk 7.12.1825

Nolan Michl Nolan of Dundalk 26.12.1825

Johnston Mary Johnston of Dundalk 21.12.1825

Armstrong Anne Armstrong of Dundalk 22.12.1825

Galway William Galway, late of County Antrim 24.12.1825

Harrisson Thomas Harrisson [1st D Guards] 24.12.1825


Cox Easther Cox of Dundalk 9.1.1826

Crawford Thomas F Crawford, a child 9.1.1826

Lennon Martha Lennon of Seatown 10.1.1826

Smyth Robert Smyth [Coach Driver] 15.1.1826

Townley William Townley of Dundalk 27.1.1826

Brown John Brown [Schoolmaster] 4.2.1826

Ivers Mrs Joyce Ivers of Mount Baile 5.2.1826

Graves Charles Graves of Dundalk 5.2.1826

Phillips Maria Phillips, Daughter of the Barrickmaster 2.2.1826

Elgin Miss Nancy Elgin of Dundalk 14.3.1826

Smyth Mary Smyth [Died in the Louth Hospital] 15.3.1826

Atkinson Miss Dolly Atkinson of Dundalk 26.3.1826

Shekleton Miss Jane Shekleton of Dundalk 27.3.1826

Russell Thomas Russell of Ballymascanlon 28.3.1826

McBlane Mary McBlane of Dundalk 1.4.1826

Vincent Joseph Vincent of Dundalk 18.4.1826

Dunn George Dunn [3rd L Dragoons] 21.4.1826

Graves Mrs Jane Graves of Dundalk 29.4.1826

Stubbs Ellin Stubbs, a child Dundalk 18.5.1826

Brown Alexander Brown of Castletown 19.5.1826

Brown Susan Brown of Castletown 22.5.1826

Heavens Elizabeth Heavens of Dundalk 24.5.1826

Walker Robert Walker [3rd L Dragoons] 30.5.1826

Freeman Mrs Anne Freeman [3rd L Dragoons] 2.6.1826

Parks Susan Parks of Dundalk 9.6.1826

Stratton Mrs Magdalin Stratton of Seatown 10.6.1826

Mairsdam John Mairsdam [50th Regt] 10.6.1826

Porter Catherine Porter of Dundalk 10.6.1826

Chambers Anna Chambers of Dundalk 13.6.1826

Brown John Brown, a child Seatown 22.6.1826

Crawley Mast Henry Crawley of Dublin 27.6.1826

Gray John Gray of Dundalk 28.6.1826

Russell James Russell, a child Ballymascanlon 29.7.1826

Russell Thomas Russell, a child Dundalk 10.9.1826

Hall Serragh Hall, a child [3rd L Dragoons] 17.9.1826

Sturgeon Anne Jane Sturgeon, a child going to the Foundling Hospital 24.9.1826

Frazier Alexander Frazier, late of Scotland 2.11.1826

Molloy Miss Gertrude Molloy, late of America 15.11.1826

Sands Richard Sands of Dundalk 17.11.1826

Brown Samuel Brown of Seatown 19.11.1826

Hill Elizabeth Hill [3rd L Dragoons] 20.11.1826

McCormick Catherine McCormick [Charter School] 23.11.1826

Hill Anne Hill [Demesne] 23.11.1826

Scott William Scott Esqr [3rd L Dragoons V S] 1.12.1826


Godbey Mary Godbey of Dundalk 12.1.1827

Hill Robert Forster Hill of Dundalk 18.1.1827

Welsh James Welsh, late of England [a Sailor] 25.1.1827

Hill James Hill of Dundalk 26.1.1827

Parker Thomas Parker Esqr of Dundalk 24.1.1827

Shimmington Mary Shimmington late of Lurgan 2.2.1827

Viney Caroline Viney, a child [3rd L Dragoons 18.2.1827

Gray John Gray of Dundalk 27.2.1827

Albion David Albion [a Sailor late of Wales] 5.3.1827

Tallon Lawrence Tallon Esqr of Dundalk 18.3.1827

Phillips John Phillips, a child of Mr Phillips Barrickmaster 14.4.1827

Corns Hanna Corns of Dundalk 28.4.1827

Roberts John William Thomas Roberts, a child 21.4.1827

Farrington Thomas Farrington, late of England [a child] 21.5.1827

Whitager Charles Whitager [Town Sergeant] 2.6.1827

Jennings Margret Jennings of Dundalk 3.6.1827

Adams Jane Adams [3rd L Dragoons] 8.6.1827

Jollie Miss Jemima Jollie of Dundalk 8.7.1827

Page Mrs Dorothy Page of Dundalk 13.7.1827

Lyons Mary Lyons of Dundalk 22.7.1827

Connally Peter Connally 8th Hussars] 29.7.1827

Butler Nancy Butler of Dundalk 4.8.1827

McClain James McClain of Dundalk 6.8.1827

Reddy Margret Reddy of Dundalk 27.8.1827

Middleton Frederick Agustus Middleton, a child 12.9.1827

Parks Hugh Parks of Dundalk 24.9.1827

Gray Catherin Gray of Dundalk 28.9.1827

Norris Henry Norris [8th Hussars] 24.9.1827

Richie William Richie [5th Dragoons] 9.10.1827

Tipping Miss Edwina Rebecca Tipping of Bellurgan Park 14.10.1827

Holdin Anne Holdin of Dundalk 2.10.1827

Jenner Ann Jenner, a child [Dundalk] 15.10.1827

Rooney Mary Anne Rooney of Killincool 24.10.1827

Roarke James Roarke of Dundalk 29.10.1827

Cunning Hugh Cunning of Dundalk 1.11.1827

Marks Thomas Marks of Dundalk 5.11.1827

McCullagh Serragh McCullagh of Dundalk 10.11.1827

Cunning Catherine Cunning of Dundalk 12.11.1827

Brown Margret Brown of Seatown 22.11.1827

Hamill Margret Hamill of Dundalk 25.11.1827

Turney Alicia Turney of Dundalk 8.12.1827

Clerke John Clerke of Seatown 12.12.1827

Wackford Thomas Wackford, a child [86th Regt] 13.12.1827

Skillicorn Mary Skillicorn, a child late of England 14.12.1827

Green Hannah Green, a child [8th Hussars] 14.12.1827

Reiley George Reiley of Dundalk 17.12.1827

Skillicorn Martha Skillicorn, late of England 18.12.1827

Keon Michl Keon [Apothecary] of Longford 26.12.1827


Reiley Elinor Jane Reiley [8th Hussars] 4.1.1828

Purcell Mrs Leticia Purcell of Dundalk 2.1.1828

Bardin Alfred Thackeray Bardin of Dundalk [an infant] 14.1.1828

Murphy Robert Murphy of Dundalk 8.1.1828

Crawford William Crawford, a poor man 11.1.1828

Mereer Mary Jane Mereer, a child 18.1.1828

McGragh Rebecca McGragh, a child 22.1.1828

Jocelyn Hon’ble John Jocelyn of Fairhill 24.1.1828

Johnston [blank] Johnston, a child 26.1.1828

McClenihan Robert McClenihan of Dundalk 20.1.1828

Sullivan John Sullivan of Dundalk 29.1.1828

Wilkinson Eliza Wilkinson [8th Hussars] 3.2.1828

Sanderson James Sanderson, late of Dublin 7.2.1828

Tomilson Sarah Tomilson, a child [Dundalk] 10.2.1828

Parks Anne Parks of Dundalk 12.2.1828

Crawley Hugh Crawley, a child [Dublin] 12.2.1828

Robinson Thomas Robinson, a Sailor 16.2.1828

McClintock Emma Seline McClintock of Dundalk 20.2.1828

Join Sisley Join of Dundalk 29.2.1828

Murphy Miss Anne Murphy, a child [Dundalk] 5.4.1828

Hall Jas George Hall, a child [17th Lancers] 18.4.1828

McClinihan Mary McClinihan of Dundalk 20.4.1828

Kidd George Chas Kidd, a child [Charter School] 29.4.1828

McGilvery Daniel McGilvery, a child [Dundalk] 7.5.1828

Rogers Elizabeth Rogers of Dundalk 26.5.1828

Shaw Robert Shaw of Dundalk 5.6.1828

Boate Mrs Margaret Boate of Dundalk 12.6.1828

Costello John Costello, a child [17th Lancers] 9.6.1828

Bestt Elizabeth Bestt of Dundalk 25.6.1828

Brannon Corporal Brannon [37th Regt] 26.6.1828

McHenery Stephen McHenery [17th Lancers] 3.7.1828

O’Briens John O’Briens, a Pensioner 5.7.1828

Patterson John Patterson of Ballymascanlon 7.7.1828

Hall Bill Hall, a Foundling 12.7.1828

Courtney Wm Ryecroft Courtney, a child [17th Lancers] 13.7.1828

Chambers John Chambers [17th Lancers] 23.7.1828

Farley Matild[a] Farley, a child [17th Lancers] 25.7.1828

Britton Amelia M Britton, a child [17th Lancers] 29.7.1828

Mitchel Sally Mitchel of County Monaghan 30.7.1828

Hall George Augustus Hall, a child [17th Lancers] 21.8.1828

Burns Mary Burns, a poor woman 30.8.1828

Crowe Richard Crowe of Dundalk 31.8.1828

Forde Revd James Forde, Curate of Forkhill 19.9.1828

Marks George Marks, a child [Dundalk] 25.9.1828

Gray Mrs Gray of Dundalk 10.10.1828

Smith Ann Smith, a child [Dundalk] 13.10.1828

Taffe Thomas Taffe of Dundalk 19.10.1828

Griffin John Griffin, a Sailor [Drowned] 24.10.1828

Brown Eliza Brown, a child [86th Regt] 24.10.1828

Russell Mary Russell, a child [Dundalk] 14.11.1828

Hinds Richard Hinds, a child [Dundalk] 25.11.1828

Farley Timothy Farley [Foot] 2.12.1828

Murphy Mrs Anne Murphy of Castletown 7.12.1828

Darley Mr Richard Darley of Kingscourt 16.12.1828


Mouritz James Mouritz of Dundalk 3.1.1829

Courtyne Francis Courtyne, a child [17th Lancers] 8.1.1829

Buck James Buck [17th Lancers] 10.1.1829

Turney Ann Turney of Dundalk 13.1.1829

Porter [blank] Porter, a child [Dindalk] 16.1.1829

Reid Catherin Reid of Dundalk 12.2.1829

Isaac John Isaac, late of Leith, Scotland [Drowned on the 19th Decbr 1828] 24.2.1829

Getty Mary Anne Getty of Dundalk 9.3.1829

McNeill [blank] McNeill of Dundalk 18.3.1829

Lewis Mary Anne Lewis, a child [17th Lancers] 21.3.1829

Page Samuel Page, late of Dublin 29.3.1829

Montgomery Master William Montgomery, late of Dublin 30.3.1829

Rogers Rose Rogers, a poor woman [Dundalk] 18.4.1829

Bourne John Bourne Esqr of Priorland 23.4.1829

Smyth Mary Smyth of Dundalk 24.4.1829

Elphin Mary Elphin of Marshes 26.5.1829

Armstrong Mary Armstrong of Corbellas 23.6.1829

Jameson Anne Jameson [near the Barricks] 26.6.1829

Marks Charlotte Marks of Dundalk 21.7.1829

Welsh Anne Jane Welsh, a child [the 6th or Enniskilins] 13.8.1829

McGusty Mrs Mary McGusty of Derryfalone 20.8.1829

Eccles George Eccles of Dundalk 21.8.1829

Sheddin Robert Sheddin of Dundalk 13.9.1829

Burke Mrs James Burke of Dundalk 15.9.1829

Doyle Jane Doyle, a child [6th of Enniskillings] 23.9.1829

Healy John Healy of Dowdallshill 29.9.1829

Devilly Robert Devilly [6th or Enniskillins] 12.10.1829

Scott Robert Scott of Dundalk 5.11.1829

Dickson George Dickson [Quartermaster Enniskilling Dragoons] 8.11.1829

Maguire Ann Maguire of Dundalk 9.11.1829

Casiday Widow Casiday [Died in the Hospital] 8.11.1829

Adair Robert Adair of Dundalk 11.11.1829

Bell Robert Bell, a Sailor late of Newcastle 12.11.1829

Harrison Mary Harrison of Dundalk 19.11.1829

Baily Thomas Baily [Enniskilling Dragoons] 25.11.1829

Crawley Widow Crawley of Dundalk 29.11.1829

Dunne Margret Dunne of Dundalk 1.12.1829

Lowe Ellin Lowe [Charter School] 6.12.1829

Getty Dr John Getty of Dundalk 8.12.1829

Hale Alexander Hale of Dundalk 17.12.1829

A Child found in the river 20.12.1829


Woods Robert Woods of Stephenstown 3.1.1830

Ferguson John Ferguson, a child [Dundalk] 7.1.1830

Knox William Knox, a child [Enniskilling Dragoons] 14.1.1830

Carrol Anne Carrol, a child [Enniskilling Dragoons] 18.1.1830

Lewis Elizabeth Lewis of Dundalk 28.1.1830

Evans David Evans, a Sailor 28.1.1830

Colvin Richard Colvin, late of Belfast 14.2.1830

[no surname] John & Henry [blank], Twins [Enniskilling Dragoons] 4.3.1830

McCafrey Elizabeth McCafrey [Enniskilling Dragoons] 7.3.1830

Kidd Mrs Frances Kidd [Charter School] 8.3.1830

Baxter William Baxter of Dundalk 9.3.1830

Frood Mrs Sarah Frood of Dundalk 20.3.1830

Smith Walter B Smith, a child [Dundalk] 23.3.1830

Page Mr Stephen Page of Dundalk 29.3.1830

Nolan Mary Nolan, a child [Dundalk] 4.4.1830

McGragh Thomas McGragh, a child [Dundalk] 6.4.1830

Gordon Mary Gordon [Enniskillings] 9.4.1830

McGarr Elizabeth McGarr, a child [Enniskillings] 12.4.1830

Armstrong Mary Anne Armstrong [Enniskillings] 25.4.1830

Russell William Russell of Dundalk 26.4.1830

Turner Matty Turner [Enniskillings] 27.4.1830

Brown John Brown, a child [Dundalk] 4.5.1830

Parkinson James Parkinson of Dundalk 9.5.1830

Tully John Tully [7th Hussars] 16.5.1830

McCollum James McCollum of Dundalk 27.5.1830

Morrow Peter Morrow, a Sailor 29.5.1830

Hill Mrs Mary Hill of Dundalk 11.6.1830

Kidd John Kidd, a child [Charter School] 15.6.1830

Greenlaw John Greenlaw [7th Hussars] 26.6.1830

Child of the Charter School 29.6.1830

Neilson Mrs Agnes Neilson of Dundalk 13.7.1830

Stratton The Infant Child of John Stratton, Dundalk 15.7.1830

Babington Elizabeth Babington of Castletown 30.7.1830

Wright Betsy Wright, a child of Watter Guard 2.8.1830

Nightingale Thomas Nightingale, a child [7th Hussars] 3.8.1830

Page Robert Page Esqr of Dundalk 30.8.1830

Noble Surgeon Noble of Dundalk 2.9.1830

Figiss Betty Figgis, Widow of Dundalk 3.9.1830

Kinidy James Kinidy, a child [Dundalk] 9.9.1830

McCoy Elizabeth McCoy, a child [Dundalk] 30.9.1830

Gray Neilson Gray of Dundalk 10.10.1830

Bradshaw Thomas Bradshaw, a child [7th Hussars] 30.10.1830

Sharples Edward Sharples, a Sailor of the Brig Albion 6.9.1830

Holdin William Holdin of Dundalk 19.10.1830

Evans Edward Evans [7th Hussars] 5.12.1830

Stanley William Stanley [7th Hussars] 9.12.1830

Nightingale Merron Nightingale [7th Hussars] 10.12.1830

Tallin Mrs Tallin of Dundalk 17.12.1830

Castles Mary Castles, a child [7th Hussars] 23.12.1830

Evans Christian Evans of Dundalk 24.12.1830


Wateson Jane Wateson, a child [Dundalk] 12.1.1831

Eyre Mrs Mary Eyre of Dundalk 18.1.1831

Parker Mr Joseph Parker of Dundalk 30.1.1831

Parkinson Susanna Parkinson of Dundalk 4.2.1831

Larkin Hugh Larkin, late of Preston 13.2.1831

Campbell Widow Campbell [Died in the Hospital] 3.3.1831

Jackson Jane Jackson of Dundalk 4.3.1831

Sidley Andw Sidley of Dundalk 10.3.1831

Bidolph Francis Bidolph, a child [7th Hussars] 18.3.1831

Hinds Roger Hinds, late of Preston 15.3.1831

Bourne Mrs Eliza Bourne of Priorland 14.4.1831

Dunlap James Dunlap of Dundalk 17.4.1831

Hunter John Hunter [7th Hussars] 18.4.1831

Hinds Elizabeth Hinds of Dundalk 1.5.1831

Campbell Susan Campbell, a child [Dundalk] 2.5.1831

Armstrong John Armstrong [Sergt, 5th Dragoon Guards] 5.5.1831

Eastwood Mary Luisa Eastwood of Dundalk 18.5.1831

James Matty James, a child [Dundalk] 18.5.1831

Rogers Elizabeth Rogers of Armagh 21.5.1831

Bunburry David Bunburry [5th Dragoon Guards] 21.5.1831

Knowles James Knowles of Dundalk 23.5.1831

Barker Mrs Mary Barker [7th Hussars] 4.6.1831

Clinton Mary Clinton of Dundalk 4.6.1831

Hill Fanny Hill, a child [Dundalk] 21.6.1831

McCollum Mary Ann McCollum, a child [Dundalk] 24.6.1831

Godbey Mrs Jane Godbey of Dundalk 1.7.1831

Dunn Robert Dunn of Dundalk 3.7.1831

Richardson Jane Richardson of Dundalk 5.7.1831

Sands Richard Sands of Dundalk 7.7.1831

McCollum Elisia McCollum, a child [Dundalk] 15.7.1831

Johnson Mary Johnson, a child [Dundalk] 24.7.1831

Reiley [blank] Reiley, a child [Dundalk] 26.7.1831

Crawford Eliz Crawford, a child [Dundalk] 11.8.1831

Plunket Susanna Plunket, a child [5th Dragoon Guards] 22.8.1831

Hill George Hill of Dundalk 29.8.1831

Healy Catherine Healy of Dundalk 1.9.1831

Smyth Robert Smyth, a child [Dundalk] 17.9.1831

Breadin Mary Breadin of Dundalk 25.9.1831

Jacobs John Jacobs, a child [Artillery] 27.9.1831

Keirnan Bernard Keirnan, a child [5th D Guards] 29.9.1831

Downey Michael Downey [5th D Guards] 30.9.1831

Hill John Hill, a child [Dundalk] 2.10.1831

McGinnis Michael McGinnis [5th D Guards] 18.10.1831

McKinsea Thomas McKinsea of Dundalk 22.10.1831

Townley Mr Williiam Townley of Dundalk 23.10.1831

Gilmore Archibald Gilmore of Dundalk 2.11.1831

Martin Margret Martin [Charter School] 9.11.1831

Ash Walter Ash [5th D Guards] 18.11.1831

Reid George Reid, a child [Dundalk] 20.11.1831

Smith Catherine Smith of Dundalk 20.11.1831

Kerr James Kerr, a child [Dundalk] 24.11.1831

Twibill Mrs Elicia Twibill of Castletown 7.12.1831

Young Anne Young, a child [Dundalk] 4.12.1831

Hill Mary Hill, a child [Dundalk] 17.12.1831

Clerke Thomas Clerke, a child [Dundalk] 18.12.1831


Tyson Isaac Tyson of Castletown 4.1.1832

Cox Ann Cox of Dundalk 15.1.1832

Healey Elizabeth Healey of Dowdallshill 25.1.1832

Tracey Anne Tracey, a child [Dundalk] 26.1.1832

Howell Mr George Howell, late of Southhamton, England [Gauger] 7.2.1832

Smith Susan Smith, a child [Dundalk] 7.2.1832

Kidd Fanny Kidd, a child [Charter School] 8.2.1832

Martin Elizabeth Martin [5th Dragoons 8.2.1832

Reiley Susan Reiley [5th Dragoons] 14.2.1832

Graham Jane Graham, a child [5th Dragoons] 15.2.1832

Smith Catherine Smith, a child [Dundalk] 17.2.1832

Reiley Charlotte Reiley, a child [5th Dragoons] 17.2.1832

Eyre George Eyre of Dundalk 27.2.1832

Sheilds Catherine Sheilds, a child [5th Dragoons] 11.3.1832

Flanigan Christian Flanigan, a child [Dundalk] 11.3.1832

Phillips Mrs Deborah Phillips of the Barricks 27.3.1832

Brown Mary Brown, a child [Dundalk] 9.4.1832

Page Mrs Alicia Page of Dundalk 18.4.1832

Rafter Robert Rafter [4th Dragoons] 21.4.1832

Bushell Robert Bushell of Dundalk 24.4.1832

Faulkner Charles Faulkner of Dundalk 29.4.1832

Jervice James Jervice of Dundalk 3.5.1832

Ferguson Mrs Ellin Ferguson of Dundalk 10.5.1832

Reiley John Reiley, a child [Dundalk] 15.5.1832

A stranger late of Rus[s]ia 26.5.1832

Green Mary Ann Green, a child [Dundalk] 27.5.1832

Horne Mrs Jane Horne of Dundalk 1.6.1832

McDowell Ellin McDowell of Dundalk 14.6.1832

Gilmore Mrs Maria Gilmore of Dundalk 18.6.1832

Baile Ben Baile of Dundalk 3.7.1832

Patterson Thomas Patterson of Dundalk 12.7.1832

Wilkinson Mary Ann Wilkinson of Dundalk 16.7.1832

Thompson Ann Thompson of Dundalk 24.7.1832

Cullins Timothy Cullins of Dundalk 29.7.1832

Donally Bridget Donally of Dundalk 31.7.1832

Montgomery Susan Montgomery of Dundalk 1.8.1832

McFall James McFall of Dundalk 3.8.1832

Townley Mrs Alice Townley of Dundalk 4.8.1832

McFall Mary McFall of Dundalk 16.8.1832

Hughes Henry Hughes of Dundalk 19.8.1832

McDowell Mary McDowell of Dundalk 5.9.1832

Cooper Thomas Cooper, a child [Dundalk] 18.9.1832

Adair Widow Adair of Dundalk 26.9.1832

Armstrong William Armstrong of Dundalk 29.9.1832

Hill William Hill of Dundalk 25.10.1832

Townley [blank] Townley, a child [Dundalk] 22.10.1832

Hughs Richard Hughs, a Sailor 25.11.1832

Suney William Suney, a child [4th Dragoons] 12.12.1832

Baxter Catherine Baxter of Dundalk 16.12.1832

Brown Malcolm Brown Esqr of Dundalk 23.12.1832

Parks Mrs Susan Parkes of Dundalk 28.12.1832


Evans John Evans, a Sailor 20.1.1833

Duggin John Duggin, a child [4th Dragoons] 22.1.1833

Kilfoyle Jane Kilfoyle [Police] 29.1.1833

Townley Jane Townley of Dundalk 9.2.1833

Michel Benjamin Michel, late of Cardigan, Wales 22.2.1833

Jones David Jones, late of Cardigan, Wales 24.2.1833

Hanna Sally Hanna, wife of a Seaman 10.3.1833

Kidsler John Kidsler [4th Dragoons] 14.3.1833

King Mr King, late of Sussex 16.3.1833

Stanton Charles Stanton, a child [Dundalk] 19.3.1833

Baile Mary Baile of Dundalk 20.3.1833

Gray [blank] Gray, a child [Dundalk] 28.3.1833

Boyle Michel Boyle [Private, 6th Dragoons or Caribeneers] 9.5.1833

Conally George Conally, a child [Dundalk] 17.5.1833

Hill Edward Hill of Dundalk 24.5.1833

Arford Thomas Arford [Private, 6th Dragoons or Caribeneers] 29.5.1833

Bestt Henry Bestt of Dundalk 9.6.1833

Hartt Elizabeth Hartt [Charter School] 11.6.1833

Kilfoyle Thomas Kilfoyle, a child [Police] 18.6.1833

Hamilton John Hamilton of Dundalk 1.7.1833

Hamond John Hamond [Private, 6th Dragoons or Caribineers] 5.7.1833

McNeill Mrs Anne McNeill of Ballymascanlon 21.7.1833

Lock Mrs Lock, late of Tanderagee 22.7.1833

McBlane Thomas McBlane of Dundalk 11.7.1833

Wilkinson John Wilkinson of Dundalk 28.7.1833

Brown Benjamin Brown of Dundalk 28.7.1833

Reid Eliza Reid, a child [Police] 28.9.1833

Mouritz Robert Mouritz of Dundalk 25.10.1833

Maxwell Mrs Sarah Maxwell of Dundalk 31.10.1833

Gray Anne Gray of Dundalk 7.11.1833

Goodlow Judy Goodlow of Dundalk 8.11.1833

Godbey Catherine Godbey of Dundalk 17.11.1833

Foster Jane Foster, a child [Police] 5.12.1833

McNeill [blank] McNeill of Dundalk 9.12.1833

Montolieu Mrs Anne Montolieu of Dundalk 17.12.1833

Neill Sarah Neill, a child [Dundalk] 21.12.1833

Coulter Miss Jane Coulter of Carinbegg 28.12.1833

Allin George Allin, a child [6th Dragoons] 29.12.1833

Stevenson Jerimiah Stevenson of Dundalk 30.12.1833


Maguire Thomas Maguire [6th Dragoons] 14.1.1834

Mouritz Elizabeth Mouritz of Dundalk 4.2.1834

Jackson Jane Jackson of Dundalk 23.2.1834

Brownling Mary Brownling, a child [6th Dragoons] 26.2.1834

Foster Ellin Foster, a child [Police] 3.3.1834

Scott Miss Jane Scott of Dundalk 8.3.1834

Porter Jane Porter, a child [Dundalk] 22.3.1834

Mooney Edward Mooney, a child [Dundalk] 23.3.1834

Rogers Mrs Rogers of Dowdallshill 27.3.1834

Parkinson William Parkinson, late of Preston 27.3.1834

Marks George Marks, a child [Dundalk] 1.4.1834

McConnell Elizabeth McConnell, a child [Dundalk] 13.4.1834

Hust Thomas Hust [Police] 17.4.1834

Dewhurst Daniel Dewhurst, a child [Dundalk] 2.5.1834

Handfield Mrs Louisa Sar. Handfield of Soldiers Point 4.5.1834

Hust Jane Hust [Police] 8.5.1834

Parker Anna Maria Parker, a child [10th Hussars] 16.5.1834

Russel Anne Russel, a child [Dundalk] 23.5.1834

Holdin Margret Holdin of Dundalk 13.6.1834

Richey Ellin Richey of Dundalk 14.6.1834

Mereer Joseph Mereer of Dundalk 7.6.1834

Scott James Scott of Dundalk 3.7.1834

Harris Samuel Harris of Dundalk 7.8.1834

Callaghan Ellin Callaghan of Dundalk 14.8.1834

Wateson John Wateson of Dundalk 14.8.1834

Russel Bell Russel, a child [Ballymascanlon] 15.8.1834

McCormick John McCormick, a child [Dundalk] 20.5.1834

Mortin Mrs [blank] Mortin of Dundalk 16.8.1834

Shekleton Mrs Margret Shekleton of Dundalk 17.8.1834

Mortin James Mortin of Dundalk 22.8.1834

Barclay [blank] Barclay of Dundalk 19.8.1834

Ramsey John Ramsey of Dundalk 27.8.1834

Flanigan Widow Flanigan of Dundalk 2.9.1834

Brown [blank] Brown of Dundalk 2.9.1834

Marks Thomas Marks of Dundalk 5.9.1834

Dowdal Elizabeth Dowdal of Dundalk 13.9.1834

Johnston John Johnston of Dundalk 29.9.1834

Smith Mr Henry Smith of Dundalk 17.10.1834

Gault Mrs Agnes Gault of Stephenstown 19.10.1834 [Sister of Robert Burns, Scottish poet]

Bell [blank] Bell, a child [Dundalk] 22.10.1834

A Child of a Soldier of 32nd Regiment 23.10.1834

Beatty Margret Beatty of Dundalk 4.11.1834

James Susan James of Dundalk 4.11.1834

Manuel Robert Manuel of Dundalk 5.11.1834

Lyons Sarah Jane Lyons of Dundalk 27.11.1834

Bayle Robert Bayle of Dundalk 22.12.1834


Berkley John Berkley of Dundalk [Sailor] 1.1.1835

Clarke James Clarke of Dundalk 6.1.1835

Wade Anne Wade of Philipstown 11.1.1835

Wadeson John Wadeson of Dundalk 19.1.1835

Lyster Eleanor Lyster of Preston 27.1.1835

Caldwell William James Caldwell of Dundalk 4.2.1835

Martin Thomas Martin [10th R Hussars] 15.2.1835

Purcel Malcolm Browne Purcel of Dundalk 26.2.1835

Blythe Jane Blythe of Dundalk 4.3.1835

Parks Joseph Parks of Dundalk 22.3.1835

Stubbs Margaret Stubbs of Dundalk 14.3.1835

Stubbs George Stubbs of Dundalk 16.3.1835

McCormick Mrs McCormick of Dundalk 29.3.1835

Clarke James Clarke of Dundalk 30.3.1835

Edmondson Francis Edmondson of Dundalk 16.5.1835

Purcel Joseph Purcel of Dundalk 21.5.1835

Magrath William Magrath of Dundalk 29.5.1835

Clarke James Clarke of Dundalk 11.6.1835

Williams John Williams of Dundalk 12.6.1835

Haliday Elizabeth Haliday of Dundalk 16.6.1835

Barker Samuel Danley Barker [14th Lt Dragoons] 26.6.1835

Twybill George Twybill of Dundalk 2.7.1835

Murray Thos S M Murray of Dundalk 25.8.1835

Hill Mrs Dor Hill of Dundalk 21.9.1835

Russell Anne Russell of Ballymascanlan 21.9.1835

Louther John Louther of Dundalk 25.9.1835

Deverin Sarah Deverin [14th Lt Dragoons] 25.10.1835

Reid George Reid of Killincool 28.10.1835

Batten Elizabeth Batten of Dundalk 17.11.1835

Armstrong Alexander Armstrong of Corbollis 8.12.1835

Philips Joseph Philips of Dundalk 17.12.1835

Murray John Murray [Barrack Master’s Sergeant] 20.12.1835


Foster Edward Foster of Dundalk 1.1.1836

Boate H L G F L Boate of Dundalk 10.1.1836

Lyons Alicia Lyons of Dundalk 1.2.1836

Blythe Sarah Blythe of Dundalk 6.2.1836

Smith Francis Smith of Dundalk 14.2.1836

Ubank Frederic Ubank [14th Lt Dragoons 27.2.1836

Parks Richard Parks [33rd Regt Foot] 10.3.1836

Reid John Reid of Dundalk 16.3.1836

Montgomery John Montgomery of Dundalk 26.3.1836

Kingsmill Thomas Kingsmill of Dundalk 27.3.1836

Kelly Thomas Kelly [14th Lt Dragoons] 28.3.1836

Adair Eleanor Adair of Dundalk 18.4.1836

Stubbs Anne Stubbs of Dundalk 20.4.1836

Godby Hanna Godby of Dundalk 13.5.1836

Brunker Edward Brunker of Dundalk 18.5.1836

Adair John Adair of Dundalk 28.5.1836

Haliday John Haliday of Dundalk 31.5.1836

Adair James Wm Adair of Dundalk 17.6.1836

Anderson James Anderson [R Scots Greys] 21.6.1836

Scott Susanna Scott of Dundalk 3.7.1836

Atkinson John Atkinson of Dundalk 8.7.1836

North Mary Anne North of Dundalk 16.7.1836

Stubbs Isabella Jane Stubbs of Dundalk 25.7.1836

Neal Margaret Neal of Keady 30.7.1836

Coulter Dorcas Coulter of Dundalk 18.8.1836

Swinsham Joseph Swinsham of Dundalk 4.9.1836

Woods James Woods of Dundalk 11.9.1836

Reilly Elias Reilly of Dundalk 12.9.1836

Johnston Eliza Johnston of Dundalk 18.9.1836

Roberts Boyd Roberts of Dundalk 23.9.1836

Elliott Mary Elliott of Dundalk 13.10.1836

Lawson Robert Lawson of Dundalk 20.10.1836

Bredin William Bredin of Dundalk 20.10.1836

Welch Thomas Welch of Dundalk 29.10.1836

Parks Thomas Parks of Dundalk 31.10.1836

Whitfield Ruth Whitfield of Dundalk 1.11.1836

Forsythe Nole Forsythe of Dundalk 5.11.1836

Dugan Mary Jane Dugan of Dundalk 6.12.1836

Purdy Thomas Purdy [Royal S Greys] 22.12.1836

Gubbins Mrs Anne Gubbins of Dundalk 23.12.1836


Harrison Eliza Harrison of Dundalk 2.1.1837

Cox Ralf Cox of Dundalk 5.1.1837

Anual William Anual [R Scots Greys] 9.1.1837

Crilly Thomas Crilly of Dundalk 17.1.1837

Hill Agnes Hill of Dundalk 22.1.1837

Stubbs Mary Stubbs of Dundalk 23.1.1837

Forde James Forde of Raughlin 27.1.1837

Vicars Mrs Vicars of Dundalk 28.1.1837

Foster Anne Foster of Dundalk 1.2.1837

Butler Jane Butler of Dundalk 2.2.1837

Barlaw Susan Barlaw of Dundalk 6.2.1837

Townsend Edward Townsend of Dundalk 8.2.1837

Boate Maria Boate of Dublin 11.2.1837

Jenison Charles Jenison [S… Sergeant the Scots Greys] 16.2.1837

Easson John Easson [Sergeant School Master the Scots Greys] 18.2.1837

Hill Mary Hill of Dundalk 22.2.1837

McClure Adam McClure [Sergeant R Scots Greys] 15.3.1837

McClure Jane McClure, daughter of the preceding 5.4.1837

Ward John Ward [R Scots Greys] 5.4.1837

Miller Charles Miller [R Scots Greys] 12.4.1837

Hargiton Edward Hargiton of Dundalk 13.4.1837

Lloyd John Lloyd of Dundalk 13.4.1837

Weldon Jannet Weldon, a child [R Scots Greys] 26.4.1837

Scott Eliza Scott of Dundalk 7.5.1837

Ryans Margaret Ryans of Dundalk 7.5.1837

Woods William Woods of Dundalk 24.5.1837

Halliday William Halliday of Dundalk 10.6.1837

Williams Daniel Williams 18.6.1837

Hill George Hill of Dundalk 25.6.1837

Eyre Joseph Eyre of Dundalk 26.6.1837

Fortescue Henry Fortescue of Dundalk 11.7.1837

Owens David Owens [the … Hussars] 21.7.1837

Page Dr Robert Page of Dundalk 30.7.1837

Chambers John Chambers of Dundalk 7.8.1837

Molony Mrs Molony, wife of Rev Arthur Molony, Dundalk 24.8.1837

Gillichan Dr Joseph Gillichan of Dundalk 5.9.1837

Reid Sarah Reid of Killincool 7.9.1837

Holden Benjamin Holden of Dundalk 19.9.1837

Cox Betty Cox of Dundalk 27.9.1837

Pepper Anne Pepper of Dundalk 26.10.1837

Page Fanny Page of Dundalk 21.11.1837

Jackson William Jackson of Dundalk 30.11.1837

Bradbury Mrs Bradbury, wife of Serg Major, 1st Dr Gds 1.12.1837

Beatty Elizabeth Beatty of Kilkeel 20.12.1837

Murray Mrs Murray, wife of Private Murray, 1st Dr Gds 26.12.1837

Reilly Widow Reilly of Dundalk 16.12.1837


Crane Mrs C Crane of Dundalk 1.1.1838

Kennedy Letitia Kennedy of Dundalk 3.1.1838

Smith Mrs Smith of Dundalk 6.1.1838

Gray Daniel Gray of Dundalk 13.1.1838

Richey William Richey of Dundalk 18.1.1838

Lawson Joseph Lawson of Dundalk 28.1.1838

Elgee Agnes Elgee of Dundalk 29.1.1838

Rourke Mary Rourke of Dundalk 29.1.1838

Hawthorn Francis Hawthorn [1st Dr Guards] 31.1.1838

Hill Thomas Hill of Armagh 4.2.1838

Crilly Margaret Crilly of Dundalk 8.2.1838

Lucas Miss Lucas of Dundalk 13.2.1838

Higham William Higham of Preston 19.2.1838

Atkinson John Atkinson of Dundalk 22.2.1838

Frood James N Frood of Dundalk 23.2.1838

Hale William Hale of Dundalk 6.3.1838

Shekleton George Shekleton, an infant [Dundalk] 14.3.1838

Parks Elizabeth Parks of Dundalk 20.3.1838

McClanaghan John McClanaghan of Dundalk 20.3.1838

Slator William Slator [1st Dr Guards] 23.3.1838

Mouritz Mary Mouritz of Dundalk 26.3.1838

Carr Jane Carr of Dundalk 30.3.1838

Lyster James Lyster of Dundalk 12.4.1838

Deacon Mrs Deacon [1st Dr Gds] 17.4.1838

Godby William Godby of Dundalk 20.4.1838

Russel Mary Anne Russel 3.5.1838

Walsh Jean Walsh, infant [8th Hussars] 3.5.1838

Gorman Jane Gorman of Dundalk 28.5.1838

Godby Jane Godby of Dundalk 29.5.1838

Joly Mrs Joly of Dundalk 12.6.1838

Graham Richard Graham [8th Hussars] 20.6.1838

McCoy Elizabeth McCoy of Dundalk 26.6.1838

Woods Anne Woods of Dundalk 13.7.1838

Kelly Mrs Catherine Kelly of Dundalk 20.7.1838

Butler Robert Butler of Dundalk 20.7.1838

Neil Thomas Neil [Master of the Landau] 22.8.1838

Chambers Howard Chambers of Dundalk 27.8.1838

Sands Elizabeth Sands of Dundalk 31.8.1838

Hill William Hill of Dundalk 2.9.1838

Hill Martha Hill of Dundalk 4.9.1838

McDowell Thomas McDowell of Dundalk 27.9.1838

Coulter Arthur Coulter of Dundalk 5.10.1838

Bergin Francis Bergin [8th Hussars] 19.10.1838

Ramsbottom Richard Ramsbottom [8th Hussars] 22.10.1838

D’Arcy Henry D’Arcy of Dundalk 26.10.1838

Nolan Hugh Nolan [8th Hussars] 4.11.1838

Dalton Thomas Dalton of Dundalk 20.11.1838

Hill Emily Hill of Dundalk 20.11.1838

Wilks Samuel Wilks of Dundalk 20.11.1838

Clinton Jane Clinton of Dundalk 7.12.1838

Knowles John Knowles [Pin Factory Dundalk] 20.12.1838

Page John Page of Dundalk 14.12.1838

Crilly Sarah Crilly of Dundalk 23.12.1838

Smith James Smith [61st Regt] 26.12.1838

Poad William Poad of Berwick on Tweed 28.12.1838


McDonnell Mary McDonnell of Dundalk 5.1.1839

Crawley John Crawley of Dundalk 8.1.1839

Cross William Cross of Dundalk 8.1.1839

McDonnell Michael McDonnell of Dundalk 17.1.1839

Townley Sarah Townley of Dundalk 23.1.1839

Webb George Webb of Dundalk 1.2.1839

Fitzpatrick Elias Fitzpatrick of Dundalk 1.2.1839

Cameron George Cameron of Dundalk 2.2.1839

Macneill Blanche Macneill of Dundalk 7.2.1839

Linden James Linden of Dundalk 13.2.1839

Emidy Antonia I Emidy of England 24.2.1839

Kerr Adam Kerr [8th Hussars] 27.2.1839

Jones John Jones [Sailor] 2.3.1839

Byrne William Byrne of Dundalk 13.3.1839

Parker Joseph Parker of Dundalk 21.3.1839

Hughes John Hughes of Dundalk 23.3.1839

Mooney Mary Anne Mooney of Dundalk 25.3.1839

Dyer Mary Anne Dyer, a child [8th Hussars] 28.3.1839

Pattison William Pattison of Dundalk 8.4.1839

Byrne William Byrne of Dundalk 14.4.1839

Harvey John Harvey of Dundalk 9.5.1839

Reilly John Reilly of Dundalk 14.5.1839

Eyre George Eyre of Dundalk 16.5.1839

Lyons Sarah Lyons of Dundalk 18.5.1839

Kirkland Eliza Kirkland of Dundalk 11.6.1839

Smith Ralf Smith, a child [8th Hussars] 13.6.1839

Dinsmore Jas D.. Dinsmore of Dundalk 24.7.1839

Haligrun Christian Haligrun of de Wesel 5.8.1839

Pattison Anna Pattison of Dundalk 16.8.1839

Baillie Samuel Baillie of Dundalk 16.8.1839

Daly Eliza Daly of Dundalk 2.9.1839

Watson Mrs Anne Watson of Dundalk 14.9.1839

Clinton Saml Clinton, a child [Dundalk] 21.10.1839

Atkinson Jane Atkinson, a child [Dundalk] 21.11.1839

Paden Alexander Paden of Dundalk 28.11.1839

Day George Day of Dundalk 10.12.1839

Morton William Morton, a child [Dundalk] 22.12.1839

Gray Mary Gray, a child [Dundalk] 25.12.1839


Gotts Samuel Gotts, a child [17th Lancers] 5.1.1840

Straton Alice Straton of Annawacky 7.1.1840

Ridley Saml Ridley of Dundalk 8.1.1840

Doogan Robert Doogan of Dundalk 13.1.1840

Smith John Smith, a child [Dundalk] 20.1.1840

Gray Mary Gray of Dundalk 30.1.1840

Jackson George Jackson, a child [Dundalk] 1.2.1840

Cross Jane Cross of Dundalk 12.2.1840

Duff Margaret Duff of Dundalk 13.2.1840

Gibson Margaret Gibson, a child [Dundalk] 14.2.1840

Kirkland James Kirkland of Dundalk 29.2.1840

Hawthorn William Hawthorn, a child [Dundalk] 3.3.1840

Breakey Anna Jane Breakey, a child [Dundalk] 7.3.1840

McCulla John McCulla of Dundalk 12.3.1840

Lawson Mrs Lawson of Dundalk 20.3.1840

Evans Richard Evans of Dundalk 11.4.1840

Branlan Harriet Branlan of Dundalk 12.4.1840

Dewhurst Mrs Dewhurst of Dundalk 19.4.1840

Maxwell John Maxwell, a child [Dundalk] 26.4.1840

Coulter Samuel Coulter of Dundalk 13.5.1840

Lister Susanna Lister of Dundalk 14.5.1840

Reid Sarah Reid, a child [Dundalk] 4.6.1840

Flannagan Margaret Flannagan, a child [Dundalk] 12.6.1840

Kirwan Thomas Hovenden Kirwan, a child [Dundalk] 19.6.1840

Jocelyn Hon Mrs Jocelyn of Dundalk 18.7.1840

Godbey Thomas Godbey, a child [Dundalk] 23.7.1840

Pattison Jemima Pattison, a child [Dundalk] 28.7.1840

Fawcett Joseph Fawcett of Dundalk 31.7.1840

Brunker William Brunker of Dundalk 10.8.1840

Kane John Kane of Dundalk 13.8.1840

Healey William Healey of Dundalk 26.8.1840

Godbey Catherine Godbey of Dundalk 15.9.1840

Frazer Matthew Frazer, a child [Dundalk] 17.9.1840

Mooney Edward Mooney, a child [Dundalk] 5.10.1840

Gibson James Gibson, a child [Dundalk] 5.10.1840

Kane Sarah Anne Kane, a child [Dundalk] 13.10.1840

Woodworth Charles Woodworth of Dundalk 14.10.1840

Williams Margaret Williams of Dundalk 25.10.1840

Richardson William Richardson of Preston 8.11.1840

Stoup Jane Stoup, a child [Dundalk] 19.11.1840

Gilmore Thomas Archibald Gilmore, a child [Dundalk] 23.11.1840

Kane Frances Kane of Dundalk 8.12.1840

McMahon John McMahon of Dundalk 30.12.1840


McClanaghan John McClanaghan, a child [Dundalk] 4.2.1841

Holden Nicholas Holden of Dundalk 11.2.1841

McCulla John Rob McCulla, a child [Dundalk] 19.2.1841

Robson John Lambert Robson, a child [Dundalk] 3.3.1841

Walker Mrs Walker of Dundalk 15.3.1841

Armstrong William Armstrong, a child [Dundalk] 5.4.1841

Gray Matty Gray of Dundalk 7.4.1841

Gray James Gray of Dundalk 22.4.1841

Maxwell James Maxwell, a child [Dundalk] 27.4.1841

Armstrong Catherine Armstrong of Dundalk 29.4.1841

Godbey Fredk George Godbey, a child [Dundalk] 9.5.1841

Sandes Thomas Sandes of Dundalk 1.6.1841

Higgison Chatham Higgison of Dundalk 13.7.1841

Harvey Robert Harvey of Dundalk 30.7.1841

Tweddle James Tweddle of Dundalk 12.8.1841

Tweddle Elizabeth Tweddle of Dundalk 4.9.1841

Henderson John Henderson of Dundalk 13.9.1841

Jackson James Jackson of Dundalk 18.9.1841

Eldon Robert Eldon of Dundalk 29.9.1841

Parks Maria Parks of Dundalk 27.10.1841

Harrisson Edward Harrisson of Dundalk 27.10.1841

Hill Henry Hill, an infant [Clanbrassil St] 6.11.1841

Parks Joseph Parks of Dundalk 16.11.1841

Dazell William Dazell of Dundalk 22.11.1841

Curran Elizabeth Curran of Dundalk 25.11.1841

Wilson John Wilson [4th Dragoons] 1.12.1841

Crawford John Crawford of Dundalk 30.11.1841

Eckersberg Francisca Eckersberg of Birmingham 6.12.1841

Lyons Robt Lyons of Dundalk 22.12.1841

Ogle Mary Ogle of Dundalk 23.12.1841


Savage John Savage, a child [Dundalk] 4.1.1842

Harrison Margaret Harrison of Dundalk 4.1.1842

Quinton Sarah Quinton of Dundalk 9.2.1842

Marks John Wesley Marks of Dundalk 13.2.1842

Gillighan Elizabeth Gillighan of Dundalk 21.3.1842

Marks Jane Marks of Dundalk 26.3.1842

Eldon William Eldon of Dundalk 18.4.1842

Donaldson Joseph Donaldson of Dundalk 22.4.1842

King Henry King of Faughart 5.6.1842

Bourne Frederick Bourne of Dundalk 20.6.1842

Gillichan Elizabeth Gillichan of Dundalk 9.7.1842

Guest Joseph Guest, a child [Dundalk, 6th D Gds] 10.7.1842

Corrigan William Corrigan of Dundalk 20.7.1842

Tallon John Tallon of Dundalk 31.7.1842

Ball Thomas Ball 9.8.1842

Adair Mary Adair of Dundalk 26.8.1842

Hoare Wm Hoare of the Carabineers 9.9.1842

Smith Rachel Smith of Dundalk 18.9.1842

Turner Elinor Turner of Dundalk 28.9.1842

Brown Jane Brown, a child [Dundalk] 28.9.1842

Hill John Scott Hill, a child [Dundalk] 1.10.1842

Henderson Eliza Henderson, a child [Dundalk] 21.10.1842

Shankey Charles Shankey, a child [Dundalk] 29.10.1842

Gibbons Anne Gibbons of Castletown Mount 7.11.1842

Hawthorn Charles Hawthorn, a child [Dundalk] 10.11.1842

Seaver Mary Jane Seaver of Dundalk 20.11.1842

Arthurs Eliza Arthurs, an infant [Dundalk] 1.12.1842

Turney William Turney of Dundalk 11.12.1842

Moffit Wm Moffit, an infant [Barracks, Dundalk] 14.12.1842

Mostyn Thomas Mostyn of Dundalk 18.12.1842

Gray Samuel Gray of Dundalk 29.12.1842


Green Richard Green of Dundalk 2.1.1843

Elphinstone Joseph Elphinstone of Green Avenue, Dundalk 7.1.1843

Savage Thomas Savage, a child [Dundalk] 12.1.1843

Beatty Joseph Beatty of Dundalk 23.1.1843

Beatty Matilda Beatty of Dundalk 31.1.1843

Bents Robt Bents [12th Lancers, Barracks, Dundalk] 1.2.1843

McGusty George McGusty of Derryfaloun 7.2.1843

McClintock Henry McClintock of Dundalk 2.3.1843

Halpenny Chris Halpenny, a child [Dundalk Gaol] 5.3.1843

Wilson George Wilson of Dundalk 8.3.1843

Smith Elizabeth Smith of Dundalk 14.3.1843

Paisley Matilda Paisley of Dundalk 16.3.1843

Flannigan James Flannigan of Dundalk 22.3.1843

Maxwell George Maxwell of Dundalk 25.3.1843

Woods Mary Woods of Dundalk 28.3.1843

Tynan Letitia Tynan of Dundalk 4.4.1843

Armstrong James Armstrong of Dundalk 4.4.1843

Pasley Andrew Pasley of Dundalk 10.4.1843

Coulter Josephine Coulter, an infant [Dundalk] 15.4.1843

Cummins Hugh Cummins, an infant [Dundalk] 15.4.1843

Kirkland Sophia Kirkland of Dundalk 19.4.1843

Coulter Jane Coulter, a child [Dundalk] 22.4.1843

Crilly Sarah Crilly of Dundalk 3.5.1843

Alexander William Alexander of Dundalk 5.5.1843

Coulter Martha Coulter of Dundalk 6.5.1843

Crilly Walter Crilly, a child [Dundalk] 13.5.1843

Byrne Mary Byrne of Dundalk 19.5.1843

Hudson Thomas Hudson [1st Battn of Rifle Brigade, Barracks, Dundalk] 8.6.1843

Smart Elizabeth Smart of Dundalk 9.6.1843

Shaw Robt Shaw of Dundalk 17.7.1843

Maxwell Peter Maxwell of Dundalk 27.7.1843

Hurst Nancy Hurst of Dundalk 7.8.1843

McGahy John McGahy, an infant [Dundalk] 27.8.1843

Pratt Edwin Pratt of Dundalk 12.9.1843

Haliday Ann Haliday of Dundalk 20.9.1843

Pyne Mervyn Pyne of Dundalk 23.9.1843

Stapleton George Stapleton, a Foundling [Dundalk] 9.11.1843

Hanaway Sarah Hanaway of Dundalk 16.11.1843

Wilkinson Eliza Wilkinson of Dundalk 17.11.1843

Browne Catherine Browne of Dundalk 2.12.1843


McCoy William McCoy of Dundalk 4.1.1844

Clarke Thomas William Clarke of Dundalk 4.1.1844

Duffy Mary Duffy of Dundalk 12.1.1844

Godbey Arthur Godbey, an infant [Dundalk] 12.1.1844

Perry Mary Anne Perry of Dundalk 1.1.1844

Blacklock Martha Blacklock of Dundalk 23.1.1844

Parkes Jane Parkes of Dundalk 2.2.1844

Hughes Edwd Hughes of Louth 5.2.1844

Hagan Margt Hagan of Dundalk 7.2.1844

Gordon Samuel Gordon of Dundalk 12.2.1844

McGusty Robert McGusty of Dundalk 29.2.1844

Joyce Alexander Joyce of the Poor House 5.3.1844

Wiley Robert Wiley of the Poor House 12.3.1844

Godbey Mary Ann Godbey of Dundalk 13.3.1844

Ingram Eliza Ingram of Dundalk 27.3.1844

Johnston James Johnston of Dundalk 28.3.1844

Cumming John Cumming of Dundalk 5.4.1844

Townley Bess Townley of Dundalk 6.4.1844

Farlow Sally Farlow of Dundalk 10.5.1844

Perkins Thomas Perkins of Dundalk 10.5.1844

Patteson Thomas Patteson of Dundalk 22.5.1844

Quintin Sarah Quintin, an infant [Dundalk] 17.6.1844

Buckley John Buckley, an infant [Dundalk] 18.6.1844

Lyons Rose Lyons of Dundalk 7.7.1844

Tinley Letitia Tinley, died Augt 11th, Dundalk, late of Faughart 12.8.1844

Lester Henry Lester [8th Hussars, Dundalk] 19.8.1844

Ferguson Rebecca Ferguson of Dundalk 23.8.1844

Jackson Mary Ann Jackson of Dundalk 1.9.1844

McEneany Elizabeth McEneany of Dundalk 18.9.1844

Gray Mary Gray of Dundalk 28.10.1844

Stevenson William Stevenson of Dundalk 29.10.1844

Bourne William Bourne, an infant [Dundalk] 12.11.1844

Thompson Thomas Thompson, a child [Dundalk] 25.11.1844

Stewart Alexandrina Stewart of Dundalk 8.12.1844

Archer James Archer [Barracks, Dundalk] 10.12.1844

Gosling Ann Gosling, an infant [Dundalk] 16.12.1844

Gosling George Gosling, an infant [Dundalk] 21.12.1844

Davidson Charles Davidson [11th Hussars] 21.12.1844

Registry of Burials transferred to the Book Labelled “Registry of Dundalk 1828 – JHA